She ain’t heavy, she’s my robot.

OK, fine, the title is a gender play on the actual song in the video. And the last part is more about me being wishful, than expectant! I was surprised that not only had I not used this song, I hadnt used the group either, before, an omission on my part, for sure.

Alright, given my current circumstances, and the growing ponderous state of my finances, I admit to some amusement when I saw this meme posted on Facebook a few days ago.


And before anyone goes checking my Facebook account linked to this blog, you wont find it, its on my personal one! So this, and on Facebook, and Twitter, is your first chance to put yourselves forward lol. Hopefully I wont need to do this, but the day is getting closer when it might need to happen, and its handy to know who your friends are! I might just put it up on social media outlets, that its not already appeared on, just out of curiosity, to see what happens, but anyway. For those of you who come here, other than through social media, this might be your only chance!

What didnt surprise me (especially given the nature of Facebook) is that it attracted lots of likes, but for a while, nothing more. Then a couple of people said they would, and its snowballed a bit since then. Irony, most of them are in the US, so it seems I really need to get that passport here before the cash is too far gone. But anyway…No, I dont know how many would actually do it, if push came to shove, though I know of one at least, who definitely would. Him, he’d probably help to bail me the money, if I needed it, but he is someone truly special.

And before you ask, yes, I’m prepared to do as much as I can to help whoever would put me up, though obviously at my age, with my current strength limitations, there are limits to what I could actually do. Heavy lifting is out, for sure! Mind, if someone wants me to be, or act as a robot for them, then fine, I’d love that! But as a human, I’d do the best I could!

So, if there are any offers, I might appreciate them in a few weeks time, if things dont work out, just saying…

The video. Yes, as you might have gathered, its a black and white oldie, of a great British group. And as I say, there’s a clue in the blog title!

Dream a little dream, of a Hollywood home

Firstly, let me thank Elaine, for being the only person to give me a suggestion for this blog, very much appreciated. Well, someone did say they’d go with the flow, but…

I would love to read more about your dream to live in Hollywood

Being honest, unless I win a very large amount in the lottery, or I find the right man, or woman, this is likely, sadly, to only ever remain a dream. Well, I suppose Bernie Sanders could become President, change the Immigration rules dramatically, but…No, the latter at least isnt likely to happen. I still need to be convinced the US people would make Bernie President, but I’d love it to happen. But fine, this isnt about politics tonight, its about a home in Hollywood.

Yes, I would love to live in Hollywood, but why? In a sense, LA is the sort of place that shouldnt appeal to me, especially Hollywood, as that is even more glitzy, but there is something I love about the place. Fine, that adorable little apartment I spent most of October in, probably plays a part, but even before then, I’d fallen in love with the town.

I’m pretty sure that being a lover of Silent, and Golden Era movies helps with my love of the place, and with good reason. But yes, that definitely makes me feel at home there, knowing the history of the place, even if it is far more modern now. And all those tours, they go to the homes of the modern stars, not the ones I love, but anyway…

The irony is, I think my lifestyle, if I lived there, would be more Clara Johnson, than Jean Harlow! Yes, it might be fun living in style like that, but in truth, I’d be far more comfortable living my quiet life around town, working as a bit part actress (like Clara), or just in an office, or a shop, I’d fit in more with the girl who worked hard, without ever really being noticed, by those who matter.

Thats right, no big mansion for me. A nice little apartment, with one decent bedroom, and I’d be in heaven. If it was somewhere like Beachwood Canyon, where I could see the famous Hollywood sign, even better. That studio apartment on Verbena was cute, but a studio apartment, as your main home, maybe a little small, even for me! Though fine, my own little place, anywhere in town, wonderful.

Yes, working in, or around the movies would be fun. I’ve written plenty of short stories, but thats it. I havent acted in years either, so all in all…But yes, any little job, working in and around, the bustle of Hollywood, I’d love it. No, I’m pretty sure there are no openings for middle aged Jean Harlow lookalikes! Could do Mae West, I guess? 😉

So yes, unless I find a partner, or money, I fear this will never be anything more than a dream. But I’d love the opportunity to prove myself wrong. But as things stand, I’m not likely to get work over there, so I’ll just have to live the dream, and no more?

The video, all about dreaming, from a California lady who died far too young. No, not Jean, before you ask!

Finally, let me close by wishing all my readers a Happy New Year for 2016, and hope its a good time for you. Me, I’ll be trying to make it that way, I hope!

A Week On My Own

Well, as from tomorrow morning, this place is going to be quieter for a week, with just me kicking around, at least when I’m not at work. Not strictly true, there will be 2 noisy, always hungry cats to keep me company, but no other people here. Why, the other 3 are off to Cyprus for a week.

No, it wont make a lot of difference to my personal lifestyle, beyond the fact of having to cook, and wash up for myself, as there is no point using the dishwasher for one person, believe me. Oh, and having to remember to set, and unset the alarm every time I go in and out of here!

Much though I live a pretty solitary existence, with my own separate living room and things, I still get to hear other people moving around the house in the background, and if I feel the need for talk, then someone’s there. For the next week, it will just be the cats, and even if they could talk, the chance of intelligent conversation with our two, would be pretty much zero anyway!

But no, nothing exciting or wild is likely to happen, just not my scene. Mind, for the first 4 days there would be no chance of it anyway, working varying silly shifts at work!

Other exciting news? I dont know if it was related to Thursday night, and all that standing for 4 hours, but my right knee decided to give way for a few moments last night, proving just what a frail, middle aged human I am. Yes, both knees have seen a ‘few’ surgeries in their time, a very good reason why I never wear anything that doesnt cover my knees. Yes, I have skirts, shorts and a swimsuit that doesnt fit that bill, but beyond the logic that swimsuits dont cover knees, I have no idea why! At least when I’m in the water, no one can see my knees, I guess?

Dont worry, it seems fine now, seems only to have been a momentary thing, though I will need to keep an eye on it for now. It might have been the pavement (I was jogging for the bus at the time), but it didnt feel that way. Ah well, I’m getting old, but I’m hanging on for cybernetic knee joint replacements lol, so…

The video, no relevance at all, just something you should see, and listen to if you havent already