What A Difference A Year Makes

Well, yes, in ideal circumstances, I’d have written this on either Tuesday, or Wednesday, but if I planned to do that, in all honesty, it wouldnt happen. So lets settle for today, especially as Facebook conveniently reminded me about it this morning, not that I needed reminding!

Thats right, one year ago, which was actually the Friday, so I must have been keen, I was commenting on my forthcoming trip to Los Angeles, for 4 glorious weeks, starting on the Wednesday. Though actually, it was only the second thing on the comment, as firstly was the job interview I had on the Tuesday, the last thing I would do before leaving. As history now knows, I didnt get that job, actually found out that fact on arrival in California, ah well…

Now, here I sit, looking at a probable return to Los Angeles next May, though dates, and duration are currently yet to be decided, until I know what week work will let me have, and whether I can get a few days on top, either side of it. Also, I will have to take a look at finances early next year, see what I think I can afford, and play it from there. Ideally, 10 days, but if it has to only be 7, then so be it. In that sense, its going to be a hotel, not an apartment, just because it wont be practical to buy provisions for just 7, or 10 days, as opposed to 4 weeks.

Fine, if that little apartment in Verbena Drive was available, then maybe I’d have been tempted, but now… going to be a hotel, I’m sure.

But yes, its going to be funny when I leave here on Wednesday, and head to Bradford, not Hollywood, to think back about it. The other funny thing, that first proper pay going into my bank on Friday, that will be good.

OK, while we’re on about Los Angeles, lets talk baseball! Yes, the Dodgers are now one win, or one Giants loss away from winning the division again. Would be lovely if it happened today, as its Vin Scully’s last home commentary before retirement. He has got 3 more games, next weekend, in San Francisco, but that will be it, after 67 years! Yes, 8 years before I was born, he began commentating on Dodgers games, in Brooklyn, and only now he’s retiring! Believe me, he will be so missed! If there is one Dodger I would love to meet, its him, though technically he wont be one by the time I’m next there. So fine, Clayton Kershaw might have that role then, though the chances of me meeting either, is probably zero. Yes, about as likely as talking to Jean Harlow’s ghost at Glendale!

So where do I go to on Wednesday? Well, last year, it was Hollywood, this year, Bradford! At least the latter pays me money. Now, if Hollywood want to offer me money too…?

The video, well, I’ve given a clue, I guess?

Because I’m Yours, I Walk The Line

No, dont panic, or celebrate according to how you feel about these things, I havent yet found a Mistress, or a Master to own me, and put a lock on my collar, and maybe more. And on top of that, the method of influence used on me is far less sinister than mind control, and the like, shame!

No, what I’m talking about tonight is something that companies use, to keep us faithful to them, loyalty cards!

Mind, if anyone wants to turn me into their obedient, mind controlled slave…oh fine! 😛

In truth, I probably have fewer of the things than many, though equally, I have more than enough to keep me faithful to them. So yes, a couple of airlines have an advantage over the rest in loyalty, though their partner companies also benefit from the arrangement, I guess? Equally, one hotel group holds the same advantage in my loyalty, at least in the US, as they have hardly any hotels here in the UK. But fine, when travelling, I tend to look at them first!

But otherwise, until recently, I didnt tend to bother with these things too much. Then I was ‘snatched’, and turned into a dutiful user of certain lunch places. One that most would have heard of, a company called Subway. I have no idea if my one loyalty card also works in the US, as well as here in the UK, but I’ll worry about that next May, or maybe not? I have no idea how many lunches I have to buy, to get anything for free, but anyway… The other is a British bakery group called Greggs, that no one in the US is likely to have heard of.

But yes, when you’re on a tight budget, as I am at present, they are ideal. And what they do, is give you a little card, so that when you buy a hot drink (coffee, in my case), they make a mark on your card, and when you reach 9, they give you the next one for free! Pretty good, considering the only time I buy one normally is part of my lunch deal, so I dont even pay full price for it! And yes, on Wednesday, I bought my 9th coffee!

So, on Friday, instead of the rather awful (fine, it is awful) coffee from the machine at work, for 40p, I walked over to Greggs, and got a larger, far nicer cup of coffee for free! So fine, I walk the line at lunchtimes now, to these two places! Sadly, no evil influence, or mind control has been used, I only wish it was!

Oh fine, you might have worked out the video by now!

A Shocking New Story

Oh please, dont just pass on by, its not like I inflict lots of ads for my stuff on you. Besides which, doing it this way, you still get 2 more blogs this weekend, which wont be adverts for my new book!

Yes, I’ve been writing again, and this time, its something a little bit different. No light and fluffy here, though fine, the ending is pretty sweet, all the same. But just gets a bit grittier, and thought provoking along the way.

Oh, right, the link. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/667260 is where you need to go. Yes, it is also up at Amazon, and will be up at Barnes And Noble, and a few other places soon, but at the moment, its just those two, and Kobo, so…Yes, fine, I’ll admit it, Smashwords pay far better commission than Amazon, which is why I’m featuring them. But if you love Amazon, just go there, search on Merry Brooks, and you’ll find it there too.

Yes, as mentioned, this isnt your sort of cute story that ‘Miss Brooks’ has written before, because it tackles a subject that interests, and intrigues me, but has the same effect on people as Marmite, seemingly you love it, or hate it, only in this case, it seems more fall into the latter. So, my positive look at ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) is going to annoy some folk, for sure! Hopefully some will agree with me though. As to the modern style of treatment, its very different to what you see in the movies! Best example I can come up with, is this one. I know, its in Dutch, but I cant do everything. Let me make a film in English, with me as the patient, and I’ll do it, willingly!

I know what you might be saying, she’s putting forward a positive case for it, but if she had to have it herself… Sorry, I would, happily, though fine, ideally, at first at least, I might prefer a lower voltage passing through my mind than a standard treatment, but if that was the only choice, then yes, I would, definitely! In fact, if anyone is offering…?

Anyway, the story, though you can read it in the synopsis on the link, a quick resume. Susan is a great believer in method acting, and likes to know how her roles would react to events. So when she is offered the chance to play a wealthy lady, whose children want her out of the way, in a psychiatric unit, while they blow her money, she needs to find out what that would be like, for real. And fine, because the children dont want her out too soon, they plan on getting her ‘treated’ in a way that will keep her there for a while. So, a stay is booked, though Susan plans to avoid the treatment, but…

Yes, its a role, yes, its fiction, and no actresses were harmed in the making of this story lol! Fine, I wouldnt mind being ‘harmed’ that way, but anyway…

So yes, if you want to make me happy, go give the book a try. Better, buy it, its only $2.99, and you have no idea how good it is to see your books sell a few copies. If not for you, go check out my other books, and maybe buy one of those instead?

OK, publicity moment over, which means its time for the video! Or tonight, two videos! Yes, same group, same song, so take your pick. Firstly, the original video

Then, a recent live performance, which proves that they can still do it live, about 40 years later!

Yes, you like the name of the group, which is why I used it? An amazing pair of brothers, it has to be said.

Turning Japanese?

Every so often, I take blog inspiration from a story I’ve read, and this is going to be one of them. Partly because I cant think of anything special for tonight, but also because this is such a fun idea, its worthy of mention, anyway. Yes, fine, you’re going to get a story plug again next weekend, but that will be for mine! So get your money ready, lol…

I’ve actually publicized this author before, for his brilliant Bimbo, or Billionaire series, but since then he has come up with another mind controlling enterprise, this one from Japan, called OTTII. Yes, fine, if they want to make me a job offer, I’d be thrilled, but…this is the latest, and the reason for this blog,

I should say, poor Mikayla, but as you can guess, I’m not likely to do so! Sadly, my golfing skills (even when I was much younger) werent at this level, and nowadays, I’m sure they’d be even worse, havent played in years, and joints have stiffened up somewhat since then too. But fine, as a younger girl, I was about a 12 handicap at one point, none too shabby! But yes, that was nearly 40 years ago, so…yeah, be more like 112 nowadays lol!

I guess that turning Japanese, quite literally, would be quite an interesting experience. Not my first pick, even excluding the obvious robot, and Harlow ones, I think Inuit would be my choice, if I had any say so. I know, its cold up there, but it appeals, so…

I dont want to say too much, in case you want to go read it, but yes, I wonder what it would be like if you realized you were actually changing like that? Oh fine, shut your eyes, or go read it before you go on, but no she doesnt realize its happening until too late. Indeed, by then, she doesnt realize she wasnt Japanese, but anyway…

Irony is, anywhere else in the world, I’d say that OTTII is impossible, but this is Japan, so…? Pretty sure it is fiction, even there! But fine, if someone wants to turn me Inuit, or Japanese, then make me an offer lol! Japan, I’d probably end up as a robot anyway!

Right, the video, a choice tonight, or you can go for both? The original, I cant find my favorite video for, so I’ll settle for this TV performance

But fine, much as I love that, I simply adore the cute, very Japanese take on it, from Kirsten Dunst!

Panic in the offices of the NFL, and their teams

Strictly, we are just over a week into the new NFL season, and we already have our first sacking, clearly the signs of panic in the offices of the Buffalo Bills, who unfortunately I support! Admittedly, they are the only team to have lost 2 games already, which isnt saying a lot, but given I rate the coach as highly as I rate Trump (not at all), in truth, I’m not surprised.

What is ironic though, is that its the offensive coordinator who paid the price, even though they scored 31 points on Thursday. Its just that the incompetent defense gave up 37 points, but oh, the defensive coordinator is the brother of the head coach, so he couldnt possibly be blamed for that lol!

Dont get me wrong, if there are long term issues, then changes do have to be made, but 1 week into the season isnt long term! Sadly, and probably why I’m going off so many sports nowadays, is the demand that win now, or be gone, is becoming the attitude of both team management, and the fans! Not that it only happens in the NFL, happens in a lot of sports nowadays, I’m afraid.

Fine, I’d be tempted to change my affiliation to the L.A team, but they look as bad as Buffalo, though they havent sacked anyone yet. Mind, given they dont play their second game until tomorrow…give them time?

Sadly, the NFL head office hasnt looked a lot better so far this season, to be honest. After all the fuss made about protecting players, and concussion protocols being talked up in the summer, that didnt even last through the first game, last Thursday. Cam Newton was battered by the Denver defense, and near the end of the game, took a hit that really should have seen him taken from the pitch, and checked out. But because it was near the end of the game, and on a potential winning drive (it didnt in the end), somehow he stayed on the pitch!

I know, prime time TV, and an exciting finish, but if you are going to say that these are the rules, you have to stick to them!

Now, they have the kick off issues too, which they are making a joke of. They changed the rules, to try and eliminate kick off returns, the most dangerous part of the game collision wise, but if the first week is anything to go by, it hasnt worked. Maybe because kickers are now trying to drop the ball into the field of play, so teams have to return it, rather than just starting with a touch back, ah well…

So yes, we have panic in the NFL offices, and team offices, not a good thing for a game desperately seeking respect, as more parents decide they dont want their children to play Football, because of the dangers involved!

OK, the video. No idea why, because its more about politics, than sport, but this came to mind

Third finger, left hand

Yes, fine, that was the video I wanted to put up tonight, but could I find a good, live performance of it, sadly no! Anyway, I’ve found an even more vintage delight for you, which I think will do just fine.

Recently, a link to these, sadly fictional rings, was posted on one of the Forums I visit.


Yes, I know, there will be some of a feminist nature who would have a fit over such a ring, in real life. Fine, I understand. Submissive little me, who would love to make a better wife, and step mother than my natural skills would ever let me, I’d love one of those rings put on my finger! Thankfully, I’m too old to let any concerns about the desire to be a mother myself be an issue! Step mother, maybe, mother, nope!

Me, I’d love to be the perfect 50’s style mum, perfect cooking skills, wonderful about the house, and all that. I know, most women would have fits, and see it as so sexist, but not me! Alright, ideally this 50’s wife knows how to run a home with modern equipment, so that I can at least use a modern washing machine, oven, and the like, but I’m sure I could?

Personally, I think my main issue would be finding a man that wanted me as the perfect little wife in the first place! But yes, if he wants to buy me, and make me wear this engagement ring, oh yes please! I know it says the man has to wear one too, but if we can get round that, I’d be fine. But yes, the idea of being the perfect housewife, and step mum (optional), would be absolute heaven for me. Yes, shame these rings are fictional, I must say.

Oh, if you want a smile, about a different engagement ring, try this video

Fine, the music video. I remember this song, from when I was a young child, indeed I owned said single at one time in my life. Never been at a wedding as a bride yet, mind! 😉

Thoughts turn to holidays again, at long last!

Funnily enough, this time last year, at time of writing, I was stood in the Immigration queue, at JFK Airport, wondering if I was going to make enough progress to actually get my flight on to Boston, to meet up with Kate. Yes, I did, and I did, and it was a great week. The funny thing was, about 10 days after I flew back from that, I flew out to the US again, this time for that glorious 4 week break in Hollywood.

Well, in the sense of planning holidays, this week marked a landmark date since then, I had to start planning for holidays in the future! Yes, my new work place, we’re allowed to request 2 weeks holiday for next year, that will take priority over other later requests. So yes, I had to think about dates for that.

The first bit was easy, contact Kate, see what she thought looked a good week, and suited her, assuming she still wanted to see me (she does!), and work out plans. So fine, thats one week in September sorted, almost certainly for Northern New England. Who knows, maybe I can get to New Hampshire, get regressed again, and get Clara Johnson to give up a lot more details about herself!

Therefore the other week I was looking for, was the spring week. Given that Easter is late next year (mid April), I decided to look at May, between our 2 bank holidays that month. So, where am I planning to go, you might ask? Or maybe you think you know, and could well be right! Yes, definitely west coast, and providing the baseball gods are on my side, it will be Hollywood, or LA at least. Why the bit about the baseball gods, you ask? Well, next years schedules get released next Tuesday, and lets face it, if the Dodgers are out of town for my whole trip, that would count against going there. But yes, one decent game, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to town. If not, I suspect a return to Seattle, or San Francisco would probably be on the cards, again subject to fixture list. Regardless, I suspect it will be a hotel, not an apartment, just not worth it for a week, or 10 days (if I can swing the extra days), though I might take a peek, all the same.

Sadly, I’ll have to return again, unless someone is crazy enough to fall in love with me, or decides I will make their perfect submissive/slave material. I know, stop laughing, I am kidding, I’m sure! Ideally, robot servant, organic, or cybernetic, but thats even less likely!

But yes, after a year or so, its nice to be in a position where I can actually think about holidays again, I must say.

The video? Well given its my first choice destination for my solo break, and its early Village People, lets go with this.

Oh, and a quick early plug for my new ebook, coming out soon. I have the edited version back, just need to work out the funding method to top up my credit card sufficiently to pay for the cover. I know, $7, but I have to put a minimum of £30 ($40) on the card to pay for it, and funds are complex until the end of this month. But I’ll work it somehow!

I have no idea how well an ECT related story will sell, but it will be interesting to find out. I suspect a few wont buy it because of that, but hopefully a few others will, for the same reason. As to research, sadly just online, and taking the practical issues from You Tube (most of those scenes in movies are just so wrong!), and taking it from there. Yes, I’d hoped for, and enquired to the local Health Service about at least a placebo session, but never got a reply, ah well… Yes, fine, I’d have enjoyed a low voltage session even more, but certainly wasnt expecting to be offered that, in truth.

Lets get physical!

Yes, you know summer is nearly over, when the start of the NFL season is fast approaching. Yes, the season proper starts on Thursday evening (Early Friday morning here in the UK), and thats a pretty good clue that Autumn/Fall is beginning to draw near. Yes, I know, different titles each side of the pond, and given where most of my readers are lol.

I’ll be honest with you, anyone looking for shrewd advice on who are going to be good, who are going to be bad this season, not a clue. The AFC seems a total mess, as no one seemingly knows how good the Denver QB is going to be, and New England will be without Brady for 4 weeks, so how things will play out there, not a clue. In the NFC, Minnesota may have looked a decent outsider until their QB got injured, and is out for the season. Dallas, as always will be talked up, but their QB situation is even more of a mess! But yes, you can make a case for Carolina, Seattle, Green Bay, and Arizona at least, I guess?

Of the teams I sort of follow, Kansas City might have a chance in the maelstrom that is the AFC, but Buffalo just look as big a mess as ever, and though I’d love to see them do well (30 years of support), I cant see it! Of course, the other team I guess I will keep an eye on this year, due to location, is the Los Angeles (formerly St Louis) Rams. Mind, I cant see them being any good either, but…

Yes, sort of makes it obvious if you look at the schedule, the one game I’d love to be at this season. Yes, Buffalo, in Los Angeles, simple as that! Not going to happen, not going to be on TV over here, so if someone has got piles of unwanted money, and wants to spend some on me? No, didnt think so!

Oh, and lastly, while we’re talking LA sporting action, I got one piece of great news this week. My second favorite Dodger (after Vin Scully), Clayton Kershaw is finally back in action, did a minor league game last night, so fingers crossed, he’ll be back with the Dodgers soon. Just think, this year, he might not be burnt out if we reach the playoffs, and actually perform well. Fine, he might not, but dreaming, you bet!

Lastly, the video. Clue in the blog title, you bet! And ONJ is in this, but its not the original video!

Mind beating time, like clockwork

Yes, given how popular the more mind control stuff seems to be with readers, I suppose I might as well take this chance to mention something that came up yesterday, over at Fembot Central.

As is my norm, on work days, I try to at least get through all my main sites before I head off to work. Well, not strictly all, as beyond a few favorite groups, I dont tend to do a lot on Facebook, beyond checking on anyone that it tells me has commented on one of my threads, or has mentioned me, or, well, you get my drift, I dont trawl through everything on work days. Weekends, or more specifically, days off, I still do, but when working, I really havent got the time.

So yes, when I saw this headline on a thread on Fembot Central yesterday, it caught my eye, to put it mildly!

An idea for actual conversion, looking for willing subjects!

Yes, I know, I’d hate the idea, not! If you want more details, then go to http://www.fembotcentral.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13494 as he would dearly love to know how practical, and possible his concepts are, so if you can help him, feel free to do so. Yes, fine, I’m definitely hoping to be one of the prototypes for this, absolutely! If you dont want to sign up to FC, well, his Skype address is there, and even I have Skype, so…

I know, it wont strictly turn me into a robot, but being realistic, under current technology, and stuff, its about as good an offer as I’m likely to get, at my age, viability wise. Equally, I’m practical, knowing my luck, it wont come to anything, but hey, it gives me something to dream about happening to me, for sure! And maybe, just maybe, I might yet get to become a robot, albeit an organically based one!

Oh please let it happen!

Right, video, massive clue in the blog title. I know, never do anything like that, lol!