Lets get physical!

Yes, you know summer is nearly over, when the start of the NFL season is fast approaching. Yes, the season proper starts on Thursday evening (Early Friday morning here in the UK), and thats a pretty good clue that Autumn/Fall is beginning to draw near. Yes, I know, different titles each side of the pond, and given where most of my readers are lol.

I’ll be honest with you, anyone looking for shrewd advice on who are going to be good, who are going to be bad this season, not a clue. The AFC seems a total mess, as no one seemingly knows how good the Denver QB is going to be, and New England will be without Brady for 4 weeks, so how things will play out there, not a clue. In the NFC, Minnesota may have looked a decent outsider until their QB got injured, and is out for the season. Dallas, as always will be talked up, but their QB situation is even more of a mess! But yes, you can make a case for Carolina, Seattle, Green Bay, and Arizona at least, I guess?

Of the teams I sort of follow, Kansas City might have a chance in the maelstrom that is the AFC, but Buffalo just look as big a mess as ever, and though I’d love to see them do well (30 years of support), I cant see it! Of course, the other team I guess I will keep an eye on this year, due to location, is the Los Angeles (formerly St Louis) Rams. Mind, I cant see them being any good either, but…

Yes, sort of makes it obvious if you look at the schedule, the one game I’d love to be at this season. Yes, Buffalo, in Los Angeles, simple as that! Not going to happen, not going to be on TV over here, so if someone has got piles of unwanted money, and wants to spend some on me? No, didnt think so!

Oh, and lastly, while we’re talking LA sporting action, I got one piece of great news this week. My second favorite Dodger (after Vin Scully), Clayton Kershaw is finally back in action, did a minor league game last night, so fingers crossed, he’ll be back with the Dodgers soon. Just think, this year, he might not be burnt out if we reach the playoffs, and actually perform well. Fine, he might not, but dreaming, you bet!

Lastly, the video. Clue in the blog title, you bet! And ONJ is in this, but its not the original video!

Grease – Love, or Mind Control?

Yes, feel free to treat this as a tongue in cheek piece if you desire, but just hear me through.

So we get this movie, with the female lead, the ultimate good girl. So sweet and pure that you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from her glowing halo. Then one man turns her into a leather wearing sex kitten, all supposedly for love. Or given the favourite genre of these pieces, was it mind control?

No, I dont seriously think it was, but you have to admit it, the changes in Sandy are pretty dramatic to say the least! And you cant really say its compromise, Danny doesnt really change at all, lets face it! So why, maybe it was love, or was it that Danny changed her, hmm?

Yes, as you might have guessed, its a movie I loved, so many good songs that have stood the test of time, and all that. And OK, I quite enjoy Sandy’s new look, well, other than the cigarettes at least! Vile product, not saying any more! But those trousers, drool…The other interesting point, if it was just love, is the general change in Sandy. Originally, as in this video, she’s Miss goodytwo shoes, and at that stage, pretty submissive in nature. By the time of Summer Loving, that look, and attitude is about as Domme as it gets!

So, was it really just love, or something more? 😉

The video, Olivia Newton John, in cute mode, though I’m sure the leather look wouldnt be hard to find on You Tube, should you wish to do so? 😉