A bad day for actresses?

To be fair, I wouldnt even get close to either of these in terms of ability, and I suspect that if you take any date on the calendar that you could find famous actresses passing away, but for me at least, and my tastes, August 8th is not a great date. Still, as long as I get through the next 4 1/2 hours…? 15 years ago today, and covered a lot more in my other blog, Fay Wray passed away. Mind, given she was born in 1907, and survived until 2004, she did pretty well for someone that groped by a gorilla lol. Maybe it was the time in the wax museum that preserved her, lol?

19 years earlier, Louise Brooks also passed away on the 8th August in Rochester, New York. The funny thing was, as got discussed earlier today, until just more than 2 years earlier I’d lived in Rochester, though the UK one, and had lived there for over 20 years, not the one in northern New York state. But now, the most recently visited one is the New York one. The subject came up earlier today in one of the Louise Brooks groups I’m a member of, when a poster from the UK version of Rochester posted about her death, mentioning the town connection.

Of course, in my time, I’ve not only visited the other Rochester (the US one), I’ve also visited Cherryvale too. Not yet got to Wichita (home there is demolished anyway), but other than that, completed the circle.

So yes, if I never post again, then maybe I was the 3rd to die on August 8th, though technically, on the 19 year thing, I’ve got 4 years to go, lol?

OK, video time. No, its not the obvious Pandora’s Box, nor is it Sweet Louise (because I cant find a video version, just audio), but still gone with the New Seekers, all the same.

Cincinnati, never really noticed you before

Let me just say that anyone that knows this song is at least as old as me, and must have been a fan of this group, given this was the B side of one of their early hits. And sadly, thats why I cant find a ‘live’ video of it, I guess?

Most of the PR stuff I’ve seen coming out of the NFL this season, especially fan wise, has not been pretty, so I thought I’d better mention this, to try and balance the books. At the weekend, was the final week of the regular season. Remarkably, after 17 years of playoff frustration, Buffalo were still in contention for a place. Admittedly, a couple of results had to go their way, one of which involved them winning, which they did, but with a few minutes to go in other games, it was not going to be enough to break that jinx.

Why, because Baltimore were winning, Tennessee had already won, and if things stayed that way, then those 2 teams were going into the playoffs, and Buffalo would miss out yet again. But then, in Baltimore, the Cincinnati quarterback, Andy Dalton threw up a pass, someone caught it, scored a touchdown, took the lead, and suddenly Buffalo were in the playoffs! Yes, delighted, but thats not what this is all about.

You see, Andy Dalton, and his wife have set up a foundation that donates money to childrens causes in both Cincinnati, and the Fort Worth area (which I assume is where he is from?), and all of a sudden, some grateful Buffalo fans started making donations to it, mainly $17 (relating to the years of hurt), and then it all went viral! As of earlier today, grateful Buffalo fans (and possibly players, officials, and owners?) have donated over $200,000 to his foundation!

And all because of one pass, from a player on a team for whom victory wasnt going to change anything, but now… a lot of children will be very grateful to him for doing it. A moment that has turned into a wonderful story.

OK, the video, or tonight, the non video, of a moving kind at least. This 1971 B side seemed the most obvious song to use, somehow!

I’d like to buy the world a Coke

No, seriously, I dont, I couldnt afford it at present, but its a tribute to one of those moments when you know you’re getting old.

Back in 1970, a catchy advert jingle came on TV, and yes, you’ve guessed what the product was, from the title of the blog, coca cola. I’m guessing, from the nature of the advert, and everything else, that it started off in the US, and spread to the UK, because it was catchy, and successful.

So, the inevitable happened, the 30 second/1 minute jingle ad, got turned into a standard length single. Well, I say standard length, said single was still only just over two and a quarter minutes long, but long enough to release on to the music market. The thing was, it wasnt the original jingle singers that made the record. It was made by a pretty well unknown (at the time, at least) British group called the New Seekers. Anyway, the rest, as they say was history, it went to the top of the UK charts, seemingly stayed there forever, and all that.

So why am I mentioning this today, you ask? Well, the man who created the original jingle died yesterday at the age of 89. So yes, given this was written when he was 43, and I heard it at the age of 12, I’m feeling rather old today.

Yes, the video is the obvious one, the single version, created from that famous advert

Oh, and in another sense of feeling old today, the job thing. I guess I sort of knew it might not be easy finding a new job in my late fifties, but I never expected this. The last couple of weeks, even the contacts back from agencies, and companies, to my application have slowed down dramatically. So yes, I’m feeling old, and depressed, in that sense too. Anyone, anywhere, want to make me feel younger again, please?

A pair of vintage glasses

Yes, I’ve finally done it, only about 15 months late, I’ve put in for an eye test! Needed doing for several reasons, in all honesty.

Firstly, I know my eyesight has deteriorated again, I’ve long since needed reading glasses for close up stuff, but my regular pair are getting less good, for slightly further afield, and lets face it, I’m getting old, and my eyes are going.

Secondly, the anti glare reflection stuff on these has well and truly worn off, leaving a bit of a smear on the glasses, so they need changing anyway, regardless of any sight issues.

So I gave in tonight, and booked it, even though it will not be until after pay day on Friday, I am that practical! Mind, there is also the fact that the only other day off I have before then, is Thursday, when I’m getting my hair done, and nails too. But, in the near future, new glasses.

And before you ask, no, the glasses, or the frames are not genuine vintage, just a modern take on them. Of course, the fun challenge was, finding a pair that look like they are from the 30’s though. And lets face it, Jean Harlow never wore glasses, did she?

Wrong, though this may have been an absolute one off, in a radio station studio

Jean in glasses

And so, when I found this pair at Specsavers…


Well, they make a pretty good match, dont you think?

As Specsavers do 2 for 1 at this price level, I might get a more modern second pair, or another vintage style look, I will have to wait and see.

The blessing today, over lenses back then, they are no longer glass! So yes, I might really look like a certain 30’s movie star when I hit Hollywood lol!

The video, what my optical look will be doing, going back in time

I’m going back!

One thing I’ve never been sure on, is how wise it is to go back to somewhere special, after a really long period of time? I know I went back to Rochester last year, after 26 years, and Richmond, after 13, but neither held any great emotional attachment for me, in that sense at least. So that is a bit different to what I’m doing this year.

And seriously, even though I have contemplated the idea of returning to Yeovil, in Somerset, where I lived and worked for 16 years, a couple of times, in all honesty, I’ve decided I dont want to do it. As for returning to the Medway Towns, in Kent, where I lived for 20 odd years, until I fled the nest at 25, absolutely no chance, the thought holds no appeal whatsoever. The funny thing is, the Grammar School I went to, holds a special day each year, on the first Saturday in July, and given this marks the 40th anniversary of my departure, it would be a nice landmark visit, but I just think it would all be too strange somehow.

But despite all this, I’m going back to Jersey this year on holiday, after more than 30 years, and yes, there was a romantic attachment of sorts, way back when, though I’m not saying with which gender. The first time I stayed at this hotel (its no longer there, by the way), I got on well with one of the members of staff, and over the next couple of years, lets just say I spent a few holidays at that hotel, and leave it at that! 😉 I know its over 30 years, because I moved to Somerset in ’83, and it was over by then. And no, never been back since. But in May, I’m going back!

Seriously, I dont expect to recognise much, if anything, and as I say, the hotel that was my island landmark is long gone. I cant remember how I found out, but I did a few years ago, anyway. And as to where ‘that person’ is, no idea, havent heard from them in over 30 years, since we drifted apart, probably not still in Jersey, for all I know. But, will it all seem like a new place to me now, I would imagine St Helier has changed dramatically since then, or am I going to find places that I remember from back then? Who knows, I dont! But, its going to be the first time that I go back, after a very long time, to somewhere that was special in my life, and I have no idea what its going to be like. Interesting though, I suspect, for sure.

Oh, and a landmark for today, for those who care, and I do, for an obvious reason, happy birthday, Kansas. 153 years ago today, it became a fully fledged state of the USA.

The video, not quite that old, but it is nearly 40 years old, all the same.

My Sweet Louise

Its just as well that I know much of my readership here emanates from the MC Garden, because in all honesty, anyone visiting this who isnt a member there isnt going to know what I’m talking about!

Almost a year ago, the Garden came under attack from some bots, or whatever, the end result of which was some attempted password cracking to try and gain entry. In the end, the Garden won, I’m pleased to say. The thing was, I amongst a small number of people was one of those whose password they were trying to crack. Ended up having to change my name from the traditional one of Robotunit8, and thats how Stevie Nicks came into existence, a play on my own name, with dry comments relating to the far more famous pop star of that name. I didnt change the famous robot style avatar though, that at least survived, even if the name no longer truly matched it.

And yes, Kris did come up with a new avatar image for me shortly after, still with a degree of robot relation, but more fitting into the new me. And now, it might finally get used, well assuming I dont like the current one too much that is! Which, well…its growing on me already.

No, I havent finally (after nearly 54 years of life) totally outgrown the whole robotisation thing, though its fair to say that for a few years now, its been much less of a priority in my life. Still fancy doing a major transformation scene, still holds some appeal, but its not as big a thing as it used to be.

Some may have noticed in recent months a new, interesting development. Blame Fembotheather and her avatars, blame a certain OMD video, or a combination of both, but a certain amazing lady from the 20’s has began to play more of a role in my life. Hey, despite unofficially being retired from story writing, ‘she’ convinced me to write one indirectly about her! It seems to have been recieved quite well, despite some gaps between chapters, because of, you guessed it, getting time to write! If anyone hasnt worked out who that is (and I’m not sure how if you havent!), her name is Mary Louise Brooks, though many just know her as Louise, and probably only know about her because of OMD, and the Pandoras Box video. Alright, if it wasnt for Heather, and Andy McCluskey, I wouldnt know much about her either, I suspect.

So anyway, getting to the point. We had another “minor hiccup” at the Garden a few days back, and 1 or 2 decided to go into “alternate universe” mode, as some did a year ago, when name changes were more critical. I wasnt going to join in, but then, the idea of paying tribute to Louise for a short while, combined with the overdue change of an avatar, well I joined in!

So now at the Garden, for a while at least, I’m known as Merry Brooks, a neat alliteration you have to admit? And a new avvie, a lovely picture of her. To be honest, it suits perfectly, though my fringe isnt as strong as hers, and my hair is blonde, but minor points… Apart from that, it fits me so well that I’m tempted to stick with the pic (sorry Kris) even after I change the name back at some point soon.

The Forum still knows me as Robotunit8 lol, name changes arent so easily done over there. If it wasnt that I liked the avvie there still, I’d be tempted to use Kris’s there, and might yet. But that avvie there is more like a download than anything else, and that might be Louise being downloaded into my mind, I should be so lucky!

Alright, I’ll bring this marathon post to an end in the usual way, a music video. I would love to have found the original New Seekers version of this, but it wasnt to be, mainly I suspect because it was only a B side, and album track for them, and it was 40 years ago! But I found this, so…