Robot companion?

Alright, a double helping of silliness tonight, for those concerned with such matters. And for those who note such things, its a different blog, but the same video, I know!

Briefly, in case anyone reads this,, and can do the more serious side of this. Disabled lady seeks minder/companion for a 3-4 week period in September/October while others here are away. Demands are few (internet/food and keep/baseball would be nice), I just really need someone to keep an eye on me in case I have health issues while others are away. Meds should ensure I’m fine, but just in case… Somewhere warm – hot would be nice, but open to all offers. Why the companion thing, simple, I might be able to pay something towards keep, but not all of it, thats why.

But fine, the serious stuff is covered on the main blog, and this is meant to be all stuff mind control here, so…

(No, I dont seriously expect this, though it would be heaven)

The other option would be if anyone has got any suitable scientific/technology experiments they’d love a willing guinea pig for. Fine, I’d now make less of an issue for brainwashing than your standard person, but lets face it, thats why I need a minder in the first place! Still something there at present to erase though, if fancying an easier challenge. Of course, if your experiment involves testing out AI, to either take over from, or interface with the human mind, then I’m your perfect subject! Less resistance, both from the brain, and from the guinea pig, should be ideal.

There is the snag that if you’re planning on turning her into your sex slave, I’m a bit too old for most, but if you’re that good, a rejuvenation chamber probably isnt beyond your skills?

Even better of course, if you’re planning on transforming me into, or downloading my essence into a sexy robot body (or even a lovely chrome robot body, which I would love), it really doesnt matter how busted the old human body is, does it? Oh, and the fact I’d love that, bonus for all!

In truth, even if its just one of these research things, putting electricity through the human mind (EEG or otherwise) to see the effect, and has somewhere for the volunteer to stay, and be checked on, then great! There is also the blessing I’m in no state to run away, even if I wanted to, which I wouldnt!

Or some time travel type experiment, where I’m transformed into a cute, young flapper, and whisked back to the 1920’s, well…? 😉 Or turned into Clara Johnson, and sent back to the 1930’s, to earn my way dancing on the silver screen, lol?

Or more seriously, if someone just fancies an undemanding companion, with simple needs, but open to better offers. I would love somewhere hot (or pretty warm), but open to all suggestions, as lets face it, I wont be going out much without an escort!

Emails to if anyone wants to help out this old maid.

Fine, video. Cute young flapper, 1920’s thing, oh what fun, darlings! Film is from 1971, but fits era perfectly. Oh, and it doesnt have to be a boyfriend I need, darlings, just saying! 😉 (Sing if your glad to be bi, giggle). Oh, love that outfit Twiggy’s wearing…

Inhibition Neutralizer, anyone?

Given I sort of originally planned that this would be the weirder blog of the two, I’ll save boring concepts like my forthcoming last (almost certainly) flight within the EU for the other blog, and do something far weirder here.

The concept of the 2 sides of a persons character are investigated throughout the decades, most famously in Dr Jekyll, and Mr Hyde, of course. Since then, all sorts of triggers have been used to change the ‘boring scientist’ into a far more interesting character, lets face it.

The most recent development of this, unsurprisingly from me, is in a story from the Archive, this one.

I have to add that the title amused me for an entirely different reason, as you will see when we get to the video. But what amused me this week, was how the transformation was done. If you read back, you’ll find out there was an explosion in the lab, and strange things happened, one of which you can probably guess from the story title.

Seemingly its a combination of two cool compounds, I-New, and Enhancin, which seem to have caught up with said scientist, and let loose a whole new woman! Oh fine, I wouldnt mind that kind of makeover, as it might give my love life a major spark, once transformed. I know, sadly its fictional, because it might be fun to be a twenty year old sex kitten, lol! 😛

So, if anyone has those compounds handy, and needs a guinea pig for an experiment? 😉

Right, video time. Hard to believe this song is 50 years old, but thats showing my age! Definitely live, and in truth, if you want to jump the first minute, you wont miss much!