They call it madness?

To be fair, my knowledge of, and interest in college basketball is pretty much zero. I like my football, I love my baseball, and I can abide ice hockey. But basketball, really no interest, full stop. And thats the Pro stuff! College sports, it really is only football that I follow, in truth.

So yes, when it comes to March, and the fuss that is nowadays the final 68, known as March Madness, you think I’d ignore it completely, right? Wrong! It seems every year I talk myself into doing brackets, both at CBS, and over on the MC Forums, even when my knowledge of what is going on, or has been going on, is less than zero! Frighteningly, I tend to do quite well, which only proves that its an absolute lottery, lets face it!

My limited range of support rests on the 3 colleges from Kansas, and thats really it. This year, I’m told, Kansas State are on the bubble to get in, hope they do, but will find out for sure later today. Yes, they arent as good at basketball, as at football! Silly though, Kansas are dreadful at football, but one of the best in the nation at basketball, so you tell me! The 3rd Kansas team, Wichita State dont even play football, but are quite decent at basketball.

No, I have no plans to do anything more than make selections, pick brackets, and that will be it. Watch matches, you must be joking! But yes, like so many Americans, I’ll be selecting teams, only in my case, they wont mean a thing to me!

So yes, its Madness in more than one sense for me!

The video sums it up perfectly, its a group called Madness, singing a song called Madness!

Not driving in my car

Yes, I’m a non driver. Yes, I tried to learn a few times when young, it wasnt good. Lets say it was akin to Jean Harlow’s singing talents, and leave it at that. Yes, seriously that bad. Though to be fair, that was in the days when all cars over here had a manual gearbox. If I’d been in the US, or had a car over here with an automatic gearbox, well, who knows? But it wasnt the case, and I’m not trying again now!

To be fair, most of the jobs I see advertised that are suitable for me, are pretty much city based. I have had a few, where I have missed out on applying for jobs, where the location isnt suitable for a non driver, but there hasnt been many. Yes, one or two I would have liked to have had a go at, but not many. I’ve even considered those, if the bus service was decent, but generally these remoter points, have a bus service to match, not a great one!

Yes, today I saw one, on one of my job seeking emails, for a Customer Service agent, based in Huddersfield. Perfect, I thought, and then I clicked on the link. You had to be a driver, because you might have to go to their other offices, aargh! Still, never mind, I guess I’ll have to get by, all the same. To tell the truth, this looks more like my type of vehicle, and would have no issue with traffic hold ups, for sure!

flying saucer

Yes, sadly, I very much doubt it ever got beyond concept lol!

Oh, and while I’m talking job opportunities, it seems one occurred today that would be perfect for me. Baseball analyst, and commentator, at ESPN. Yes, Curt Schilling got relieved of his duties for some transphobic comments he made. Now, talk about my dream job…and given you’re either in the studios, or flying to a big city? If anyone knows who I send my details to, let me know. Why not, they’re an inclusive employer, so whats wrong with a woman presenting baseball analysis? 😉

Right, the video. Something I dont do, and now am never likely to do.

I cant remember my old name!

OK, maybe thats a slight exaggeration, as today was the day I could finally abandon the pretense of being Stevie Nicholls, at long last. Yes, the final job interview in that name is done, the CV, job email sites, and NI number are all now, or will soon be, in my new name at long last. The passport will now go off tomorrow, as I couldnt face going out again this afternoon, to send it off. I have to go out, and get a couple of small presents tomorrow, so I will do it all then.

Yes, for the first time in just over a month, I only have to concern myself with one name, that being Harlean Carpenter. Hey, I’m even going to start letting people call me Harlean now, if they want to, as I’m not trying to keep the 2 names roughly aligned any more. Now, if anyone can do a mind meld for me, so that the 2 Harlean Carpenter’s can be molded into one, yes, I’d love it. Not going to happen though, is it, sadly.

But if anyone fancies erasing all my memories of my old identity, using this, or any other delicious method, feel free to do so. In fact, please do! Would be the best present I could get!

Mind, I say its just over a month, but in truth, its about 3, in all. Pretty much since I came back from New England, I settled into my new identity, other than when I had to use passport ID! Best night was the night, a friend of mine, introduced me as, and called me Harlean all evening, that was heaven! Thanks so much, Eden!
Yes, I’m really looking forward to that first flight, as Harlean, just so much!

Right, the video. Its where the play on the title of the blog comes from. Yes, I can say it, my name is Harlean Carpenter. And all I wanted was a flight, to Hollywood!

How not to get to work, in one easy lesson!

Honestly, if I never travel with Trans Pennine Express again, after 3 weeks time, it will still be too soon. Though to be fair to them, it would be right to say that today they were only 50% to blame, the other half falling firmly on the shoulders of National Rail.

But, if TPE had been honest on the situation a little earlier, instead of 30 minutes after the train was due, I might have been able to rescue matters. Of course, if I had, you wouldnt be getting this bonus blog rant, so…

So, the story of my morning was as follows…

I left here at 8.30 this morning, to walk across (just under 10 minutes) to where I have to get the bus, when I make an early start on a Sunday morning, as the first bus from the estate is 9.08. As it happens, I could have got the 9.38, but more on that shortly.

The train was due at 9.18. At 9.12, it was showing as on time, quite a rare sight with TPE. But then, it started showing as later, and later, until…at 9.42 an announcement was made. Seemingly, there was a ‘slight’ over run on the engineering works between Manchester and Huddersfield, and to quote the announcer, they had no idea when a train might turn up, but they would let us know later, if, and when one would.

So, I did a rapid dash to a nearby Hills shop, rang work to let them know I wasnt going to be in by 10.00, funnily enough. I went back to the station, nothing had changed. So I gave up the fight, got a bus home, and gave up on the day, and a days wages. I might, even then have got to work very late, with a lift, but blamelessly (not knowing what a joke TPE was today) Nicole had made other plans, so that was that!

I know, I cant blame TPE for over running engineering works, and I dont. But what I can blame them for, is the lack of useful information. All they were doing on the departure board, was every minute, adding another minute to the expected arrival time. In the end, seemingly, the train arrived 61 minutes late! I expect it was ‘slightly crowded’ by then, rolls eyes!

So, TPE, please, just let us passengers, who you rip off so regularly know whats really happening with their trains.

No, given their utter incompetence, its not going to happen!

Yes, the video is dedicated to what I was doing today, waiting for the train that never came!

Her house, in the middle of the street

Oh come on, you know whose house I’m talking about, surely? yes, Louise Brooks, for the 1% who didnt know lol!

Thanks to Google, I’d managed to find the address given for Louise Brooks’s residence in Rochester. If you want to look it up, google it, its not hard to find! Dont try finding the Wichita one though, the house no longer is there. So what did I know, it was an apartment block, and I had the address. Beyond that, not a clue, but I thought there might be a plaque or something at least, to help in the search.

Actually, the search wasnt a hard one, as soon as I turned onto the street, there was a large apartment block there, and I didnt have to be a genius to work out that was the one, it was the only one in the vicinity. But beyond that, any landmark, no, not one. The only sign, one to say not to park in front of the building, and that was it. And certainly no helpful ghostly face looking out of a window either lol! Of course, unless she had one with a front view, she could have been doing so, I wouldnt have seen it.

No, no plaque, or anything. But I knew all the same. Yes, very boring apartment block, with one famous moment in history. Tomorrow, hopefully her grave is better marked than that.

The video, well you might work it out from the title, but if not, see below.