Diversity inclusive adverts

I’m not normally a big one for adverts, but this one, from the behemoth that is Amazon has just amused me enough to feature it tonight. Fine, it helps I’m lacking for material for this blog, but anyway…

As someone who used to be a passable, but lazy cook, this catches my eye. Yes, I wouldnt have a clue where to start in cooking duck, but besides that… I certainly couldnt now, anyway, Alexa would have to cook it entirely now, as I am now down to basics like putting ready meals, or pizzas into an oven, and in truth was before the seizures, but most definitely am now. Yes, seriously, a Stepford wife cooking download is now a must, lol. Well, full Stepford Wife makeover ideally, but if anyone wants me to cook like an angel, that would be a must.

Given I dont know if this advert is seen outside the UK, or not, lets go it briefly. We see her getting dinner ready for her love, that night, clearly for a date. Duck gets overdone, so the trendy young millennial calls her dad for cooking advice. At this point let me say I dont know if he’s some random dad, a famous cook, or whatever? Fine, I have no idea if she’s anything more than ‘random actress’ either, in truth.

Where the fun starts for me of course, is once the new meal is prepared, and the door bell rings. He asks his name, she hastily, says thanks, and gets Alexa to end the conversation. Look at the screen at the end, it says ‘Dinner with Sam’. Now is she being evasive because she doesnt want dad to know who it is regardless, or is it because Sam isnt a he, and how dad might react to that? Sam, Samantha, after all?

Of course, unless Amazon ever make a follow up ad, which I suspect they never will, we will never know.Β  Fine, I know, its only a LGBT person who might think too deeply about this, though the video comments clearly show I’m not the first, all the same.

So what do you reckon about Sam? Male? Female? Who cares? Regardless, for those who’ve seen the ad, you’ve got a quick pass tonight. For those who havent, what do you think?

Got a feeling the beagle ain’t fooling!

Also known as the moment when a suspicion of mind control happens in a TV advert?

We all know by now that most TV adverts are bland, boring, and unless you’re forced to watch them, something to avoid. And generally, you’re right! I have to say this advert amuses me though, because though any mind control is purely suggested, the end result of the advert does suggest that maybe that cute little beagle really has got mind control powers.

Notice: I know this works in the UK, where probably most people who know it, have already seen it. Given the copyright on such matters, I have no idea if it will work in the rest of the world

In case it doesnt, the premise is the selling of life assurance, and the end play is the beagle staring at the women in the advert until she actually buys some, saying its a no brainer. Question is, is that a free will choice, or because her brain has come under the influence of the dog, hmm?

I must say, that at the moment, due to the fact I’m working, and the in work death payment would more than cover my funeral, and I quite literally have no family, that beagle wouldnt work, staring at me, unless he really had mind control powers, and lets face it, I’d enjoy that way too much!

If anyone can suggest other ads that have an element of potential mind control to them, please let me know, and ideally post a You Tube link (if there is one) for my amusement. But until then…

OK, video time. A golden oldie, and yes, Miss Johnson is in the chorus line here, see if you can spot her! No, she’s not one of those that the guy jumps over, literally, if that helps. But yes, I’ve got a feeling that beagle isnt fooling, so… Oh, and if anyone wants to provide me with a copy of June Knight’s dress…Yes please!

I will always love you?

Or an alternate title might be, this is the script that no actress would ever expect to see. Oh, technically its a story, but yes, its done as a script for an infomercial, which was probably far funnier for me, as an actress, than it might be for many!

For those sensitive types, yes, there is an incest tag, some very mild stuff between mother and daughter. Note, I’m not a fan of incest, even in fictional theory, but its so minor in this, I could live with it. But lets just say, you’re warned!

No, I’ve never seen a script like this in my acting career, hardly likely I suppose, given that most of my work has been in small/medium parts in theaters, and a few small (or smaller) parts on TV. But yes, I’ve seen those type of commercials, especially in the US, and I roared with laughter reading this, knowing what they’re like.

Thankfully, or otherwise, I’m now too old for a script like this. Yes, it wouldnt work with someone who is nearly 60, lets face it! But fine, I couldnt resist posting this, just because its so much of an actress/actor type piece, and gave me a fit of the giggles accordingly. Yes, we are a weird, perverse bunch of people, believe me! πŸ˜‰

Right, the video. I know, everyone says this is Whitney Houston’s song, and I guess, in a sense nowadays, it is. But Dolly Parton wrote it, Dolly sang it originally, and so, in terms of educating my readers, take a listen to her version, OK? Because if you dont, I might set those Lovelock people on you, OK? πŸ˜‰

Here comes the bride?

No, dont panic, not for real, definitely not yet, and probably never, in all truth. But getting to dress up as a bride, well, I would say it was unlikely, but you never know. When I got home from work on Friday evening, a friend on Twitter had let me know about this link.

Or for those of you who like the information in easy form

For this campaign, we are looking to cast a transgender woman, around 21-50 years old, to portray our bride. This spot tells the story of a bride on her wedding day and captures the power of optimism in a real, bright, sometimes heavy, but mostly positive way. This is an acting role (not portraying yourself) so there may be some dialogue required. We’re looking for someone who is dynamic, interesting and able to give us real emotion and a genuine, loving smile. Ideally someone with a story to tell, optimistic light inside, expressive eyes and has acting ability. Script can be provided upon request

Fine, strictly I dont fit into that age range, but everyone tells me I dont look my age, and I’m told my smile is good, so I’ve given it a go, and sent off an application, selling myself accordingly. The money is good ($4500, plus travel costs), the filming is in LA, so what more could I ask? The obvious answers, to have acted more recently, to be a bit, if not a lot younger (I’m sure they are ideally seeking someone nearer the lower end of that age range), but what the hell, if you dont try, you dont know, and as a few friends have said to me, I’m only going to hear the answer “No” at worst. In fact, its what I’m expecting, but if it enables me to get a foot in the door, who knows?

But no, I havent yet looked to see if the Dodgers are at home at all, during filming dates, for some strange reason lol. Though fine, if by some miracle it does happen, I sure will! Knowing my luck, they wont be, but anyway…when I’m a star of multiple TV ads, and living in town, stop laughing, I’m very much only joking now!

I must admit, despite being horribly independent nowadays, I’ve always dreamed of wearing a wedding dress, since the first day I knew I wanted to become a woman, back in 2001, but never imagined it happening. It almost certainly wont, but maybe, just maybe?

The video. Massive clue in the blog title, this time. I know, shock horror…

There are some shocking adverts about

The only snag with this, is that I have no idea if this advert is also inflicted on my North American friends, or not? Given its for an I-Phone, I’m suspecting it is, but anyway…

In terms of product placement, with me at least, they’re wasting their time. Like all good 30’s girls, I have no need for, or desire to own said product. Indeed, in terms of this country at least, I’m the perfect 30’s girl, I dont have a working mobile phone.

So why this piece, simple. Over here, on many of the lesser cable stations, the variety of adverts is very limited, so this one gets played a lot on ESPN, where I get my baseball fix. Thankfully we only get about a minute of this crazy song, but some would say thats more than enough.

But anyway, it got into my head, so I did this thoroughly modern thing (I know, not the perfect 30’s girl, but…If I didnt, you wouldnt get this!) of investigating the song on Google. So I discovered its someone called Robert Preston, dates to 1961, and was part of JFK’s plan to get Americans fit! Ah well, looking around today…oops!

Seriously, its driving me nuts, and I hope this campaign doesnt run much longer.

But just to annoy my readers (though take my advice, dont play it), here is a longer version than the ad

Just be grateful I didnt punish you with all 6 and a half minutes of it! πŸ˜›