I’m going to live forever

No, not me hopefully, unless its living as a robot, anyway! To be truthful, the human me is so beaten up already, that while not saying I’m ready to die just yet, I certainly dont want to live that long, either!

One thing I’ve noticed that most North American based sports have, and which seem now, to be creeping into more sports, is the ‘Hall Of Fame’ thing. I’m not saying its a bad thing, because as a historical lover of sports, it makes people think about players whose career is over, and in many cases, whose lives are over, and remember what they done. Most are remembered for one sport, or another, though there are a few (Jim Thorpe is the obvious name that comes to mind), who were famed in more than one sport, though generally in times when perhaps the depth of talent in most sports was not as deep as it is now.

Its not that long ago, baseball had its big ceremony, and this weekend, the NFL does the same. Yes, and that does mean, the first pre season game, is on Sunday! Given that one of the teams involved is starting a Quarter Back that no one has heard of, is miles down their depth chart, and everything else, its not to be taken too seriously. To be honest, apart from the one time, many years ago, that I saw a pre season game at Wembley, live, I dont take them seriously in the slightest. I know it was the Raiders, but who they played, no idea? At this point in time, ironically, for one of my 2 favorite US sports, I still havent seen a regular season game live, in person, but one day, I hope I will.

In truth, if anyone offered me a ticket, to any game this season, it would be an easy choice to make. Oh please, I’m a Buffalo Bills fan, and they’re playing the Los Angeles Rams, in Los Angeles, so yes, no contest! In fact, we are just a week away from the first pre season game in L.A, the first in town in, well, forever! Though this one is at the Coliseum, as the new stadium wont be available for a couple of years yet.

Maybe I’ll be a L.A citizen by then? Yes, and pigs fly, lol! But oh, I wish!

The video, well, the clue is in the title, its fair to say?

Hall of fame

Its funny, this seems to be very much an American idea that hasnt yet caught on over here. Pretty thankful for that in all honesty, as I can think of nothing worse than mentally challenged football (soccer version) players over here trying to make speeches. Mind, with there egos, everyone of them would probably think they should be in the Hall of Fame anyway! But besides…

The only one I’ve actually been to so far, is what I would term one of my lesser interests, the NHL one, in Toronto. But yes, it was interesting to see all the history there, especially some of the equipment they used in the dim, distant past, quite frightening how little protection they really had! Clearly the 2 of more interest to me would be the MLB one, and the one that is the reason for this blog today, the NFL.

I know, not everybody can be in it, but seriously, no Jim Plunkett, thats the big omission for this fan of the game. Well alright, Steve Tasker too, but that might be more biased lol! But what happens of more significance this weekend, as long as the inductions, is the first game of pre season, strangely enough called the Hall of Fame game! Made more interesting, given all the furore this spring, by the fact that New Orleans are in it. But Sean Payton isnt lol! Anyway, enough of all that…

What it does mean is that its only 5 weeks to full season starting, and something for us NFL fans to look forward to. Maybe Buffalo can even make the play offs this year, I’m more hopeful than in recent years, it has to be said. No, I cant see us winning the division unless something happens to Tom Brady, but play off chances, most definitely. Will I be saying that in a few months time, lets wait and see! Hopefully I will get to see the Bills on TV at some point this season at least.

The song, what could be more apt this weekend, than…