If you have a few spare pennies, cents or whatever

In a sense this fits in more with ‘my’ blog, but given that gets barely half the views that this one does, lets go down this road.

You see, at work, there is this really nice guy called Jake. No, nothing of that sort, before you get excited, he’s taken, I’m not interested, so all in all, but he’s fun to work with, all the same. Besides which, probably wisely, he’s leaving for a new job at the end of the month!

So why mention him? Well, starting off tomorrow, he, and another guy I dont know at all, are cycling across from coast to coast, to raise money for the Wakefield Hospice, a cancer charity over here. The link to donate is


Just say Merry Brooks sent you, and he’ll probably kill me!

Its over 200 miles, something I could never have done (admittedly a lot of that relates to medical issues) and it deserves support. Yes, I have given, and yes, I regularly support the Hospice charity shop in Wakefield too.

He’s reached 85% of his sponsorship target, lets see if this can help him hit it.

The video, very apt, and no, the woman on the bike isnt me, one of my medical issues is balance, I couldnt ride one without stabilisers lol!