Heading out of, or is that into my era?

One thing that a few people have noticed is that we’re about 6 months away from the roaring twenties again? Yes, I only wish. Jazz making a coming back, girls loosing themselves from the restrictions of the time, and doing just what they want to do, ignoring the old fuddy duddies!

Sadly, there is little sign of a major jazz comeback, though it might be a blessing that we dont have to rely on bootleg gin, and as for smoking, heaven forbid! Also, even worse, in some areas of the US at least, some people seem to want to take things back to the 1820’s, with men ‘owning’ women’s bodies, even if they are no relation of them. Yes, somehow I dont think this wild flapper would be very welcome in the ‘Deep South’, giggle!

But no, seriously, I’ll leave those frivolities to nearer the time, and see how much those doctors will let me misbehave, because of my brain issues, and stuff. Now, those nasty brain issues…

One thing I soon noticed after the first bout of brain seizures, let alone the more recent ones, was that I had a few more issues to deal with in my life. No, not to smoke, and drink illicit gin, if anyone was hoping for that.

The thing that very quickly became obvious was that my already limited mobility, due to the damage to my back, was wrecked far more. I’m assuming that some connection between my brain, and the motor skills that allow me to walk have been wrecked. On a good day, I can do about 600 yards each way, on a bad one, the stairs are a challenge! Seriously, if anyone in the UK has a mobility powered wheelchair that they arent using, or have need for any more, I could really do with one. No, I wont wait for a positive answer!

The other obvious one, to me at least, is the quality of my writing, and the difficulty in putting words together, with the letters in the right order, or tense. Yes, if you knew how many edits I do on a blog nowadays… and these are only about 500 words!

So writing long stories, oh please, darlings, not going to happen! But I’m determined to get one thing done, that I promised to someone, before the brain went bang! There has been an annual anthology for pieces for a fictional city with tons of Superheroes, and heroines, called River City. Over the years I’ve created a couple of characters of my own.

One, Robbie, Roberta Bayport had the misfortune to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and had her body turned into that of a Robot, hence her name. Fortunately she was rescued before her brain was erased, and made a mindless robot slave, but her body was beyond repair. Hence, she became a robotic super-heroine.

The other, quite literally is from a different era, hence her name of Flapper Girl. Though how that still works in the 1930’s, ask her! Or her proper name, Billie, Belinda Nicholson. Yes, she lives totally up to the whole Flapper image, and lets leave it there.

So yes, I can officially confirm, short of a neurological miracle, I’m currently writing my last pieces of any length, and even there, its hard work! I’ve now completed their 2 solo pieces, and now just have one last piece to do, involving a little convenient time travel, where they get together, for their goodbye. Except…the dear fun putting this all together has already got a story put together for Roberta. Sounds like he’s going to put her through the wringer, but I’m sure she’ll survive. He has also used Billie before, may use her again, who knows? And as for what Betsy might do with either of them, heaven knows?

But for me at least, I’m about 2,000 words approximately away from done, as things stand. As I say, they are going to get together, one of them might be time travelling, but not the one who usually does it. Who knows, maybe a neurologist, or a mad scientist (that would be fun) can sort out my brain enough to write again, but I’m not holding out great hope. So maybe then, I can really put Robotunit8 to bed as a writing name, as I’ve only been using it on the Archive, and nowhere else for a while now.

The two of them, walking off into the sunset, for me at least, I’d put good money on it, but I’ll go with the flow, for sure.

OK, the video, a bit of Flapper craziness. It says this was all film from the 1920’s, but I’m not quite sure?

Can Brain Stimulation improve memory?

Its funny, because as any number of my friends, and contacts already know, I was rather into the idea of having my brain electrically stimulated, even when it was working normally. Now that of course its not working properly, the idea of having it done to me, lets face it, is going to appeal even more.

So yes, when someone saw this recent news article


it wasnt the biggest surprise that they posted it somewhere where I would see it. Yes, they’re right of course, I’d love to be part of that experiment, even before my brain got messed up, and lets face it, what is there to lose by trying it out now, especially as it seems to have had some success? Alright, even more fun for me with a ‘bit’ more voltage, and a full bodysuit, in metallic silver, well… But yes, this, now, well, I’d love to think I’d make the ideal subject. Let me just point out this is done with a very weak voltage, not the dramatic jolt of ECT, so it should all be fine. And yes, the thought of having my brain connected up to numerous electrodes, at any voltage would appeal a lot.

But agreed, as someone wittily suggested, if it did go wrong (voltage, or otherwise), and turn me into a mindlessly obedient robot, I wouldnt mind in the slightest, would I?

But yes, its fair comment that if this ‘senior’ is ever going to be up to work again, her mind, and memory is definitely going to need sharpen up, so what could be better? Mind, given the state of my body as well, especially my back, the full robot makeover might be wise, for getting to and from work! Well, a flying saucer might be fun, but practically…

But yes, if anyone in Boston sees this blog, fancies trying a bit more experimentation, or trying a bit more voltage on a mature Brit, with brain issues, then why, yes, I’d love to! Even if they just want to give her a treat, then yes, I’d love to!

OK, video time. This piece of brainwashing is delightfully evil. Having said that, yes, I’d love it done to me! Who knows, they might make me think I’m Clara Johnson, former chorus line dancer? Equally, maybe they would really turn me into Robotunit 8, lol?

I create for you

I actually saw this image of ‘me’ a little while back, but the artist wanted to save it for his Patreon clients for a while, which was fair enough, but now its on general release, I can show it to a wider audience. Yes, folks, this is Stephaniebot!


If you can get on Devianart, and I’m sure some of you are far too innocent for that, you can see the original, and leave comments, at


Yes, I’ve love to look just like that, so if anyone wants to make an old ladies dream come true…? Actual mind control would be seen as a plus! My huge thanks to ‘Carlos’ for doing this, as it came out of comments re his other robot pictures, and how jealous I was! No, I couldnt walk in those heels, even before my body failed completely. Yes, its worse now, a couple of seizures have made my body even more crippled now.

So yes, my case for actually being turned into a robot grows stronger by the day! Those who know me will know just how close this is, and yes, he has seen a picture, though thankfully made me far younger!

Video time. Something a little bit older than me, though its meant to be from the early days of musicals, but Clara Johnson was definitely far too old by then! But yes, its fun

Do leave me this way?

One of the things I’ve done on a semi regular basis, is introduce blog readers to stories I’ve read recently, written by other people. Now, to be fair, if people want to read any of my stuff they’re free at https://mcstories.com/Authors/Robotunit8.html or for those feeling kind, there are a few that earn me money at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/merrybrooks as well.

But what I’ve never done here, is post something that isnt going to appear at either place, as its too short for the former, and not good enough for the latter! Oh yes, and way too short! So, to get it more than a tiny audience (maybe?), I’m going to post it here.

Right, to fill you in on details. The challenge behind this was a person of mature years (ideal for me), on their birthday, and surprise events surrounding it. I ended up coming up with this piece, in about 90 minutes, a fortnight ago. Some of it is autobiographical, some of it bares a vague resemblance to me, and some of it is pure fiction, and no, I’m not telling you which is which! 😛 As to which ending she chose, I’ll leave that decision to you!

Right, warning time, its not erotic, but shock horror, there is definitely mind control involved. There is also a very cheeky fairy godmother, but anyway…so be warned before reading!

Yeah, I know, the retirement age for women in UK is no longer 60 (will be 66 when I finally retire, health permitting I last that long), but it works better for this

Looking Back At Life

So this was it, after a long career, working, and acting, the big day had come, retirement. Well, strictly retirement related to work, but given that my health was beginning to go, it probably was time to call retirement on the acting front too, as I was no longer as active as she used to be. The big six-oh, and all that.

The early years were all about acting. From the age of 8, I’d appeared in plays, first at school, and then in drama groups, until I left college, and then practicality kicked in. I was a decent enough actress, but not one that was ever going to make it big in the movies, or unless I struck lucky, on TV even.

So, in my early twenties, I took the decision to get a boring day job, maybe work with a few amateur dramatic groups and the like, and just get on with life. I did just that, and at 30, surprising myself, and most definitely shockingly for my mother, I didnt settle down with my ‘little man’, and produce several children, I settled down with my ‘little woman’ and we didnt bother with kids, much to my mother’s disgust.

For about 15 years or so, when work permitted, I appeared on more stages than Wells Fargo. None of them glamorous, well, apart from one, maybe, but I worked, steadily. Most of the directors liked my attitude, though I never got to play leads, but the main supporting role (female) seemed to be my designated part.

Then I split up with my ‘little woman’, moved away, and lost touch with the groups that I’d worked for, over the years. My new life, and job made doing shows a bit more complex, but I did a few more, before deciding it wasnt really practical, and settling for watching the odd show, and not taking part. Some remembered me, for a couple of perfect cameo parts that I could do, but then I moved away again, and unofficially called it a day on my acting career.

Not that I’d wanted to, but the hassle (especially as I was no longer perfect for younger parts) of finding a new group local enough to me, that I could get on with the people there, and everything else, I didnt bother. But that didnt mean the ambition went away.

So when, at the grand old age of 59, someone had mentioned to me about helping out at festivals locally, in Blackpool, I asked myself whether I wanted to bother. Then someone mentioned it was period dress, playing a flapper, so I bit the bullet, and went for it. And yes, loved doing it. No lines to learn, just ad lib, and one night only. So I did more, and will probably do more, but actual acting, learning a script, and all that, probably not. In fact, I was due to do another festival at the end of the week, though I wasnt sure quite how much of a glamor kitten I could be at 60, but it was fun, and for one weekend only, so…

“Happy Birthday!”, I heard a voice say from somewhere. I looked up, initially couldnt see anyone, so looked down again, assuming it was someone on the TV that I had on in the background.

“Happy Birthday!”, the voice repeated, “Over here, by the window.”

I looked in that direction, and could see something glimmering in front of the window. About 6 inches tall, with wings.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Your Fairy Godmother.” was the answer.

When I finished laughing, I asked the same question, and got the same answer.

“So why are you here, on my birthday, when no one else is?”

“Well, this is actually Thursday, your retirement day, but your birthday isnt until Saturday!” the fairy replied, pointing out her tiny tongue.

“Fine, so why are you here?”

“To give you, what I believe they call your birthday gift.”


“Very seriously. You always wanted to make it as an actress, but it never really happened, did it?”

“No, it didnt. Not likely to happen now, is it, at my age?”

The fairy looked at her coyly, and said “And what age would that be, my dear?”

“Why, 60 of course, and I look it!”

“Tried looking in the mirror recently?” she asked me, and winked.

“I prefer not to, but fine…” I responded, “Oh good grief! What have you done to me, I look about 20?”

“22 actually, the year you left college. Fancy trying that acting career again?”

I laughed, “Whats the point? Small parts, small productions, and struggling from week to week with money? I might as well just retire gracefully, do a few fun jobs, and draw my pension.”

“Suppose I ensured you got more than small parts, ‘convinced’ a few people to give you big parts, big break, and all that?”

I laughed, “How do you plan to do all that?”

She just grinned, “Oh, thats easy, a bit of magic, and a bit of mind control, and I’ll make a star of you yet.”

I finally stopped laughing, and asked her, “What if I say no?”

She smiled, “No issue at all, I’ll just mind control you too.” She waved a wand in my direction, and then… “See?”

And reader, she did! And just to spite me, or I assumed that was the case, all the parts she got me for 5 years involved me being hypnotized, mind controlled, or turned into the thrall of a vampire, or the like. Fine, the last was fun, though my new cute girlfriend wasnt quite convinced when I felt the need to bite her neck while filming that role. Even more so when later rumors suggested the vampire might not have been acting the part, but anyway… There may not have been a whole ton of roles, but I was a star in the genre, as I acted it so well (didnt feel like acting, it felt real), that I earned more than enough to live comfortably, until…

I woke up in the morning, after a good night of sleep, to find myself alone in my bed, but not on my own in the room. Yes, that fairy was there again, grinning at me.

“So how was that? Ready to officially retire?” she asked.

I looked in the mirror, I was old again.

“So how old am I now?” I asked her.

“65. Back to the age on your birth certificate, and the day you can officially draw your State Pension now, not just your work one.”

“My girlfriend?”

“Dont worry, she has fond memories of you, but accepts that you had to move to Hollywood, as the big studios demanded, and she didnt want to leave her home town.”


“I know!” the fairy grinned. “So, one last choice before I leave you, do you want to stay here, and grow old gracefully, or do you want to go to Hollywood, as the fresh new movie star?”

“Well, lets see…”

Oh, and what is more, you still get a video too. This is from a 2004 BBC Series set in Blackpool, which unfortunately I never saw at the time. Not that Blackpool was anything special as a place to me at the time, but when it showed, I was in a job involving weird shifts, so getting into a series would have been out of the question. But fine, now, it would be fun to see, as I would know so many of the locations. Just to add, if by the vaguest miracle, David Tennant sees this (yeah, I know…), I will be working in Blackpool from March 15th to 17th at the film festival, and I’d love the chance to swoon at him there. Especially on the Saturday, which will be my birthday! I also have a wonderful Aussie friend who might turn up if she knew David Morrisey, if she knew he would be there. She might anyway, because the thought of me, in a chorus girl outfit might yet tempt her, maybe? 😉 Yes, Nancy, sorry, Diane, I mean you!

There are actually 23 songs in the series ‘sang’ by the cast, all on You Tube, if you want to find them! 😉


Down At The Club

Yes, anyone who has had the fortune to read my early stuff on the EMCSA, knows that I had a tendency back then to use myself as the, err, victim of events very often. Thankfully, at some point I eventually got out of the habit, though its fair to say that CJ (who strictly is me, as anyone who read, or purchased ‘Hollywood Happening’ would know) is pretty much me, in another identity. I try to base the older version of Clara on as much details of her as I could trace, but yes, fine, she might be submissive, because I am! Other actresses used do tend to be based more on details known about them, which is why Jean might be sassy, but she’s submissive too. Yes, evidence suggests she was, and her parents (using her step father as the father figure) certainly seemed to control her, for sure.

But yes, over the years, the thing that has tickled me the most, is when other people include ‘me’ in a story. Yes, I love it! And this week, we have a story including my Merry Brooks persona, which I absolutely adored. The link to the story, oh sure?

Oh, and if anyone is offering, I would love to wear that Iron Man suit, believe me! The nipple piercings? Fine, if I must, but given the choice, I’d probably pass. But lets face it, this isnt about my choice, is it? 😉 I’m definitely passing on the high wire sex frolics though! Mainly because my physical body isnt up to it, than anything else, but anyway…And yes, if you want to tamper with my mind, to make me even more suitable for the role, more than fine by me!

Yes, feel free to read Betsy’s other stories too, especially the other ‘Under The Hill’ one, which is referenced here, but besides that…

And yes, I really enjoy the honor, when it happens.

OK, the video, a real golden oldie. Yes, you’re right, the clue is in the blog title, no surprise!

A writing retreat

As many of my blog readers will know, I write stories, and have done for about 15 years now. All the early stuff, plus a few more recent ones can be found here

Warning, some of the early stuff isnt all that great, unsurprisingly my writing skills have developed over the years. As have my tastes. Most of my recent stuff, the mind control level is either so minimal to be negligible, or not even there at all. And to be honest, nowadays I write far less sci fi, and far more stuff written in the 1920’s or 30’s. Though occasionally, as with my latest piece, which I finished today, I have been known to connect both.

In this case though, the story is actually set in the current day (or strictly, about a year from now), as a follow up to my latest piece, “A Hollywood Happening”, which you can find here,


Though strictly, the modern day actress who stars at the end of this, and entirely in the new story, is loosely based on a 1920’s and 30’s bit part actress, who I discovered under hypnotic regression, was me, in a previous life! But of course, the modern day Clara Johnson is just a personal view on how her life would be today. I suspect this piece will appear on that Archive you see at the top in good time, though it may go out as an ebook as well.

But enough of that, though it sets up this blog, its not the main reason for it.

On Twitter (I’m lurking there as @harleanlook, if you want to link), one of the groups I follow is a writing retreat, somewhere near Seattle, called Hedgebrook. And every year seemingly, they invite female writers to apply for a stay at their delightful retreat on Whidbey Island, and write in seclusion. You can also enjoy the scenery, good company, and everything else, sounds amazing. And from what I’ve seen, and read, some amazing writers have spent time there, and loved it. The link to their site


Yes, a humble writer like me would love to do something like that, but me, beat off the competition, cant see it. But a bit like a delightful man at Loughborough University, for some reason, they think I should apply, and give it a go. Why not, you say, its not like I’m working at present or anything, after all? Well, actually that was part of my reason for not considering applying, there’s a fee involved with application, and I really ought to be preserving my funds. Oh fine, shot down, someone like me, the fee would be waived.

So now, what the hell, I’m going to go for it, though with no great expectations of winning. But yes, it would be an amazing place to go, if I won, I must say, so fingers crossed. Thing is, this wouldnt be a short, so I guess I’m either going to write the Jean Harlow biography I’m told I should do, turn “No Place Like Nome” into the full length story I’m told it should be, or do a crazy piece of sci fi, probably involving robots, and transformation! Realistically, it has to be the “Nome” story, I have been looking for a reason for years to develop that, and I should do that. But… Maybe I need to be hypnotically regressed, and write the unique Clara Johnson (auto)biography, though I can see much of a market for that!

The video. Its about writing songs, not novels, but its close enough!

So, given its November…

As a few around here might know, or otherwise, there is a sweet little Mind Control Forum, known to its members as The Garden Of MC ( http://mcgarden.org/forum/index.php ), of which I’m a moderator (2nd level management), mainly because of all the writing I used to do, and all the story reviews I still do. Having said that, in the next few weeks or so, I should be posting a new, short story, so be warned!

Well, normally, each month of late, we have a writing exhibition, started by one of a pair of lovely gentlemen, but this month, 6 days into the month, neither had appeared to start anything. So yes, I took control of matters, and posted one up myself. I thought at least 10 seconds over the title of the board, before coming up with ‘Harlean’s happenings’. Yes, I know, unoriginal, but with an edge of snappiness, so…

Well, given its November, there is a small celebration held each year in the US (where the majority of members are), called Thanksgiving. So given I was trying to think up a plot point, more or less on the spot, well, I thought that would do!

Quite simple, blog readers, write a short story, 5000 words or less, revolving around Thanksgiving, and related events. So if the NFL is your scene, or Black Friday is shopping heaven for you, then those count as much as the big day festivities. Indeed, if you want to put a historical bent, on the origins of the celebration, feel free.

Yes, fine, if you’re a member at the Garden, just jump in. If not, you have 2 choices. You can join, given we dont bite, you’d be perfectly safe, as mind control is purely fiction. Well, there is hypnosis, but…you cant do anything too naughty with that, unless the victim, sorry, other person is willing lol! The other option, if you want to join in, but not become a member, email me it, at robotunit8@hotmail.com , giving it a title that wont end up in my junk file, and I’ll post it for you!

No, you dont need to include that ‘nasty’ mind control stuff unless you want to, its an open contest in that sense. Clearly given the judge is me, mentions of Hollywood’s golden age, or silent era movie, might, and I do mean might earn bonus points! 😉 There may, or may not be judging, I’m not saying at this point!

But go on, if you’re experienced, turn your hand to it. If you’re not, then have some fun, try something, even if its only a few hundred words long.

There, publicity done!

The video, well the best known version of this is by the Monkees, but this is the original Carole King demo version! I’m sure they celebrate Thanksgiving in ‘Pleasant Valley’ lol