Sleep Talk

Given all my health issues, and everything, the one thing I planned for, when cutting back my working week to 4 days, was to give my back deserved rest time, on non working days. It has to be said that most of the time it works a treat. But this weekend…

In truth, the fact that it was a wonderful day on Saturday, in terms of my back at least, has to be countermanded by the fact that I was on my feet way more than normal. Thankfully the weather was hot, so my back wasnt as bad as it might have been at end of day, but fine, I was still sore.

Snag was, Sunday, which would normally be one of my rest days, with a longer recovery time in bed didnt happen, because we were in a guest house, needed to be up at a reasonable hour for breakfast, and to come home, and…also, I was sharing a room with Eric, and his idea of sleeping in is about 6 am! So yes, not the recovery time I really needed. So yes, despite the weather, and everything else, lets just say I was a little ‘tender’ at work yesterday. But there you are, I thought, at least I get a nice lay in tomorrow morning, which will hopefully clear matters up.

Yes, you guessed it… Just before 7 this morning, the phone rang in my bedroom. Loudly, and it sounded like an ice cream van had hit the house, or something! I answered it, passed the phone to Eric, and tried to go back to sleep, but it didnt really work, so about an hour later, I gave up, and got up.

Hopefully, hopefully, Thursday, I might actually get a genuine lay in, in my bed? But…? Hibernation/Stasis pod, anyone?

OK, video time. What I felt like I was doing this morning, lol!

How long would you like to dream?

One of the known issues with long distance space travel, is the length of time its going to take to get anywhere. Currently the ETA for a flight to Mars is about 6 months, and beyond the Moon, thats about as close as we can get in terms of space travel. So anything further than that is going to take considerably longer to get to, and people are going to need to be able to sleep comfortably en route. Lets face it, those poor Moon Astronauts couldnt have got that comfortable in sleep terms, given the size of their craft, but clearly those craft in the future, heading for Mars, and who knows where beyond (in decades to come) need to be able to get plenty of sleep en route.

The thing is, of course that a lot of those brave colonists probably wont have a lot to do on the actual flight there, aboard the craft, because their mission will be post arrival, not for the journey there. So, just suppose, instead of being bored of just seeing space passing by for 6 months, they could sleep throughout most of the journey, and be fine on arrival, and hopefully raring to go. Well…?

I gather the theory has been used medically for a few days, but for this purpose, for some, we’re talking months, let alone days, or even weeks. Would I get in one of those pods, and ‘hibernate’ for a while, you bet I would. Might actually do my back some good, as I assume the lack of daily stresses on it could only be beneficial to it? But no, I have no desire to go to Mars, or anywhere else, at my age! My time might not be quite that nigh, but I havent got that many years left, so I’ll leave the crazy stuff to the younger ones, thanks.

But equally, if they ever asked for volunteers, here on Earth, to test the system out, I would jump at the chance to do so. Hey, I say I’m suffering from a lack of sleep at the moment, that could certainly solve the problem, for a fortnight or so, or maybe more. Of course I’d hate the use of electrical stimulation to keep me physically fit, not! But yes, as long as they dont forget me, and I dont only wake up in 2070, or something, I’d love to do it, but doubt I’ll get the chance, ah well…

Oh, and one other amusing piece of more fictional science stuff, I saw this on MSN this morning

No, it wasnt me, though I would so love to wear something like that, I must say! That or the Metropolis robot would be my dream looks for a Convention, or something. But no, sorry, Robert, not me!

Fine, video time. A corny play on the whole hibernation thing. All I can say watching Andy McCluskey doing this, is think he’s about my age, and doing stuff like this, yes, I’m jealous. Amazingly fit, clearly!