Wicked Game

Yes, despite the title, this is a review for a film I saw on Thursday! Not that I think Lulu was actually wicked, just terribly naive to be honest.

I’ll be honest, I went to see Pandoras Box principally for one reason,the female lead, Louise Brooks. And no, she didnt disappoint, I wasnt quite sure what to expect of her acting skills, but she was actually very good. And maybe if she’d played by the Hollywood rules, she might have made a lot more films. Of course a major part of her charms was the fact that she didnt play by the rules, just the opposite in fact. Mind, she must have been a challenge to deal with, for so many, though seemingly Pabst had no problems working with her, thats for sure!

To the film, its not hard to see why it was controversial in its day, its story is pretty dark, even by modern standards, so its not hard to imagine the reaction in the late 20’s to it not being favourable. Of course, the film also has an aura for the first supposed lesbian scene on film, but if thats the case, its pretty tame by modern standards. Yes, its not hard to see the Countess desires Lulu when they are dancing together, or later in the film, but really, thats as lesbian as it gets! Mind, who can blame anyone for desiring Ms Brooks! ­čśë

If you are a Brooks fan, or Brooks curious, then the quality of it makes it well worth seeing. Equally, if you like your films dark and brooding…

The video is a combination of stills from Pandoras Box, and the song hinted at in the title to this thread. I personally prefer the Chris Isaak version, but this was the selected artist, so I have to live with it.


Look at me!

No, not actually me, you see, though if you’re feeling so inclined, then go ahead and do so, there is at least a couple of pics of me around here lol! But truth be told, I’m talking about the lady I’ll be looking at on Thursday evening, Louise Brooks.

Yes, on the ‘silver screen’ in Leeds, I finally get to see one of her films in full, and its probably the most famous one, Pandora’s Box. Yes, unsurprisingly, I’m really looking forward to it, and it will be interesting placing the clips from the OMD video of course, and seeing how many I can spot. And yes, I dont know how weird it will be watching those bits with an entirely different soundtrack lol!

In truth, I could watch the full film on You Tube on my laptop, but in truth, how would you rather see it? Hopefully the same answer as me, on the big screen. I wonder what it will be like, seeing the full length film in fact, after seeing those few moments in the music video? All I can say is that it didnt harm Metropolis for me in any way, after the music video for Radio Gaga, by Queen.

I suspect some might even dress up for the event, in a sense I hope a few do in all honesty. No, I wont be amongst them, as going directly from work, and I dont think a flapper style look would meet with approval there lol! I really should have tried to hunt down a bob wig, but its too late now, and besides, to make it work, I’d have to push a lot of my hair up inside it, so it probably wouldnt work for the best, even if I had?

Oh yes darlings, I’m a real moviegoer, do you know the last film I saw (other than on a plane flying across the Atlantic), I Robot, in Dallas, soon after it came out! Probably be another long gap before I go again, unless the chance to see another Brooks film arises, I suspect.

Its funny, I was listening to this video now, and was just thinking the lyrics could be quite apt for Brooksie. Yes, I always play the video first, to make sure the link works. So make your own choice as to who you look at, but for me, both Geri, and Louise have me beat!


Being Boring

A comment that generally sums up my social life perfectly, I have 2 weeks of real fun, and even that is pretty quiet by most peoples standards. But this year at least, there is generally one event, the Works Christmas Dinner to break up the quietness, but this year, I’ve gone crazy, got 2 other dates out in November too.

It all starts on the 1st of November, when some lucky lady gets to see her favourite actress (well, one of them at least) in probably her best known film. Yes, Louise Brooks is coming to Leeds, well, the film Pandora’s Box is at least, for one glorious night. To finally get to see the movie in full will be quite something, though seeing bits of it, without an OMD soundtrack might be a bit strange lol! No, I’m not dressing up flapper style, because I wll be heading there directly from work. Oh alright, I almost certainly wouldnt have done anyway, but at least I’ve got an excuse for not doing so! ­čśŤ

But yes, I’m hoping some do so, all the same.

Later in the month, on the 24th, I head back pretty much to the same place in Leeds, the Grand Theatre, though then it will be in the Theatre, not in the side cinema. Its a dear friends birthday, and we are all off to see Oliver. I might dress up slightly more for that though, as I wont be working, its at┬áthe end of my week off on holiday in fact. Well, strictly I’ve got the Sunday off too, given my job, but besides all that… But no, it wont be a Victorian style dress and corset lol that I’ll be wearing all the same!

Then on December 6th is the Works Christmas Dinner, also in Leeds! Is it ironic, its the only time of year I actively bother to socialise with those I work with? Not that there are many other chances, but anyway…Its somewhere new this year, which is why I’m giving it a go, should be fun, I hope. Who, me, posh frock, 4″ heels, oh absolutely…not! Just not my style, and besides, my┬áknees are not a sight to reveal to anyone, too much surgery done on them for that!┬áPlus they would object strongly to me wearing heels anyway, even without the ridiculous height they would make me. So yes, nice blouse, nice trousers, flat shoes, and lets leave it at that.

After that, my social life should get back to its nice, quiet self, excluding Christmas Day dinner out with the others from here, but that wont be a wild occasion anyway.

After that, should be nice and peaceful until┬á‘Mary Brooks’ hits Wichita in April, and I doubt that will be that wild lol. Even if Kate and I do end up doing a tour of the area together, well, it wont be wild. Livelier maybe, wild, probably not! ­čśë Just a shame I cant get an ID (or the like)┬áin that name for the trip, that really would be fun.┬áSadly, not going to happen.

Anyway, the video, you can take this title whichever way you like about my social life, its certainly something the Pet Shop Boys leave to the imagination lol!


Forever Autumn

No, I know it wont be, but it gives away what the video is at least, lol! ­čśŤ

I have actually noticed it for a week or so now, temperaturs are definitely getting cooler, and whereas not so long ago the temperatures were threatening 60, now they are struggling to hit 50! Oh, and just to prove Kansas is trying to make me jealous, as I type this, the mercury in Wichita is in the high 70’s, admittedly mid afternoon, but it barely reached 50 here at any point┬átoday.

The reason I noticed it more today, was that I was out at lunchtime, not early morning or late evening as it seems to have been of late with my work. Then, I just tend to wrap up well because of those things, but today was a visit to the beauty therapist (aka miracle worker, with me), so out and back in daytime. And yes, I still wrapped up well, and included my cute little pull on hat, because the wind was blowing so much! And yes, summer here at least, is well and truly over.

To be honest, most of it wont be missed, its been pretty dismal if I’m being truthful. We did get a burst at the very end of summer, but that really was it. Now its getting to the point where I’m thinking of tracking down where my thicker, winter coats are. Yes, I know where my winter boots are, but havent felt the need to wear them…yet! Nor hopefully will I need to, for at least a month or two yet!

For someone whose social diary is generally notoriously quiet (alright, dead), its actually looking quite lively at present, with a whole 2 dates in it! Firstly, in just over 2 weeks, I’m off to the cinema in Leeds. No, not to watch some modern movie, but definitely one that many would tie into my tastes. Yes, Opera North in Leeds are going to show Pandoras Box, starring you know who! ­čśë No way was I missing that, darlings. x

Much though it might be fun to dress up accordingly, I wont be. Main reason for that is that I will be going there directly from work, and then heading home by train and bus afterwards. And lets face it, a slip of a flapper style dress, in November, in Leeds, no, doesnt work. Fine if you can just slip out the theatre into a car and go home, but┬áfor those of us using public transport…I did consider getting a helmet bob wig for the event, but in all hionesty, my own hair is blonde, and would be longer than the wig, so…I suspect┬ásome will get dressed up though, will be fun to see.

The other, that annual event known as the Works Christmas Dinner,┬áin the early part of December. Somewhere new this year, so giving it a try. No dears, blouse and trousers for me, not a┬ánice┬ádress, just my style I’m afraid. Certainly not high heels, that is a certainty, even if someone does convince me, or bribe me into a dress lol!

But for now, it seems to be forever autumn, and here is the video. Not sure whether I should credit Justin Hayward, or Moody Blues for this, You Tube seems inconsistent over the matter. Either way, its a lovely song, with some lovely autumnal images here


I write the songs, oopsie, I write the stories

No, dont worry, there is no need for a Barry Manilow warning alert, its not his version. Not that I’m sure this is much better, but he was a heart throb when I was a teen, so…

This might end up sounding like one of those Oscar winning speeches, but I promise not to go on for 25 minutes, nor burst into tears at any point.

There are 2 ironies today, the first one being that I had my first posting at the EMCSA today in a very long time. Not a total drought of stories in that time, just that 2 of the recent ones havent qualified for the place, and apart from one, ‘Georgy Girl’, I havent had much time, or inclination otherwise. Not for lack of tlc from my beloved editor, or indeed one or two gentle kicks up the backside as well, its mainly been a time thing.

But with a holiday, a very friendly spirit┬ámuse from the 20’s, and help from one or two special people, its happened today. I suspect this story has got at least 2 more chapters to go, though they make take a while before its all finished. Chapter 2 is in hand, but the third chapter might hit time problems yet, but I hope not. Oh, and a certain 90’s pop video may have played a part as well.

The funny thing is, this inspiration whose first name was Mary (though not the name she was best known by) hasnt just inspired my writing, but my friend Heather as well. And strangely enough, the start of her story appeared today as well! And coincidentally, a certain editor named James has worked on them both!

As an editor as well as a friend, James is wonderful for me. My grammar skills leave a lot to be desired, and as he pointed out to me twice on this piece, he spots my silly blonde errors too! He is patient, knows when to push me, and generally when its best to leave me alone. He is also wonderful in real life btw. Heather I’m yet to meet, though hopefully one day…her avatars I’ve always loved, not only for her favourite┬áactress in them, but┬áfor the style as well. She’s also been an amazing help with lots of other things, including finding me a snippet of ‘Mary’ talking, of which there arent many.

So alright, you all know ‘Mary’ is Louise Brooks, but anyway… ­čśŤ

I’ve never actually met Andy McCluskey either, though I did go to an OMD concert ‘many, many’ years ago, but thats as close at it ever got. Ironically he’s the only original OMD member on Pandoras Box, though the reformed band (all the originals) have certainly performed it since. That video took my eye, as well as loving the song, and yes, I wanted to know more about the actress concerned.

Unsurprisingly, I never met Mary Louise Brooks, for a very obvious reason, I only discovered her a few years after her death. But if things go to plan (and this is 16 months from now!) I’m hoping that in April 2013, on my trip to the US that I can come and pay my respects at least in Rochester NY, at your graveside. Now, wouldnt that be a great place for me, Heather, and her spirit to all meet up?

I couldnt post Pandoras Box again, much though I’d love to. So I ask you to instead put up with David Cassidy singing, yes, you guessed it…


Oh, and today, in a charity shop in Ilkley (Yorkshire), I found a silver sequin type top that is so 20-ish, its unreal! Sat in it now, feeling like a proper flapper girl! Sadly its dry clean only, so wearing will be limited, but its wonderful to own at least. And cheaper than it was originally, thats for sure!

Its all coming back to me now!

Writing stories that is!

This weekend I’ve finally started on the first multi chapter story that I have written in absolutely ages! Its nice to know I can still do it with the time, and the inspiration, I always assumed it was still there, but you never really know until you try, I guess? It will get to the Archive in good time, but given Simon’s rules. it might have to wait until Chapter 2 is completed, and edited before I can do that. For members, Chapter 1 is posted at the Garden for now, though only the rough pre edit version.

Those from the Garden already know who has inspired it, anyone else probably doesnt have to be a genius to work out that a certain 20’s actress might have played her part as well. She hasnt been playing such a major part in my dreams of late, but maybe thats because she knows she has done enough already.┬áI do swear I’m starting to get a few of the facial inflections shown in the Pandora’s Box video, so maybe┬áher spirit is now within me, which is why I dont see her in my dreams anymore!

In case anyone reads it, and wonders where I got the names from, try looking at some film parts played by Ms Brooks. No, I didnt discover them all for myself, a wonderful woman called ‘Heather’ helped greatly with that. Even more so with her help, I know what Louise sounded like, a real nice thing for me to be able to do.

Before my dear editor (James, to those who dont know) gets too excited, the answer is no, I dont yet plan to get back to anything like full time writing again, mainly because of the lack of time. But I have to admit it, this has been fun, and its sparked my enjoyment of writing again, which has to be a good thing…for me at least! This will be 2, if not 3 chapters that will be lovely to write, and not a robot, Stephanie, or technically a Louise in sight lol!

The song, again the Garden folk have seen the video, but for those who havent…


The irony of the group name will appeal to some, but thats Jim Steinman’s fault, not mine lol!

Holding on for…

One of those tenuous blog entries related to the throwaway last line of my previous one.

As most on here know, most of my musical preferences are pretty much pure pop, and quite often of the sweeter side of that. Alright, you need to ignore Kraftwerk in that lol, but anyway…

There was always one song producer that totally confounded that theory, I just adored the big rock production numbers that he churned out, mainly care of Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler, name of Jim Steinman. Mind, the videos created for his songs, especially the Meatloaf ones probably helped! Another producer who didnt believe in the 3 minute pop song lol! Rock anthems, rock ballads, call them what you liked, but they rarely came in small packages, thank goodness.

Irony of irony, given matters, it seems that Steinman’s own personal pop project was a group called Pandora’s Box! No idea where I’ve heard that name before lol! Not that I really know anything about them, judging by the Wikipedia comments, they never really made it this side of the pond, but I doubt they made a record about Louise Brooks!

Yes, the song is the obvious one, from the hint in the last blog, and the title of this one too. I suspect I will slip in some Meatloaf at some point as well. I might have to see if I can find any Pandora’s Box sometime on You Tube as well. My idea of a hero, well it might be more a Rotwang type scientist than what Bonnie Tyler wants, but each to their own I guess? So, whichever type of hero (or heroine) you hold out for, I hope you enjoy


A week off work

Yes, just a couple more days to go, then I’ve got a week off work, something to do with having to take all your holidays by March, and not having taken very much so far! Incredibly I’ve still got nearly 2 weeks to take on top of this┬ábefore then as well. I pretty much always take ‘next week’ off, as it coincides with someone’s birthday here, and that ensures I’m around to celebrate it. Also, it gives me time to go shopping for his birthday present as well. And yes, alright, to do the Christmas shopping as well, not that there is too much of that nowadays.

Sadly, as far as I know, I wont be getting brainwashed, robotised, or anything else interesting next week, but hopefully something might pop up, but wont be holding my breath lol! I am booked in for a massage session on my back though, probably more important at present! Its down to a more mild pain now, but will still be glad to get it worked on all the same.

Beyond a trip to Manchester (the UK one, as James pointed out elsewhere) to do the shopping, I havent much planned in advance, but thats nothing new with me. I’m hoping (weather permitting) to fit in at least a couple more days out somewhere during the week, but no fixed plans where.┬áI also want to try and get some writing done, if I get the chance, but that will depend on events I guess?

Ironically, it might not be mind control stuff, well not directly at least, but that seems a direction I seem to be heading more towards, judging by the last 2 serious efforts I made. I suspect I’ve been watching the OMD video of Pandora’s Box too much of late, because I’m getting a 20’s thing in my head. The video is probably also to blame for Louise Brooks appearing in some of my dreams of late too. So yes, I want to try and write something set then, I suspect the ‘flapper’ look will definitely get worked into it. Ms Brooks, well maybe she will, though if she does, I suspect the name might be changed just ever so slightly, Ms Crooks maybe? ­čśë Do wish my hair was longer, and stronger at the front, I’d probably give the bob look a try too, I’m sure she’s influencing/mind controlling me in some way lol!

The video, with much gratitude to Jo, I’m going to post one she put up on the Garden for me, and Heather to enjoy. I know its poaching, but I havent got time for a video hunt at present before work!


in tribute to my favourite fembot

Well, perhaps other than me, but I’m not narcissitic that way, or dont think so at least. But alright, she’s currently as much of a real fembot as me, but we can both dream. Given things at the moment, I think she’s more in need of a healthy, strong robot body than me!

I’ll call her Heather here, even though I know its not her real name, and yes, I do know her real name, but thats a secret between 2 good cyber friends.

To say life is being a bit hard on her at the moment would be to put it mildly. I suspect Garden visitors know, any Forum visitors might well know as well, so I’m not going to go too heavily into details. But the one thing I do tend to slack on, is showing emotions and support on said forums, its never been my thing, and at my age, thats hardly likely to change! But I suppose there has always been a sort of bond between me and Heather over the whole fembot thing, and just wanted to shout my support for her at the moment.

My ‘real life’ blog has a bad habit of including old songs on most postings, and though I have no plans to do the same here, this posting is going to get one. Why, because amongst all the things I like about Heather, there is one thing that stands out, her avatar pics. I have no idea why the 20’s style appeals to me, especially the hairstyles, but they do. And guess what her avvie pics are! ­čÖé If my hair was strong enough, and long enough at the front, then yes, I might well go in for her bob style.

It helps that I always was a big OMD fan, so knew, and loved this song when it first came out, and first led me to discover more about Louise Brooks, an amazing lady in more senses than one, just like Heather is today. I’ve posted this song ‘for her’ before at the Garden, but in an attempt to gain it a larger audience, here is ‘Pandoras Box’ for your enjoyment