Someone to watch over me

Well, I had an email today from one of those agency things that we unemployed folk use, suggesting I use my blog to sell myself as a job prospect. Fine, maybe I should, though when I do the one here, I might add a couple of unlikely happenings, just to amuse you, but…I’ll do that later in the week, given I did the signing on one only 2 days ago.

So, this is probably inspired by a couple of comments over on the Garden, but also by something that happened to me, while I was on holiday.

A couple of very nice American guys over at the Garden have been bemoaning their lack of luck with the ladies over there. Having seen pictures of both, and having spoken to one of them, I cannot understand why they are so unsuccessful, but anyway…If I could, I probably would, though given I’m far older than both of them, I doubt they’d want me anyway! Even more so given my total lack of interest in sex! But anyway…

On the other hand…While I was away in Hollywood, I started getting emails from some dating site I’d never heard of, mentioning that a man was sending me messages there. No, I certainly didnt set this up, I’m certainly not interested in finding a man, but…curiosity got the better of this cat!

Yes, seemingly I had a profile there, a pretty basic one though, to be honest. And yes, there were a couple of messages, from a guy relatively close to home, wanting to chat with me. So, I sent a polite, non committal sort of reply to him, not showing any great interest, and hoped that would be that. As if!

A few more messages from him, and then, all of a sudden, half a dozen or so other guys sending me messages too!

Yes, that was my call to panic, bail out, and shut down the account. I really cant see me getting involved with anyone now romantically, and if I did, I suspect I would prefer female company, but anyway…

OK, they were all roughly my age, so that might have helped, but I still couldnt believe that so many men were interested in little old me!

Fine, if any of them had had ‘mad scientist’ as their employ, I might have got in touch, but they didnt. And yes, maybe, just maybe, I should have tried a casual date, but I couldnt get my head around the idea. So…I’ll stay single, for now. 😛

But it just amazes me, that a boring “plain Jane” like me can get all this interest, and 2 lovely guys cant get anyone. Ah well, as we Yorkshire folk would say, “There’s nowt as queer as folk”.

The video, well, if I’d taken up with one of these men, this might have been true. The great master, Frank Sinatra,

Not the planned blog!

Well, I had a few words of wisdom lined up for you tonight, but having just read the news, you might, or might not get to read them later.

Back in the mid 1980’s (yes, I really am that old), the first TV coverage of American Football reached the UK, and I got hooked. Originally, we got a highlight package, about a week behind, but that quickly turned into live coverage of a match each week, as Channel 4 cottoned on to the fact that they might have hit the jackpot here. But that was it, back in those pre internet days, we were lucky to discover any other scores before the following weekend. But I, along with many others was hooked.

Funnily enough, for me, I had once listened on the radio to part of a game, way back in the 70’s, I caught up with American Forces radio somehow, and listened entranced. I have no idea which teams it was back then, but…

Very soon, people had teams to support, and most flocked to the successful teams of the time, the Cowboys, the Bears and the like. Other perverse souls like me, chose lesser teams to support, and I picked Buffalo, franchise name, the Bills. That first year I supported them, they won 2 games out of 16 all season! Then, during that close season, a rival league shut down, and a quarterback named Jim Kelly signed a contract with the team. They’d drafted him a few years before, but the attraction of playing for an awful team like the Bills, he went elsewhere!

Anyway, for him, he got that deal, signed with the Bills, and things took off from there, aided by a shrewd coach named Marv Levy. Suddenly the team that couldnt win, could barely lose, and in the next few years, they went all the way to the Superbowl, 4 times in a row! Fine, they lost all 4, one on a horrific missed kick, but…they were the second best team in the land, for sure!

Since Kelly, Levy and co retired, the team has gone back to its old moderate (to awful stuff), and havent even made the play offs in a long while now.

But for the sake of this piece, thats all an aside. Back in 1960, a rival to the then National Football League was started, called the American Football League. One of those original teams was the Bills, and the owner was a young, but wealthy man, by the name of Ralph Wilson Jr. Yes, you’ve guessed it, until today, only one man has ever owned the Bills, that man. Tonight, I’ve just first seen the news on Facebook (of all places!) that he has passed away, at the grand old age of 95! He probably was responsible for keeping the team in Buffalo, a far smaller city than most playing in the NFL, so what happens now, who knows? Hopefully they stay there, but…

Rest in peace, great man, the team might have been poor in recent times, but we’ve had some great times in the past, thanks to you. So as they say, thanks for the memories.

Just an additional few words, on a sort of related basis, to mention that sadly Jim Kelly (at a much younger age) is suffering badly with cancer, and my thoughts go out for him, and hopefully you will do the same.

All good things come to an end

Including seemingly, my holiday. Yes, I dont fly out until tomorrow afternoon, but its certainly on the last lap, thats for sure. Its been a lovely break, but now its back to work, and the insanity that creates on Monday. Ah well…

Funnily enough, despite saying goodbye to each other this morning, both Kate and I are still in the vicinity of Richmond. Me, here, her, near the airport, as not for the first time, US Airways have failed to provide a decent service, and Kate got stranded this morning.

But beyond that, I’ve had a lovely time here, just relaxing and chilling out from work. Oh, and also buying an expensive flapper style dress, just because! 😛

I’ll be honest, with US Airways, I wont relax until I’ve taken off from Philly, on the way back to Manchester. Until then, fingers will be crossed!

Finally, I’d just like to thank Kate for inviting me over, and look forward to seeing her again next year

The video, well as the end is near, what could be more apt?