Happy new year

Less than an hour to go here as I write this, but its a bit longer for a number of my readers I guess?

So what does 2012 hold for us? Apart from the potential end of the world, if you believe the Mayans lol! Me, I’m expecting to be here, writing this at the end of 2012 somehow. Equally, I dont seriously expect to be a robot by the end of 2012 either, but who can tell lol? Whether I have even more of a 20’s state of mind might be more of a moot point! A picture of me dressed as a flapper, now wouldnt that be something! I also suspect the latex clothing dream will still go unrequited this year, probably for the best at my age!

I’ve got a few things to look forward to next year. Seeing Seattle again will be nice, seeing Kate again definitely will be, and hopefully James as well. Maybe someone new as well, but that we will have to wait and see about. Of course, there should be the legend known as Fenway, and I dont mean the park either! Is it shocking that I pretty much know what area I will be going to in April 2013, even if the actual venue is still to be chosen from 3. Northern New York state, be warned lol! September 2013, no I havent got that far in advance…yet!

Writing, I just dont know beyond the current story, as I’ve found out, time is still a major issue for me on that front. At least Louise Brooks has proved to me that I can still write at least. I’ve got the March contest at the Forum, it will be a double thing, and not just in the sense it will be run at the Garden as well. I have my own idea (staying secret for now, though it is an event in March that inspires it), but also a memorial thing for Sara C, for which the final details are still to be finalised.

Other than that, I expect life to continue much as before, I’ve certainly never been one for New Years resolutions, thats for sure! I still havent written off my dream of working abroad, though I guess at my age, its less likely to happen now, unless North America labor laws change dramatically at least. Unless someone knows different? Nope, wont happen, I’m pretty sure!

Right, I’d better close now, or I’m not going to finish it in 2011. The video, very apt, and very much my musical era. Yes, in a sense it shows it age because of the lyrics, but ah well…hope you can still enjoy


Happy new year to all who read this, thanks for doing so.

What would it be like?

To be whisked back to the 1920’s, and dress flapper style? Mind, at my current age I’d probably be too elderly to be such a rebel anyway, even if I was. And yes, you’re right, I’d definitely miss the internet now, if that did happen to me lol! Its funny what you get used to, just about 12 years ago I thought a computer was a luxury I could happily live without, but now…maybe not? 😉 Mind, what they cost then, as opposed to what they cost now, quite amazing really, especially if you compare the capabilities of a modern computer as opposed to those of just 10 years ago.

No, seriously, I’d probably find the lifestyle back then very restrictive, and very basic compared to what I’ve now got used to. And lets face it, the concept of transatlantic air travel wasnt the norm, in terms of passenger flights, it didnt even exist! It didnt really exist in terms of passenger travel at all, let alone flying from Manchester to Chicago non stop, in just over 8 hours!

So alright, maybe going back to those days on a permanent basis for a modern middle aged woman wouldnt be fun! But alright, maybe a quick visit, just to meet someone before returning…that might do nicely! 😉

But lets hypothesize on an intermediate step. Back when I was a child, early teens apparently, due to help from Wikipedia with the dates, there was a series called Mr Benn. Wont mean a thing to the vast majority, if not all my readers, because as far as I know, it was only ever shown in the UK. Basically it was a short animated series based around the visits of said Mr Benn to a fancy dress shop run by a mysterious man, dressing up in an outfit her found there, and having an adventure as such, before returning to his normal life at the end of the programme. Now wouldnt that be fun, dress up as a flapper girl, walk out of the changing room, and find myself temporarily in the 1920’s as a young flapper girl. Hopefully getting to meet Louise Brooks, but at least being able to find out what her life was like at least, before walking back into modern life.

I know, there are fancy dress shops as such, but lets face it, most, if not all are more into ‘fun’ uniforms than 20’s outfits. But most arent interested in photo shoots dressed up or anything like that, let alone having the magic powers of the one in Mr Benn. But yes, getting dressed up, and being made up to look like a 20’s flapper girl, yes, I’d love that to happen. But I suspect that no place where this sort of thing can happen really exists? I know there isnt around here, thats for sure.  But in Seattle, New England, or somewhere else I can visit in the future where I could fulfil this dream, any ideas, anyone?

I wouldnt want anyone to get me wrong, the robot fantasy still stands, especially if involving a transformation scene, but currently the whole 20’s thing seems to have infected my thoughts greatly, especially one woman, but I’m not complaining about that in the slightest!

So yes, no prizes for working out who might be seen in the video tonight! A Cole Porter song, sung by the Maestro which sums her up perfectly.


The plan is one more post before the end of the year, so I will leave certain comments until then. The video I use then might be a slightly apt one, without a sighting of Louise Brooks lol!

At this time of year

To the readers that I have over here, I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading all the waffle I post here.

So getting light hearted here…

I did think about posting a ‘witty’ list of presents for people I know from the 2 Forums, and yes, it would have included lots of rope for Jo (and someone to tie her up in it), a picture of ‘his’ stadium for Fenway, a fully functional Mermaid outfit for Rosie, and a few other suitable items which I’m sure you can work out for others. The other Joe would be easy, anything relating to the Cardinals world series this year of course. Heather, currently a new body might be handy, no prizes for her ideal look lol. Mind, it might be one of mine too. There are 1 or 2 I wish for a new job, and happiness for as well. Bruno, a good female Domme would probably be quite apt.

Personally I think they gave the job of Red Sox GM to the wrong person, Kate would have been ideal, and given the players a massive wake up call after September, I’m sure of that! The other option would be head of US Airways, they could also do with a great wake up call too.

Tera, or Wonder Woman (for all she does for others), I’m not certain what would make a suitable present for such a wonderful and helpful person, so many owe her more than any simple gift could offer. Again, I need to offer too much gratitude to all who keep both Forums running so well.

James, something that makes him realise, and accept just how loved and regarded he is at the Garden. Rosie might suggest a kick up the backside, but I’d be more subtle than that. Maybe I just get him an Underdog outfit, to match the one on his avatar.

Apoogies to all those not mentioned, but I cant squeeze in every one on here. But the likes of Allister, CW, MCGuy, Geo and LisaTeez, all of you I like so much. But thats it, all the rest will just have to settle for a big group huggles.

Oh, oops, look what I’ve done? 😉

So, to the last Christmas music video, for this year at least. If this is still going by next year, there will be more, and probably a few repeats! An update of an absolute classic, that was actually first released the year I was born, 1958! Probably why I cant find any original film of it lol. So instead we get an updated version of this Brenda Lee classic, complete with film of a famous Christmas movie.


Happy new christmas to all my friends at both the Garden, and the Forum, and just in case, anyone else who reads this, though how you found it in the first place, I dont know

Oh come let us adore him

Just in case some (especially James) thought that I might only go in for songs with a slightly jaded outlook on Christmas, I thought I’d better slip this one in here. Ironically, 2 videos tonight on my blogs, and not one word of English in either of the songs! And this one in one of the older languages of the world, thats for sure. Funny thing is, its the same singer for both, and both are Christmas carols.

Its fair to say my religous background is an interesting one, my father being of Irish Catholic stock, my mother being Protestant, though she changed religions on marriage, as you had to back then, I have no idea if thats still true today though? So yes, I started off as a good catholic girl, though when my parents split up when I was 9, I quickly went protestant in beliefs, and church going. To me, Christmas crosses all religous barriers anyway, and is something both sides should worship, and enjoy equally. Today I simply call myself a non church going Christian, and leave it at that.

Why, a simple reason. When I was in Seattle in 2003, and staying for a brief while in a ladies mission hall (money didnt quite last 6 months lol) for a few nights before flying back, I got invited to a church related to where I was staying on the Sunday for a service. Even then I hadnt been in years, mainly because my work tended to involve Sunday working, so I couldnt fit in by then, even if I wanted to. I used to go to a Christmas service when in Dorset, but that was it, and when I left there…

Trouble was, this service I got took to was one of those ‘fire and brimstone’ type Christian preachers, very homophobic, a major put off for me of course. Ironically, not knowing what ‘type of girl’ I was, he offered to help me find work in the area, though I wasnt certain how, unless he had the power to override US labor laws at least, he might well have thought he did, mind!

Fortunately our paths never crossed again, as I flew back to the UK the following weekend.

I could say that I need to find a wonderful, open minded priest to put me back on the right Christian trail, but some would say I found him a few years back. Not that I really ever lost my Christian beliefs, it just jaded me for a long time to Christian preachers though. I hope one day to go to one of his services, but that date will have to be very TBA at present, all the same. But I know he’d welcome me in, and thats the main thing.

Anyway, no more about this man, he might blush! Who is he, no idea? 😉

I will do my traditional religous thing this Christmas, the BBC presentation of 9 carols and lessons from Kings College, Cambridge, and that will be it. For a non church goer, its one of my absolute Christmas traditions, and I wouldnt miss it for the world. Fortunately I’m not working Christmas Eve when it will be shown, which is handy.

Right, enough chat, lets get to the video, I’m sure thats all some come here for. Well Jo probably comes to see if I mention anything bondage related, but apart from that…lol!

The artist is Enya, the carol is in Latin, though the title of this blog might give away the English title of it. Hope you enjoy…


Irony, she’s Catholic, and if you believe the comments, its the Anglican cathedral in Dublin, and it certainly looks like it is to me too.

I am I said

One of the long running jokes about my stories is how often ‘I’ seemed to appear in them. Yes, its amazing just how many Stephanie’s, or Louise’s appeared in the bulk of my works. Yes, it was deliberate, as most know, the stories were my fantasies, so I thought I might as well enjoy them. There are a few Steve stories as well from early on, when I needed a male character, just as much me in all honesty. Mind, 95% of the time she was young, if not necessarily pretty, I sort of worked out readers were going to be more interested in a twenty something being mc’d, than a forty something somehow lol!

Ironically my current story has neither name in sight, even if a certain Louise is the inspiration for one character, but it isnt me! Think most readers might be able to work out who she is somehow from previous blogs, if nothing else.

But what brought this post to life was the latest example of the nicest form of fanfic, ‘me’ appearing in someone elses story! It might only have been a one line performance, but when Heather includes you in a story, its a flattering thing.  There have been a few before now, 2 that immediately come to mind are Geo, and A Sinister Bent, both of whom wrote their pieces despite really only knowing me through my stories and the Forum. Both did very good jobs of it though, I must say. Someone I know a bit better called MCGuy seems to have featured me a few times in different roles, including that famous lengthy tome, The Jilliad which is very sweet of him indeed. If I’ve missed others, I’m sorry, but its hard to remember all of you over so many years of reading and writing.

Lets also admit that a good number of my characters were based on real life people that I knew as well, and ‘Louise’ in the latest story isnt the only one I know who I based a character on either!

The song, as so often, the title of the thread is the giveaway there. Yes, its a very young looking Neil Diamond, one of his earlier hits, filmed back in 1971. Hope some at least will enjoy


In case she thought I’d forgotten…

As has almost certainly been noticed, I’ve made a ‘few’ postings about an amazing week in Boston earlier this year. For some reason, a marvellous week in Toronto has got far less word space on here.

Lets be honest, I loved Toronto, and it would certainly rank very highly on my places I would love to live and work in, if I could. To be honest, Boston probably ranks 3 after it as well, and if anyone needs to be told where number 1 is, I’m going there in April lol. There might even be a change in order after that, who knows, its been a while since I was there.

But what happened when I was packing to come back from Toronto, I had a blonde moment! I thought I had carefully checked every drawer, and all the wardrobes in my hotel room before I left, but I was wrong. Somehow I managed to leave one brown jacket in a wardrobe, and only realise this when I was unpacking at home. I contacted the hotel, and they confirmed they’d found it, and were happy to send it back if I arranged a courier, and paid for it. Fair enough, I didnt expect them to pay for it to be sent home, but couldnt they just package it up, and bill my card? Nope.

Thankfully I have a guardian angel, or more correctly, a guardian succubi in the Toronto area, I think you know who I’m talking about, the one known as Tera! A quick IM, and before I know it, coat is picked up, packed up, and winging its way across the Atlantic back to me, and despite offers, no money would be accepted for doing this. I even got a postcard (still have it) in the package of Toronto as well.

But the point is, Tera doesnt just do all these wonderful things for me to help, she seems to do it for everybody at the Garden who needs help, most especially this year, someone we know as Kris (amongst a few other names!) and his move to Buffalo. But I gather from James (and one or two others) that I just see the part of it all. All this, and she takes the time to run the Nascar contest, and do umpteen manips at the Collective as well. How she does it all,  I really dont know, unless…

Do succubi need sleep? 😉

I swear that if I convinced the Canadian authorities to let me move over there and work, she’d have a place sorted out for me in no time flat! Probably have the cable TV, and internet sorted too, she’s that type of person. Heck, if she could, she’d probably convince the Canadian authorities that they’d be better off with me living and working over there.

So the last planned personal tribute of the year goes to an amazing woman, known only to me as Tera. You’ve done a lot for me this year, and a lot for so many others too. I know these are only words, but you’ll know how much I mean them, thanks again for everything. Its just a shame we never got to meet.

No, I couldnt think of a suitable song, so settled for this little amusement instead


I believe in Father Christmas

I’ve been lazy tonight, both blogs have got the same title, the same song, though different versions, and neither the original Greg lake one, though this is obviously close to it!

Back in the dim, distant past of the 1970’s, something called prog rock developed, mainly a number of groups turning out albums full of tracks that lasted ‘forever’, and about 6 tracks (or less) would fill an album lasting 45 minutes or so. Genesis are probably the most famous of those in the sense they turned to pop after Gabriel’s departure, and popular acclaim came their way. Others, like Yes, and indeed ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer in full) never seemed to worry about such matters.

And then in 1975, Greg Lake came up with a Christmas hit, shock horror! Not your typical schmaltzy, sweet as saccharin record though, his had far more of a jaded, and cynical touch to it, and thats probably why I loved it. The original video (which I’m sure you can find) hints at the horrors of the Vietnam War, which was still very much in the news back then. It wasnt a massive hit in the way many others were, I’m sure the nature of it put some off buying it. It wasnt sweetness and light, it was more real life than that. And also clearly, shock horror, he didnt really believe in Father Christmas!

Equally, in typical ELP fashion, a few months later, totally out of season, the group did their own version of the song, and thats what you’re getting tonight. Apart from the end, the versions are fairly similar to be honest. To be honest, prog rock never was my scene, but this great Greg Lake song certainly was, hope you enjoy.


Apologies for the lyrics thing in advance