A mermaid in her tail

Just to mention that 3 people at ‘The MC Garden’ deserve a special mention for this, known as Rosie, Kris, and Legion, though I know for sure that 2 have different names, and the third says she has, so who am I to think, or say otherwise?

Lets just say that Rosie has a mermaid fantasy that makes mine look tame, but comments seem to suggest that she has a parent who wouldnt approve of it, lol? Legion is a wonderful guy, has helped me a ton, and would probably get me a full body mermaid suit (I couldnt do a bikini at 61), including tail, if he could easily do so, and had the spare cash laying around. Kris is just a nice guy who looks like the singer in the video,  though I’m sure he’d deny it.

I think its fair to say at this point that the origin of my back problems goes back before my more serious brain issues, and just to remind people, the spine got damaged, bit of a fracture, and hurt a lot. Then my brain went AWOL, and took my mobility with it. The irony being that the actual back pain has lessened since then. But walking, oh please, no chance. As some might also remember, when I could get around, I was doing a flotation pod thing, to take the pressure off my spine, which was great, but now I cant get across town, ah well…

The mermaid look tends to go 2 ways, both of which end in a tail, which I must admit, would be fun. One is what I’m going to call the Ariel look, which we can call bikini and tail, which might be fine if you’re young, with a good figure, and looks. No, at my age, not going to happen.

No, before you mention it, I’m not even considering the no bra look, lol 😛

The more practical look for a ‘mermaid’ of my age is the one where the tail sort of melds into a ‘swimsuit’ or extended tail, that covers you up, and supports you (critical for me), all the way over the cleavage! Yes, that would sort my spine out, being held in place like that! The big snag, even if I had it, given that I dont live in a tropical paradise, would be where to wear it. They might say otherwise, but I dont see your average public pool letting someone in the water in full mermaid garb!

Might actually be great fun in the flotation pod, but I would either need to be ‘tossed’ into the pod by someone, or I would need to literally get into it by the pod, and flop back into it. Would need to get out of suit before getting out, but hey, you do it in private, so…?

But yes, I must admit, doing that, even only for a photo shot would be a whole lot of fun! So if anyone is offering…

The video is one of those songs, that at least here in the UK, was very much a one hit wonder. The song, and the video is quite crazy, but then again, so am I! And yes, the lead singer isnt Kris, but looks a lot like him!

Alabama, and the rest

Even earlier than the start of the NFL, the college football season got under way in the last few days. In truth, if you believe the experts (and a friend called Kris), there is only 1 team that will matter, and that is Alabama. To be fair, the way they beat Florida State yesterday, who were ranked the 3rd best team, he may well be right!

But ignoring the matters of Washington (Seattle is a city I’ve loved forever), USC and UCLA (the LA teams), or even Yale (first team seen live), who I have affection for, in the end, there is 1 conference I will follow more closely, and a couple of teams there, with special emphasis on 11/18 this year. Yes, though I have no idea why, beyond the Kansas connection, I follow Kansas State, coached by the amazing Bill Snyder. My dear friend Kate, well, not only does she support Oklahoma State, its her alma mater, so I guess she’s entitled to, lol. So yes, a Big 12 girl, me!

Oh, and I might give honorable mention to Idaho, because they play in silver and gold!

Like most sports team I follow, including the Dodgers, I follow them, rather than act as crazy fanatic, as so many people do. So yes, though I’m hoping Kansas State will have a good season, especially as there are rumors it could be Bill’s last, he is approaching 80, mind, amazing man! But if they dont, I will be sorry for him, but it wont be the end of the world. Oh fine, it would be nice if we beat Oklahoma State, but only so I can tease Kate, rather than the more likely event, judging by the rankings, that she will be teasing me!

But yes, when it comes to college champions, at the end of the season, I suspect it will be Alabama, and the rest. Still, Kris will be happy with that!

Video time. Well, yes, I was looking for something Alabama related, and found this. Seems a good choice to me!

From the underworld

And yes, the title is purely for the video, one of those incredible songs from the 60’s that never got the credit it deserved.

Jean Harlow passed on from this world in 1937, before colour films were generally being made. Therefore most pictures of her, are only in black and white. The thing is, there are artistic geniuses who have the talents, and skills to colourise these pictures, and bring a whole new look to a modern audience. What we truly cannot know is, if the colours are correct of course, but thats a minor concern.

Today, as a birthday delight, not only did I get the gift of one such picture from a wonderful friend, Kris, this one

jean harlow coloured 2

and there is also a guy on Facebook, under the guise of Colorised Hollywood, who does lots of these images, but chose today, my birthday, to post one of Jean Harlow, while not knowing the significance of doing so

jean harlow coloured

I love both of them, it has to be said! Thanks so much, both of you. Hopefully on Tuesday, I will look even more like her, after my hair is restyled, though I’m sure I will never be as beautiful as her, despite the lookalike comments.

So, despite being long departed, colour images of Jean Harlow still appear, if not strictly from the underworld. Which leads me to that video

The other main news of the day, I wore the pink flapper dress out in public tonight, albeit it with hose, as firstly its too cold out there not to, and secondly, its above the knees, and my knees shouldnt be seen in public! But it was fun, and lovely to wear it again, all the same.

An amazing writer

I’ve mentioned a friend named Kris P Kreme before a couple of times, both for providing me with a super book cover, and also the little blog piece on here. Well, tonight, he’s going to get another mention.

Now, you know I write stories, some of which have made it into ebooks, plug, plug. My current total of published stuff is 4, though sometime between now, and the early part of the new year, that will go up to 5, the latest effort is currently with my wonderful editor, so that its easier for you buyers (hint, hint) to read it.

But like many others, Kris makes my efforts numerically look pretty feeble. In fact, he has just hit the century, publishing his 100th story, wow! I know he aims to make more of a living out of it than I do, which explains the respective numbers, but even so, thats an amazing effort.

I havent got his links unfortunately, but I’m sure if you type that name into any good ebook site, his stuff will appear. So, I just want to say in public, to a friend, congrats on the century, Kris, and a toast to the next ton.

As you know, he’s living in Alabama, and he writes a lot about bimbo’s, who like love, in the form of sex, so maybe this is the right video for him?

Lets crank up the publicity machine

Yes, its that time again, when the quiet, shy, Merry Brooks shows off her writing skills to the wider public, by releasing one of her stories on the world. Given that my previous time travel story set in thw 20’s has been my major seller, lets try a variation on that theme. Plus, given its already written, its not a time issue to get it sorted and posted.

So, 2 days from now, the new story, ‘When You Fail The Test Of Time’ will go on general sale. As a pre treat, here is a glimpse of the cover


A brilliant design by a friend named Kris, mentioned a few blogs back on here.

What can I say? Someone needs to be less cynical about the abilities of a friend to design a time travel machine, especially as it works. Unfortunately he doesnt set it correctly before he sends her off, and our heroine finds herself thrust back into life in the 1920’s. Thankfully, she’s practical, and was carrying some money on her, so she gets on with life. Of course, thats a lot more basic than nowadays. To find out what happens, and who she meets, you need to go to https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/merrybrooks later this week, and buy it. Hey, its only $2.99, and whats that between friends? It will also go up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo later in the week too, just not sure exactly when they will release it. But if they are your options, just look for the author name, and it should appear.

Yes, its only a sideline for me, but its a fun one, and its always nice to see the sales numbers tick over from time to time.

So the video tonight, quite apt, if not a musical piece. It is a bit corny, but its time travel from now, back to the 1920’s, so how could I ignore?

Sweet Home Alabama

Right, I think we are due another in the series of ‘brief pieces’ about people I know, in and around the Mind Control scene.

Tonight, I’m going to introduce you to one, with whom its fair to say that we’ve had a few ‘fun’ moments over the years, but plenty of good ones too. The name I know him best by, that you might recognise, at least if you’re into doughnuts (or donuts, depending where you’re from), is Kris P Kreme. Of course you might already know him as an author, and artist, if not, you can find more at


Well worth a visit, especially if you’re into bimbos and the like. Just say Merry sent you, he’ll know who you mean! 😉

As I said, Kris and I have had some moments over the years, principally from the old days when he was posting stories on the Archive that werent really my scene, and I tended to say so. They were good, if you liked that sort of thing, but pregnancy (a major factor in many) is a major turn off for me, so all in all… But we soon got over it!

In more recent times, I received a lovely present from him, one of those flat stone type things (dont ask me the correct term) of a mermaid, one of my favourite things. I guess now if he repeated the deal, it would have to be a flapper! Mind, as he owes me, maybe this year…

And funnily enough, indirectly he was one of the reasons I went to Rochester this April. Initially I’d planned the trip to be to Buffalo, given that he was in the area at the time of planning the trip, so thats where I was heading for. I was planning an excursion to Rochester, to pay my respect to Brooksie, but then he moved back to Alabama. So I went to Rochester for a week, and the rest is history! I had planned a day trip to Buffalo, but never got there, too much to do.

One of these days, I hope I will meet him, either in 2015 or 2016, depending on how holidays play out. Well, assuming he stays put this time at least, once I’ve planned it out!

The video, well you could say its about his home state!

All I will say is, if he offers you a doughnut, check the glazing before eating it lol!