Baseball fans, dont stop believing

Well, not for another month at least, until the regular season gets under way, at least. Yes, baseball is back, officially the big boys start meeting up with each other in pre season tomorrow, though before then, 4 games against college teams will have taken place, yesterday, and today.

In truth, for fans of 5 teams supposedly in rebuilding mode, you probably neednt start to believe, but anyway… Yes, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Colorado, I’m looking at you. In truth, you could easily add San Diego, and Miami to that list, but just maybe? Yes, thats right, I’m writing off 7 National League teams before the season even starts! Awful, isnt it? The closest to an American League write off I could get, is a maybe, on Oakland, but I’d have more doubts on that being the case.

Yes, alright, I’ll get in my moment of pleasure, given no team has retained the title since 2000, and mention that the Kansas City Royals are the current champions. I know, sounds good, for me at least, doesnt it? Could they do it again? The team is probably strong enough, but whether, like so many before them, they fail under the badge of returning champions, who knows? One thing is for sure, and is nothing to do with baseball logic, its an even numbered year, so you have to mention the San Francisco Giants. Yes, they won in 2010, 2012, and 2014, so…

The hype team this year, seems to be the Chicago Cubs, who havent actually won it, since 1908! Yes, they’ve been spending madly, and like the Red Sox earlier this century, that streak has to go at some point. But favorites, seriously?

So, if KC cant do it again, who do I think are a decent price to go all the way? I said it as a joke, but seriously, its hard to ignore San Francisco. Not only have they got the ‘even streak’ to continue, they look a good team, and you can get 16/1 here in the UK, with one firm, too big to ignore. You have to respect the New York Mets (also 16/1) after last year, as I wouldnt be surprised to see Washington implode again. On the American League side, I wouldnt be surprised to see Houston (16/1) go further up, and with their team (and playing logic), Boston (14/1) are either going to finish bottom of their division, or go a long way. I have 2 loves who could do well, one obviously is Kansas City (14/1), and the other are Hollywood’s team, the LA Dodgers (16/1).

Whats that, you want an outsider to root for? Well, most of those I’ve said rude things about already, but if you must…the ‘under the radar’ team for me, could just be Minnesota, quietly ignored, despite not missing the play offs by a lot last year, and you can get them at 50/1

As I say, Vegas fans, these are UK prices, I’ve not really got a way to look at whats on offer in the US, so this is the best I can do.

Interesting stat, team song. 3 times in the last 4 years, and 4 times in the last 6 (thanks, San Francisco), this song has been the team song for the Champions. Yes, thats right, KC use it too, which only made it all the more amusing in 2014, as it meant Journey were going to win the World Series regardless! So yes, thats tonights video, shock horror.


Jean Harlow really was a Royals fan!

With many thanks to my friend, Kris, for these two marvellous, err, photographs of Jean, clearly a big Royals fan



The video, well, what can I say. Both teams seem to adore this song, so wonderfully apt, for what should be a great series.

Yes, I want the Royals to win, but the Giants are probably my favourite NL side, so…I’d live lol!

Five hours of baseball, pure heaven?

And before you ask, no, I didnt stay up all night on Tuesday to watch the Royals and A’s play each other in the Baseball play offs, some of us have to go to work, you know! It started at 1 in the morning my time, for heaven’s sake!

But on Wednesday morning, I had to be up before 5 in the morning, for an early shift at work. The TV was switched on (I need something to keep me awake that early in the morning), and it was previously set to ESPN (UK version), so thats the first channel that appeared. Hey, baseball, must be the round up programme, but hang on, they’re in the 10th innings, and it says live, so…

For the next hour (just under), I sat and watched, engrossed. Then in the top of the 12th innings, Oakland scored, I groaned, and feared the worst. Until the bottom of the 12th, where Kansas first tied things up, and then hit the winner! Lets just say that ‘Jean’ went off to work that morning, even at 6.20, with a bounce in her stride!

I managed to see the ‘as live’ version last night, and it wasnt just the last hour that was quite something, the whole game was!

Oh, and of course, the perfect result, for Jean Harlow’s home town team.

Irony is, like Jean, they have moved on to Los Angeles, if in name only, given the Angels actually play in Anaheim! Hopefully they will be as much of a success there as she was!

Thanks, Royals, as has previously been said on here, the service you gave Kate and I on our visit, was very special, and we appreciated it. Hopefully, you can go a long way in this, possibly all the way.

One interesting note, since 2006, when I started visiting North America twice a year, every year but one, I’ve seen a play off team in action live. This year was no exception. The bad news for Kansas, only once, have I seen a team that won the World Series. Ah well, hopefully time for the second one this year.

The video, this was played at Kauffman Stadium, and sums up how they felt about this incredible game. Besides which, I like Journey, so…