More questions than answers

One thing that seems to happen intermittently at Fembot Central is that you will get a journalist, or article writer becoming a member, and wanting to talk to people about what is currently called Technosexuality. Now, when it comes to the sex side of things, I’m not a lot of use, its been so long that I’ve forgotten what sex is lol. Nearly 13 years in fact, next month will be the anniversary.

But the other side of the fembot kink, yes, I can talk quite well about that. And providing said person is polite, and respectful, I’m more than happy to do so. So yes, I volunteered again to say my piece. He was polite, he was respectful, and indeed it was a very pleasant hour and a half (or so) talking to him via Messenger. Quite handy, given he was in Chicago, I was in Yorkshire!

The thing is, technosexuality, for want of a better word, seems to be getting more accepted, though most of that seems to revolve around built fembots, rather than transformed ones! Certainly adverts nowadays seem to include any number of robot girls, of various styles, so acceptance seems to be growing, because lets face it, advertisers wouldnt use them if they didnt think they were!

No, its never going to be universally accepted, any more than LGBT ever will be. But if we can reach the levels of acceptance they do nowadays, we wont be doing a bad job! But yes, love for fembots seems to be growing, I’m pleased to say.

The video, see the title. Sadly no live pics, its too old a song for that.