Grease – Love, or Mind Control?

Yes, feel free to treat this as a tongue in cheek piece if you desire, but just hear me through.

So we get this movie, with the female lead, the ultimate good girl. So sweet and pure that you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from her glowing halo. Then one man turns her into a leather wearing sex kitten, all supposedly for love. Or given the favourite genre of these pieces, was it mind control?

No, I dont seriously think it was, but you have to admit it, the changes in Sandy are pretty dramatic to say the least! And you cant really say its compromise, Danny doesnt really change at all, lets face it! So why, maybe it was love, or was it that Danny changed her, hmm?

Yes, as you might have guessed, its a movie I loved, so many good songs that have stood the test of time, and all that. And OK, I quite enjoy Sandy’s new look, well, other than the cigarettes at least! Vile product, not saying any more! But those trousers, drool…The other interesting point, if it was just love, is the general change in Sandy. Originally, as in this video, she’s Miss goodytwo shoes, and at that stage, pretty submissive in nature. By the time of Summer Loving, that look, and attitude is about as Domme as it gets!

So, was it really just love, or something more? 😉

The video, Olivia Newton John, in cute mode, though I’m sure the leather look wouldnt be hard to find on You Tube, should you wish to do so? 😉

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Yes, a holiday piece lol.

Funny point, i’ve been to Buffalo once before, but never during daytime, and that was 25 years ago. Confused? its a long story.

It was 1988, my first ever trip to the US, with my partner of the time. We were over there, seeing her aunt in New England, and doing a tourist holiday combined. Anyway, one weekend, we decided we were going to head up to Niagara, just so we could say we’d been there. The silly thing, we didnt realise it was a US Bank Holiday weekend, looking at the dates this year, it must have been Labor Day weekend, I cant see any other it could have been.

Well, anyway, approaching Rochester (yes, there’s an irony), we decided it was about time to stop for the day. Thats when we discovered it was a Bank holiday weekend, all the hotels were full! Well, all the budget ones we tried were at least. We did do a brief trip down to see the lake, before heading on, thinking we’d soon find somewhere for the night. We didnt!

Eventually, after a couple of uncomfortable hours trying to sleep in the car, we ended up in Buffalo about 2 in the morning. A couple of coffees, and a quick walk round town later, we headed off to Niagara, arriving there about 6 in the morning. It was deserted, and no one manning the car park entrance. So we saw Niagara for free, and I got to see Bruce Smith (Bills star of the time) working out in the park! Finally, we had breakfast, confirmed there were no late returns for the Bills game, and started to head back, by passing Buffalo this time around. Finally, late lunchtime, we stopped, exhausted at a hotel on I-90, somewhere near Rochester, and crashed until the next morning. Well, she did, I watched the Bills match on TV, and then crashed until the morning lol!

So yes, 4 weeks from now, I’m planning a day trip to Buffalo, and I do mean daytime! It will have changed dramatically since then for sure, and beyond the tramway/railway running through the city, I dont remember a thing anyway. But yes, it will be a sweet memory, shuffling back to Buffalo after all this time, even if only for a day.

This is one of the changes to the original plans to this trip, I was originally going to stay in Buffalo, and visit Rochester instead. This was because someone I know through the forums was living near there, but he then moved back to Alabama, so I moved my base to Rochester instead.

Hey, the video! Well its only 80 years old lol, but that probably makes it about right for me? So, as I will be doing (though not married), they are shuffling off to Buffalo!

A little bit of leather

Yes, before anyone mentions it, I know, I still owe a picture of me in a latex skirt. And equally seriously, yes, it really is down to a pretty crazy work life at present which is why it hasnt got taken. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday I can find time, if things remain calm, and nothing unexpected crops up. Like another 8-12 inches of snow lol! Seriously, a first today, I didnt get to work because of the weather, combination of both buses and trains failing to perform in all honesty, for various reasons.

Unfortunately it meant I got some practice at what it must be like to compete in the Iditarod, ploughing through the snow both into, and out of town, and all in the end, for nothing. Ah well…No, I wont be entering the Iditarod though, I know that was a stroll in the park compared to what they do, and that was bad enough at my age.

But enough about that, for now at least. Yes, I know, I mentioned leather, and you dont think I mean the purse in my handbag either, do you? And you’d be right, I didnt. Blame, or thank my friend Heather, depending on how you feel on this matter. Over at the MC Garden, we have a picture thread for the delights of bikers, principally female, and ideally wearing leather. Well today, she posted a series of videos there dedicated to that matter. And seeing how good I am to my readers, I’m reposting one of them here.

I guess the fact that she’s blonde, wearing a full leather suit, and its dated helps for me, you can tell its dated by the cars in it, if nothing else. The song, well thats slightly newer, from the 70’s, but very apt. No, I havent got a leather suit like that one, but if anyone wants to get me one, I’m open to offers. But I have got a few pairs of leather trousers, and a leather skirt, and a leather look skirt, so…you get my drift? 😉 But due to balance issues, the only way you will get me on a motorbike is balanced on the back, clinging on to someone in front of me, so…mmm?

Oh, and one last snippet about the artist, Chris Spedding. This might be remembered as his biggest hit, but its far from the case. Anyone remember that legendary pop group, The Wombles? Well yes, he was one of the guitarists in that group, and often seen performing in that large furry outfit!

So enjoy the leather look here, and if someone asks nicely, maybe I can get a pic done of me in leather trousers. Or is that thought just too scary for you lol?

If you want that outfit, you need to get it for me lol!

Fields Of Dreams

Yes, I know, it hardly seems yesterday that San Francisco beat Detroit in the World Series, but its nearly baseball season time again! 12 days from now, we start with an all Texas, American League deby match, though given the actual distance between Houston and Dallas, I’m not if it truly counts as a local derby or not? Given the size of the US, my vote is yes. Funnily enough, its the first time this has happened, as due to the realignment over the winter, Houston is now in the American league west, instead of the National league central.

The biggest difference this will make all season long, is in inter league play. Up to now, the NL was 16 teams strong, the AL had 14 teams, and beyond a few wild weeks spread through the season, they never met, until the World Series. Most rules are the same, its just the AL dont ask their pitchers to bat (rarely a pretty sight), and use a designated hitter instead. The NL however insists on the pitcher batting, which rarely amounts to much! I cant find any other differences to be honest, so that may well be it?

But this year, with 15 teams in each league, these inter conference games will go on throughout the year. The ruling is, in AL stadiums, you play by their rules, and the same in the NL, playing by their rules. It will probably be chaos at times lol!

This year again, I wont see an MLB game live, this year I know that before I go. I will see plenty (hopefully) on ESPN America over here, and maybe 1 or 2 in the US, but that will be it. But, weather permitting, I will see a baseball game live, though one level down, in Rochester next month. The one thing I’ve really noticed, the prices! Seriously, I’ve generally paid $20-25 for one of the lower grade seats (all said though, still with a decent view) in an MLB stadium, the premium seats at Rochester are just $12! I know, its not the big names, but even so…I just hope they arent rained, or even snowed off, but that seems my only concern. Hey, at those prices, I could go twice! Oh, that is all the homes games I could go to, they are away the rest of the time I’m there.

The video, well I could do ‘Take me out to the ballpark’, but I’ve done it before. So lets pick a song that at least has ‘fields of’ in the title, and sung by a wonderful singer, not truly recognised until after her death sadly, and even then, more over here than in her native US. So for those of you who have never heard of the late Eva Cassidy, listen and learn.

I’ll meet you at…

Well, according to the video, it would be at midnight, but as I’m generally sound asleep in bed by then, earlier might be wiser lol. Might make an exception for a robotising scientist I guess, but otherwise, forget it!

Yes, its that delicious irony, all those people on the forums that I’ve spoken to for years, and I’ve met 2! Thats probably 2 up on many, but in a way, its a shame. Alright, in real life, there are probably a few I wouldnt want to meet, but equally there are several that I would love to do just that with. There is one other I might have met, though without knowing it, but in all honesty, thats not really the same thing.

Twist my arm, and say I could meet one, well, it would have to be a certain amazing lady up in Vermont. No, I’m not going to name her, she will know who she is, and a few close mutual friends will too, so lets leave it at that. There are a number of others as well, but as I say, if forced to pick one…Clearly there is one other I would love to have met, but never will in this world now, she died just over 2 years ago now, and again close friends will know who I mean.

Funnily enough, thats one number that I cant see changing this year, unless that certain Vermont lady does take up on my invitation to meet at a certain graveside next month in Rochester, which really would be the perfect place for us to do so. However, given her health issues, and her privacy in such matters, I wont be waiting there for her. I might be meeting up with one of those people again in September, but it will be next month, or thereabouts before I know that for sure.

And to think, at one point I was quite nervous myself about meeting forum friends, but that has changed now I’ve taken that first step. Mind, they are both my sort of age range, which probably helped, I might find some of the younger folk a bit too lively for me lol!

And so to the video, where for some the age of the song may mean the title isnt as much of a giveaway as usual. But this is one of my favourites from a great Yorkshire group, I hope you like it too

Happy birthday!

Yes, unoriginal title on a day like today, and yes, its a dead giveaway as to what the video is at least, or should be.

The funny thing is, at the Garden at least, where most of the birthday activity is, in terms of posting, where relevant, all the postings seem to focus on the old robot me, and not on the new flapper version. Not that I mind, James posted a delicious poem, and I still love the robot related pictures, but at the same time, I would have loved at least one to have picked up on the new me when posting.

Oh, the day, quiet, just the way I wanted it to be. Have been out for a meal this evening, but thats as lively as it has got. My main present, the one to me, from me. The fact that 5 weeks from now, I will be in New York State, heading for Rochester, and my weeks holiday. What the weather holds, is anybody’s guess I gather up there, at that time of year. But heading to ‘Louise Brooks’ territory will be special for me, whatever the weather.

No, I dont imagine I will dress flapper style while there, not that it wouldnt be fun. But the flapper era was long over by the time she moved there anyway. Low heels, quite possibly, flapper dress, I suspect not lol. But more on all that nearer the time, when I have a better idea what the weather will be like.

The video, as I said, yes, its the obvious one

Theres no place like Nome

No, I’m not going to publish my story of the same name here, not unless I get a rush of demand at least. But for some mushers at present, there will be no place like Nome, because it marks the end of the Iditarod race across Alaska, and for the leaders at least, it will end at some point tomorrow. For others, its going to be a few days yet before they see the Burled Arch that marks the finish, though barring calamities, it does look like everyone will be finished before the Celebration Dinner on Sunday at least.

At about the time of posting (9.10 pm gmt), the 2 leaders will be starting out on that last 77 mile run to Nome within the next half hour, probably about 13 minutes apart. How can I tell this? Simple, when they reach the White Mountain checkpoint, its a compulsory 8 hour stopover for everybody. In fact the 3rd, Jeff King is only just about an hour and a half behind Mitch Seavey, and Ally Zirkle, and though its unlikely he can catch them, you can just never tell. Yes, a woman in second place, and before you sound amazed at that, she finished second last year too. In fact, she must be sick of racing the Seavey family, it was Dallas who beat her last year!

I’d love to see her win, but in all honesty, in my eyes, they are all winners for doing what they do, under incredible circumstances, and low temperatures. But in the end, its those amazing doggies that put in so much effort, without them the mushers wouldnt get far. Oh, and before any animal cruelty people throw up hands, again this year, not one dog has died during the race as yet, and touch wood it stays that way.

So in tribute to them, and what the leaders will be doing shortly, we come to the video. No, Nome isnt home strictly, just the end of the race, but the sentiment is there.