Maybe we should wipe the ‘disc’ clean, and start again?

And no, as you might have worked out, I’m not really talking about any computer disc here, I’m talking about my mind. Lets face it, its a stressed out mess at present, so wiping clean, and starting again might not be as awful as it might sound. But lets face it, hypnotherapists arent going to be happy about brainwashing you, and rebooting your neural systems, in all likelihood. Shame, but anyway…

So fine, next best thing. I was booked for a relaxation, and de-stress session on the Saturday morning, that I started training for that ‘job from hell’, so had to cancel it. Thankfully now, I’ve been able to rearrange it, at the same discounted price for 3 weeks on Saturday. I hope thats soon enough, given the way I’m getting about job interviews, and the like, but I’m sure it will be.

Anyway, being curious about such matters, I had a look for hypnotic brainwashing videos on You Tube. Yes, found some, though I’m pretty sure they’re designed for more kinky issues than frustration with your interview skills! And given I regarded myself as pretty impervious to these things in the past, never having really gone deep, other than one to one, I thought I’d give it a try. And yes, seemingly, I went under quite easily. As I say, this is aimed at ‘slavery’, but given that corset has had me feeling submissive of late, I went for it. This one

Unless you play it, you wont know the details, but lets just say I definitely felt the planned effects. Thankfully you get your mind back at the end, but anyway… Feeling, I loved the feeling of mindlessness, and yes, I definitely felt a lot calmer afterwards, as an end result.

Then in those suggested videos on the side, I found this. No idea why it appealed so greatly lol.

And yes, it worked, though not as much as the first one, maybe her voice wasnt as strong, or something, who knows? But yes, at the end, all the same, I definitely came out feeling like a mindless robot, and loved it. Thankfully there was no one to give me commands (other than cats demanding food, and yes, I fed them), or who knows what might have happened? Robot thing only wears off after about 30 minutes, and I knew when that time was up!

But yes, all this being made mindless stuff, seems to have done me some good. Now, if I could get it done longer term, or permanently… 😉

The video. Yes, a Christmas one at long last. This is a new one, a cover of an old classic.