An expensive birthday gift?

On one of my trips to Hollywood (makes me sound like a star actress, I only wish!), I came across a situation where I wished I could have swapped places with someone. Along the stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the Chinese Theatre, various people do ‘cosplay’ efforts at famous movie people. This involves dressing up as real people (Monroe, unsurprisingly is popular), or cartoon characters (seen a few Snow Whites in my time), and very occasionally a full body costume one, and yes, it was one of those I wanted to switch with, someone dressed as Iron Man. And yes, to my inexpert eye, a pretty good outfit it was too. I remember it fondly, because it was the same trip that some tourist stopped me to have their photo taken with me, an absolute first. I have no idea who they thought I was, or was looking like, to this day.

But yes, something like Iron Man would appeal to me no end. Yes, its pretty much a robot look, and I suspect inside it, it feels like being in a robot suit too. I have ‘suggested’ for the Wizard of Oz showing in Blackpool next month, that dressing up as the ‘Tin Lady’ would appeal to me, but we will see if it happens?

So when a friend posted this earlier today, on one of the forums I go on

Lets just say that I wish they’d asked me to be the model wearing that suit! Fine, in truth, I’d rather wear a classy Metropolis robot suit (and more apt for a woman), but if offered the chance to wear that, I definitely wouldnt say no. So if anyone has a spare $3000 laying around, that they just want to throw away as a treat, for a disabled old lady…? No, I dont expect to get crushed in the rush!

OK, for those with expectations of an actual music video, here it is. Guess this is what I’d love to do with said ‘Iron Lady’ suit, lol?

Hang on, interview booked already?

To be honest, this job hunting game can be highly frustrating at times. You apply for jobs you’re perfectly qualified for, and hear nothing. So fine, I suspect, even though officially they shouldnt be doing so, my age sometimes comes into play, and thats why I hear nothing back.

There are also more than a few agencies that dont realise they are meant to get back to you in the first place. I’ve been messed about by so many, from all levels from a total waste of time and effort (including the ones behind that 1 week course I had to do, none of the agencies involved would get more than a 1 out of 10 for, and be lucky to get that, to those that I suspect just want to get their number count up, by registering you, and no more. Others will contact you, but I’ve known a couple who have taken over a month to do so, by which time I’ve assumed nothing will happen. Given that one of those was the “assessment from hell”, I might have been better off if they hadnt!

So, on Monday morning, about 8.30, when I sent off an application for another Customer Services Advisor job, I did it with little expectation of results. In fact within an hour, not only had I had a reply, and sent back an email, an interview was booked for Tuesday afternoon! Wow!

Alright, the interview didnt go totally according to plan. I did the form filling, a literacy test, and a group roleplay thing, just fine. There should then have been a typing test, and a 1 to 1 interview, but seemingly the room for the test had been double booked. So now I’m waiting to hear when I’m going back in! Ah well…its not the same agency that moves mountains in under an hour, so we will see!

Seriously, the speed it was going, I was expecting to be the ‘office robot’ by today, a personal cheeky comment about the nature of call centres, nothing more, I really should be that lucky to be offered the chrome robot suit to put on, and be integrated into lol! Oh please do, if possible!

Well, this part of the week has livened up, I’m glad to say that now, for the first time in a while, I’ve got a full set of gel nails again. Friday, is my ‘favourite’ day, signing on day at the Job Centre. I’m also getting a massage, and facial, the body really needs both. The former because my knees are objecting to the amount of heeled shoes I’ve been wearing, and my face, just because it needs it! Oh, and in theory, an interview in Leeds! Fingers crossed. Now, if that job really was for a position as office robot, I’d be begging them for the position!

Alright, the musical entertainment relates to the office robot comment, a song from when I was a child