Anyone want to collar me?

Many years ago, when I was young enough to be a lot more kinky than now, someone bought me the most delicious metal collar. No, so long ago, I cant remember who it was, now! But yesterday, I came across it, and thought I’d try it on again, just one more time, to see what it felt like. Fine, yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m enjoying wearing it again, and in fact I’m doing so, as I type this.

Its not pure metal, though whatever material it is affixed to, it still nicely solid, and nicely tight too! Either my neck has expanded, or someone designed it to fit very snugly on my neck. It has got a fitting for a lock to be attached, but I’m wearing it without one at present, all the same. Mainly because I havent got a lock I could lock it with, but beside that…its probably more discreet for usage if I can remove it reasonably quickly.

Sadly, I never got any more metal suit to match, because as a robot wannabee, I’d love that! Strictly, I have got that cyberman mask, but pretty sure it might be fun putting that on, over the collar. Besides which, that sort of ruins visibility totally, so…not much use for writing blogs, lol.

But yes, irony, I thought I was going to wear it for about 2 minutes maximum, and err, its already up to several hours, at various times! And yes, loving it.

Whats that? Do I need to be owned again? Maybe I do? But yes, fine, its going to cost my new owner something suitable for a robot slave to wear, has to be said! 😉 Mind, if you fit electrodes to the collar, that would be a good start, so…

No, I doubt I’m going to get the chance to wear it again, as an owned submissive/slave, but I have this funny feeling that now, today might not be the last time I wear it, even if not owned!

Mind, if anyone wants to make me an offer, feel free to do it here, I might just love it! 😉

The video, well, the song title seemed apt, I know nothing about the group, mind.