Taking The Plunge

For those of us who have written stories in the past, the only outlet for your work, unless you were very lucky, was to post it on the internet, and hope somebody liked it, for no financial gain whatsoever. And yes, I’ve written a good number of stories in the past for the EMCSA, though not a lot in recent times, I just dont have the time any more.

Principally I wrote for that site, under a nom de plume, and they got a mixed reaction. Some people loved them, some people didnt, and a few opinions in between. But to put it bluntly, my writing skills were never going to appear in Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, and the like!

Then along came ebooks, though initially when they did, it was only established authors that appeared even then. Then slowly but surely, more humble writers found this gave them an opportunity to sell their works to the wider world, or at least try to do so. To be honest, I pretty much ignored this development, the one comment that seems to have come out of it, is that you need to post new stuff on a regular basis, and I’m in no position to do that any more. But, in the deep distant past, I have two stories that never got posted on the net, for various reasons. Not that they werent good enough, they both got a decent reception when posted on the Forums, but they didnt qualify for the site, under the rules.

Well now, I’ve decided they deserve that bigger audience (maybe), so I’m going to try to sell them as ebooks. No, I dont expect sales rivalling Jane Eyre and the like, if I sell any, and certainly more than a couple, I will be thrilled. I’ve got a lovely friend known as ‘Pan’ who has bought me a couple of stock images to use as book covers, a present for all the reviews I’ve done, very kind of him, all the same.

So sometime in the next few weeks, I will become an ebook author. If you’re good, or even if you’re not, I’ll probably advertise a link on here when they are up and available. I’m pretty sure my wonderful editor has already checked them over, but I’ve sent them back to him, just in case, before publishing to the world.

If they do OK, I do have a couple of posted stories that dont really fit in with said persona, and I might add them to the collection. But if they sink without trace, probably not!

In the meanwhile, here is a very ancient song that might give half a clue as to the synopsis, and title of one of the stories