Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

Yes, today was one of those rare days of late, where I actually did get the chance to laze on a sunny afternoon, no idea what went wrong! I make up for it tomorrow though, 11 hour day at work then, ah well…

So yes, the afternoon was spent watching the Test Match (Cricket) on TV, while dressed in a light summer dress (still warm seeing it was nearly 90, and very humid), drinking a glass of chilled white wine. And before anyone says I was slacking, all the review reading was done, and I cant do any more with the new story posting, as I havent heard back yet about the cover.

I know, the holiday is only 9 weeks away, but the insurance matter is now sorted out, and I cant do the ESTA properly until I know where I’m staying the first night, so…I lazed on a sunny afternoon! Nice pizza for dinner, nice bath afterwards, what more can I ask for?

A photo session, you say? Well, that could well be happening on Monday, vintage style, so should make the perfect profile shots for my author persona too. Sadly, I might have had today off, and 2 days at the beginning of next week too, but after that…you dont want to know! So I’ll enjoy life while I can. If it does, I promise to post one on here.

The video, yes, bit obvious I hope, at least to those of you old enough to know this song, anyway


Tired of waiting

Well, I might have got tired of waiting for my case to arrive at Manchester Airport, if there had been a greater number of them arriving off the Shannon plane, but thankfully there werent more than a handful. And yes, as you might have gathered by now, mine wasnt amongst them! It managed to spend one more night in the US than me, finally arriving safely back here yesterday afternoon. No, its not admitting to partying in the meanwhile lol!

Beyond that, the whole journey back was quite smooth in fact, in more senses than one. The temperature difference was a bit more noticeable though, high 60’s when I left Rochester, mid 40’s when I ventured out at Shannon. Yes, funnily enough I noticed the difference. Unfortunately, my coat was in the case, and did I regret that fact on arrival back here. Ah well…

Anyway, beyond a crazy day at work yesterday which you dont want to know about, and the last remains of jet lag, which is why I’m cutting this short, there’s not much to tell. I hope to post something more meaningful tomorrow, but please dont quote me on that.

In the meanwhile, a 60’s Kinks classic, very apt