Thoughts inside your head

So, given that tomorrow is going to be a poignant, personal posting, lets focus on science fact today, and all the mind controlling possibilities it brings about.

Earlier this year, someone pointed out this article to me, and it appealed no end, for some strange reason:

I tried a brain-altering wearable that allows users to change their moods on demand

No, not for the benefits it might bring in ending drug dependence issues, and entirely on the fact that it was zapping electricity into the brain, and affecting your moods. Oh, believe me when I say that 100% setting appeals to me no end, and of course I’d love to try 120%, what kind of girl do you think I am, lol? 😉

Well, now it seems that the project has come to reality, as per an article which I saw about this in the last few days

Oh please, I so want to have that zapping things into my mind, so much! Sadly it works on you through a mobile phone app, and as my regular readers will know, I dont bother with such modern devices! But seriously, if anything was going to tempt me to get one, this would be it! Blow making calls, doing text messages, or anything else, I just want a phone, so I can zap my mind (at nice levels), with this lovely device, called Thync.

Yes, I see some irony in the name, given about the one think that you are less likely to be doing while your brain is being electrified this way, is thinking! Hey, with luck (and my mind control kink), the less thinking you can do while wearing this, the better!

Seriously, I’d love to experience this, and not the feeble 20 minute session that the original article mentioned, I want the whole glorious hour, or longer! Oh, purely for beneficial reasons, honestly…I do tend to take some time to go to sleep at night, so using that device to calm me down, and make me all sleepy…see, it is for beneficial purposes.

Oh, what? Fine, not entirely, but there would be good benefits too, so…Why do I never get invited to test something like this out? Ah well…But, if anyone from Thync sees this, and wants volunteers to try out, err, Mark 2, or anything, please, please ask me! Or even this one, on 150%, say… 😉

The video, well, that proved a challenge, seeing I’ve used most of the good mind, or electricity related songs by now. So, I came up with this