It only takes a minute, oh sorry, six hours!

Yes, as some of my North American readers, and maybe a few others have noticed, the baseball season is back!

As an item of merriment, here are my pre season selections

Division winners
AL East Boston Red Sox
Central Kansas City Royals (heart, more likely Detroit Tigers)
West Oakland A’s

Wild Cards Detroit (or Kansas) and LA Angels

League winners Oakland

NL East Washington Nationals
Central St Louis Cardinals
West San Francisco Giants

Wild Cards Pittsburgh Pirates and LA Dodgers

League winners St Louis Cardinals

World Series, lets go for Oakland, before the Coliseum falls apart completely!

Yes, you can laugh at me in October, I’m sure.

Yes, pre season, they were posted to my ‘other blog’ on Sunday!

Your average baseball game lasts about 3 hours, or just under, unless it goes to overtime, and then all bets are off! As happened last night, in Pittsburgh, where the Chicago Cubs are in town visiting. 2-2 after 9, so into overtime. Both scored in the 12th, to make it 3-3, so on they went. Finally, in the 16th innings, after 5 hours and 55 minutes, Pittsburgh finally won, the longest game they have been involved in! Apparently some of the crowd were still there! Live, I’ve never seen a game that has gone beyond the standard 9 innings, but on TV, last season, I came in after work, just after 6, and switched the baseball on. When I went to bed, just after 10.30, they were still playing in the 15th innings! Finally settled in the 18th, I read the next day.

Nothing on the longest game ever, between the 2 teams I saw in Rochester, last April, mind.

Sounds incredible doesnt it, and 19 people stayed until the end of that first nights play!

The longest MLB game, 26 innings, incredibly played in 3 hours and 50 minutes! A draw, too dark to continue! No lights back then!

The video, just the opposite to those baseball games