Who shouldnt be writing erotic porn!

Well, me for starters, given I have no interest in sex whatsoever! Well, fair enough, I dont actually write any nowadays, but dont lets get too tight on facts lol! But of course the fact is, all the stories I did write have been written since the last time I had sex with anyone. And yes, before anyone points out the fact that its a long time ago, thats right, 12 years ago last November in fact! Have I missed it, not in the slightest, darlings.

Thankfully Simon was never too tight on the erotic side of things, when it came to posting stories to the Archive, the main influence was always mind control, and yes, I’ve never lost my taste for that at least! But yes, I usually managed to slip just enough sex into a story to keep readers happy, so maybe I got it right, or maybe those that wanted more sex just ignored my stories lol! 😛

Even now, when reviewing, I do tend to skim long sex scenes, so sorry authors if you’re just discovering that fact now, but I think most regulars know anyway. Write decent mind control scenes, you’ll probably get a good mark, just write a sexfest, and sorry, you wont, unless the story was really good too, but they arent 2 things that generally go together in fact. But no, it wasnt my lack of interest in sex that stopped me writing, it was a time issue, one that is about as likely to right itself as me having sex, so no, dont hold your breath!

To be honest, its something I’ve noticed, many of my favourite writers dont write big sex scenes. Coincidence, I doubt it!

Sorry for such a brief post, after so long, but time has been an issue, principally a work one until today, and then a ‘trying to get everything done’ one today! I will try and do better next week, I promise.

But for now, considering what I’ve talked about, a rather apt video. Oh, and it contains what I consider one of the great guitar solos of all time, so there!

Brainwashing, in a song

No, of course not, no pop group would ever bring up the subject of brainwashing, mind control and the like in a song, would they? Oh yes they would, well OMD certainly would at least! Just take in the lyrics of this song, and be amazed

Of course, as the mind control purists would point out, this is about brainwashing, not mind control per se, but hey, thats pretty close, all the same! Oh, and alright, lets face it, OMD subject matter over the years has included some pretty wide ranging subject matter, of course including Louise Brooks, amongst many other things, also Enola Gay (the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb) and Joan of Arc. So alright, they do write about thought provoking stuff, it has to be said. But seriously, a song that is pretty much about brainwashing, thats pretty radical!

No, I have no ideas on their views on the matter, and whether they see themselves as controllers, or controlled, and doubt I will get the opportunity to ask, and probably wouldnt have the nerve to do so, if I did! Just thinking about it though, with this, Kissing the machine, and Tesla Girls, a stage set on the tour for these songs could be a mind controllers/roboticists delight lol! Hey, I wouldnt mind being part of such set, especially the first two songs! Even if it only looked like my thoughts were being erased, or that I was dressed as a robot, not really one! 😉 Yes, obviously I wouldnt object to doing the Louise Brooks look for them either, come to that! 🙂

There probably are other songs, just as apt, but hey, this is my favourite group, and I’m therefore biased. Also, I am looking forward to seeing them live in Leeds in May, so if they want to take my stage set ideas into consideration, I’m free to be ‘brainwashed’ that night!

So if Andy, Paul, or anyone connected to them sees this…No, I wont hold my breath lol! Besides, is 3 minutes long enough to erase my mind? I’m willing to find out, of course!

Kissing the machine

Yes, its not a well hidden fact around here that I have a fascination with being turned into a robot. Lets face it, the title of this blog is a pretty good giveaway on that fact, if nothing else does. So alright, with current technology, its not likely to happen, but no harm in dreaming/fantasising about it, is there?

Of course, there is always the 64 million dollar question about whether I’d feel quite the same way about it, if it was just about to happen for real, but hey, get me in that position first, and then I’ll let you know lol! I suspect the answer would still be yes, but get me wired up first, and then ask again! But yes, for now, either being hypnotised into believing I was a robot, or a roleplay session where it felt like I was about to be transformed would be very exciting to experience all the same. Any offers, feel free to write and let me know. Real thing, as I say, even better, but…lets keep it practical lol!

Oh, and I’m still open to suggestions/quotes for a really nice silver robot outfit, and/or a headset that I could use, especially one I could use at work that would actually stay on my head, something like a skullcap, or redesigned cycle helmet that wouldnt slip off when my head moved! Electrodes are just an optional extra lol! Talking of outfits, the one first seen 46 seconds into the video, very nice indeed! And no, I dont mean the Robbie one, but… Oh, and of course I love the whole Maria design, but suspect that wouldnt be cheap to recreate.

Right, lets get to what inspired this piece, something that occurred in the last few days over at Fembot Central. A posting was made by someone from National Geographic, looking for people to talk for a programme about the whole fembot thing. No, I wont be taking part, their location limitations are North America, so I’m not a practical subject as far as they are concerned, such is life. Could have been interesting, especially if as I suggested, we set it all up in an interesting manner, in other words, with me about to be turned into an obedient robot, or just after it happened, even if only in a played version, not reality. Funny thing is, it wouldnt be the first time that I’ve been on TV re the whole fembot thing. It all first happened about 10 years ago, for a Canadian TV company, whose name I dont remember, and something was filmed in my bedroom in London, hardly the most exciting setting lol! No, I dont remember if it was a Canadian crew in England for something, or just a local crew they employed. I can hardly imagine they flew the Atlantic just to interview me lol! No, I never did get to see the documentary, but never mind…Given no one asked for my autograph when I was in Toronto a while back, I suspect not many saw it lol? Mind, that was a few years after the event, so…

Right, and so to the video, dont forget to watch for that outfit, though that headpiece certainly wouldnt do for work purposes lol! The vocals are Andy McCluskey, yes, that guy from OMD. And on their new album, released in April, they are producing a version of this song. I hope they release it as a single, I’d love to see their video! But for now, enjoy this

PS If you want to kiss this ‘machine’, you have to turn me into a machine first! 😉

Winter Wonderland?

No, I dont think the current conditions over here are very wonderland like, but at least I havent had to go out in it the last week, even if I have braved it a few times, as much for fresh air as anything else. And yes, I know, it could have been worse, but it could have been better too, even if I dont expect miracles in January! But tomorrow, here comes the bad news, its back to work time, and I have to go out in it! I’m sure the trains and buses will react accordingly now that I’m back to work, though to be fair, so far they’ve been pretty good, but now I’m back at work…And yes, its an early start again tomorrow, oh joy!

The funny thing at work is, that even the so called all weather racing is being cancelled at present, yes, thats how bad things are at the moment lol! Always the way, no sport on when I’m on holiday! Not that there might be much tomorrow, there are 2 all weather meetings at present, but both need to inspect in the morning, so…especially given one of those tracks couldnt race today! Mind, knowing the idiocy of our shop staff, and the desperateness to bet of our punters, I’m just wondering if there is any football in Fiji, or some other equally remote landscape where someone will find a game that they can bet on. I dont think form matters, just the need to throw some money at the bookies at times. No, I dont understand that need, but as they pay my wages…

The video, sorry, couldnt resist this, one of my favourite artists, lets face it. But no, that doesnt mean I think this winter weather counts as a wonderland lol!

I went to a fight…

…And a game of Ice Hockey broke out. Yes, I know, its an old joke, but for me at least, a pretty apt one, as the only 2 games I’ve seen live both included at least 1 fight!

Why do I mention this now, well, isnt it obvious, the NHL season finally gets under way tomorrow, almost as late as a Trans Pennine Express train, and a much reduced service, looks again at my ‘wonderful’ train company lol! In case you’re wondering, no this ranks no higher than a distant 3rd for me in the ‘big 4’ American Sports, only beating the NBA for me. Comes 2nd in terms of regular season matches watched though, but only with 2, a long, long way behind baseball!

I sort of follow (extremely loosely) the Buffalo Sabres, for my pains. Hey, its only because I was following the Bills, Buffalo had an ice hockey team, and so…Funnily enough, their ‘junior’ team in the AHL happens to be in Rochester, but guess what, their last home game (unless they make playoffs) is the Saturday I arrive in town, so no, I’m not likely to add to my collection. I assume even in the AHL that playoff games (should they make them?) sell out to regulars anyway? If not, I might add to my collection, but…There will also be an indoor football league game on the Sunday in Rochester, but its a few miles out of town, so not sure if I will be able to get there or not. If I can, that will be my sports fix for sure, though. Roc City Thunder, I’ll give them a shout, who knows where it might lead? Rochester Americans are the ice hockey team, being fair to one and all.

This weekend, there are also a couple of more important NFL games, not that sadly due to timing, and an early start back to work on Monday, that I shall see much of them. Well, one half of one, none of the other in fact! I suspect the parking at Patriot Place might be quite full on Sunday evening lol. Yes, despite being divisional rivals of my team, I’ll have to cheer for them, I’ve been to their place this year. Stood outside the stadium, visited their excellent display, and had my picture taken ‘wearing’ a Superbowl ring too. Oh, and saw the trophies too! No, I dont think Kate, or the Patriots brainwashed me to say that, I’d have enjoyed it far too much to forget that lol! Hopefully the 49ers as well, given thats the 2 cities I know and love that are left.

Right, the video, back to the ice hockey joke!

No Brainwashing, No Massage either, sadly

No, sadly I didnt get brainwashed within the Aqua Massage machine yesterday. I know, its only someone like me who would think of that as a letdown lol! Sadly, I didnt get the massage either, the ‘conversion pods’ were all missing when I got to Manchester yesterday, what a let down. I assume its because business wasnt good enough, seems to be quite a popular trend at the moment lets face it, especially over here, and after all, it was a bit of a niche market, so… And yes, I’d checked, their website, and the Arndale one still showed it there, but anyway…

So sadly, my knees are still as stiff as they were, and my brain sadly is still intact, and fully functional, and not cleansed in the slightest. I know, the latter wouldnt have happened anyway, but they robbed me of my 10 minutes of fantasies too lol! Sadly I dont know anywhere else around here that has one of these, so its back to standard massage treatments again, I guess?

And no, I’ve had no other brainwashing offers either, funnily enough! What is this world coming to, lol? Even better, could someone set me up for a session on this little baby, please! Oh, and no rescuing me when she fires up the electricity either!

Why Gwen wanted to resist, I have no idea! Me, I’d love to give that a trial session, believe me!

Oh, I found this too, though I suspect only Brit’s may get the joke here sadly.

I hope M&S dont sue lol, or even just get the video taken down!

Anyone got a brainwashing session available this weekend, by any chance? 😉

Booking in for a brainwashing session

No, not really, wouldnt it be fun if I was! Nothing so exciting I’m afraid, just that as long as its possible to get across to Manchester tomorrow (could be icy), I’m going to treat myself to a session in the Aqua Massage machine again, though of course this will be purely for beneficial purposes, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it makes you feel like you’re getting into a brainwashing/robotisation machine, even more so when they put the headphones over your ears, that soft music is playing, you fall asleep and…obey all commands that your ‘Masters’ give you. Alright, maybe not the last thing, but hey, I wouldnt mind if it did!

But agreed, when the inner lining presses tightly against your body, and those powerful jets (supposedly water) blast against the back of your head, and your neck, well… 😉 Lets face it, you arent going to hear the subliminal messages telling you that you’re now an obedient robot anyway, thats all part of the plan!

Oh, alright, in reality, that doesnt happen, well not unless they had me completely fooled the first time, that is! What it did do though, is make my back, and knees feel amazingly good, and I dont think that was done by mind control, but dont quote me on that. Alright, there was no mind control involved, but hey, a girl can dream… 😉 What I’m trying to decide is whether a double length session would provide double the benefits or not? And whether that would give them enough time to actually brainwash me? Oh alright, maybe not, but… Because given how often I can actually get over to Manchester, double length benefits would be handy. Besides which, I get twice as long to fantasise that I’m being brainwashed and robotised too, well assuming I dont just fall asleep of course, you get so relaxed!

So if anyone can tell me that 20 minutes would give better long term benefits than 10, let me know by the morning!

Oh, the video, a proper brainwashing session. Sadly this clip doesnt actually include the good bit, assuming it even happened? I’m told the film wasnt all that good, so…no, I havent seen it lol.

Oh, PS, if anyone in the Manchester/West Yorkshire area actually wants to brainwash/robotise me (real, hypno, or good RP), I’m available all week. 😉

Way Up North…

No, not to Alaska, just the Northern part of New York State a bit earlier than expected. Those who visit here from the Garden already know the tale, and if you dont, why not? But for the sake of all the other folk coming here from various places, my holiday plans for next year have swopped around. So in April, instead of heading ‘Way out West’ to Wichita, I’ll be heading ‘Way up North’ to Rochester instead.

Yes, its a tactical thing, conjured up between me and Kate, but its fair to say that once discussed, I put my foot down, and said I was swapping the 2 trips over next year. Irony is, that was the original plan, then it got changed, and now its got changed back again! At least the ghost of Louise Brooks can tell me how awful Wichita was lol! Maybe…? 😉

There are a few other places around Rochester that I’m looking forward to visiting, both in town, and out of it. In town, the Kodak Eastman House is one of the obvious ones, though equally I’m hoping to track down the building Louise lived in, even if standing outside is probably as good an option as it gets. There is one other blindingly obvious place to visit, I’m sure I dont have to tell you that! I also plan to look out on Lake Ontario, as I did 25 years ago, it will be strange doing that again, but something I so want to do. As is going back to Buffalo for a day, and I do mean day, unlike that last time I was there, in the early hours of the morning.

English tourists, didnt realise it was a US Bank Holiday weekend, and we headed for Niagara! Unsurprisingly we couldnt then find a hotel room that night lol! We arrived in Buffalo about 2 in the morning, seeking coffee to try and keep us awake! The other trip (a lot nearer to town) will possibly be to see the Roc City Thunder play indoor football, yes, the American version of football. New team, but they are at home the Sunday I’m there. Its a few miles out of town, but if I can find a way, it sure would be fun!

Flight is now booked, so plans wont be changing again. Hotel will be booked shortly, just finalising options on that at present.

OK, the video is strictly about that place in the state where the city has the same name, and not about the state, but… this makes for a fun video this way. I may never be a native New Yorker, but I might live there, at least for a week, maybe more?

Err, yes, its a bit dated, and thats not even allowing for one obvious landmark that is now tragically missing of course.

Happy Birthday, David Bowie

Well alright, I’m not that big a Bowie fan that I realised that today was his 66th Birthday. I did love a lot of his 70’s and 80’s stuff, but that is a while ago now, and he hasnt been too active in recent times. Well, until today he hadnt been! I thought the idea was that you gave presents to the person whose birthday it was, but in typically Bowie style, he has to do something different lol! Yes, I switched on the computer this morning, and there was MSN homepage telling me about a new Bowie single, the first for many years.

Its not your average piece of pop, but then again, when did Bowie ever do average? Alright, if you want to be picky, Tin Machine was pretty average, but…I’m sure the new single will soon be up in full, but all I could find at the moment is part of it, so I havent posted that.

Instead, I’ve picked one of his absolute 80’s classics, as I’ve already used Starman in the past on here. Happy Birthday, Bowie, its good to have you back.

PS I apologise for the lack of recent postings on here, a combination of work, and a bit of ill health inflicting me at present, but hopefully normal service will be resumed soon, especially as I’m on holiday next week! Thats also why this is so short, will be collapsing to bed very soon.

The (Wild)cats Crept In, and 2013 things

Well, hopefully on Thursday they wont just creep in, and creep out again, at least not until they’ve won the Fiesta Bowl, and had a Duck dinner lol! No, I’m not really that confident, the Oregon Ducks are a very good team, it will be quite a match, though I will only get to see the highlights the next day, as it starts at 1 am over here, and someone has to be at work for 9 am the next morning! Thankfully ESPN America are showing the ‘as live’ highlights, without all the ad breaks the next evening, so even if I will know the score, I can enjoy the match. Sadly given my job in the betting industry, it will be pretty impossible not to know the result, even if I didnt look on Friday morning, so I will do so! 😉
I wonder where Collin Klein will be when I get to Kansas though, somewhere in the NFL I hope, but where, no idea. Yes, he should be in the NFL by then, as I will now not be going to Kansas until September, after the draft, and indeed the season will have started, so…I might be looking out for results of a team other than Buffalo lol!

Yes, holidays have swopped, now off to Rochester in April, Kansas in September, a change of plans. 😉

Oh, and talking of college sports, all the big 3 colleges in Kansas have made a pretty good start to the basketball season, long may that continue.

And now, on a lighter note…I posted up the stats for this blog on the thread, in case anyone was interested. Viewings are totally dominated by the US, hardly surprising I guess under the circumstances? Funny thing is, the most popular threads were all ones I posted in 2011, I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something? That silver suit one seems especially popular, but no one has yet offered me that special silver bodysuit yet that turns me into a cybernetic being, or even makes it look like I have lol! The bimbofication ones seem to crop up a lot too, but I suspect thats a Google search thing?

New Year resolutions, no, not really my thing, beyond the obviously cheeky one of resolving to visit the US twice this year! 😉 I probably ought to resolve to be hypnotised again, with robot connotations, but as I think its unlikely to happen, I cant see much point. Why, the person who hypnotised me has moved away from the area, and I’m not sure I can really be bothered to pursue the hunt to find someone else to turn me into a hypno-bot, even if she wouldnt have done so anyway!
I might resolve to wear a dress again sometime when I go out for a meal, but thats hardly sensational now, is it lol?

The video, well its a fun look at the Fiesta Bowl, and the Kansas State Wildcats. As I say, I hope they wont be creeping around on Thursday, but roaring in the face of those Ducks!