Justice for Hillsborough 96

I apologise for not going with the normal flow of things here tonight, but I couldnt think of anything mind control related that I could discuss (feel free to suggest as a comment), and I’ve pretty well worn out everything else of late. So, given that the result of the inquiry into that awful day in 1989, was announced yesterday, and there was plenty of fallout today, lets roll with that.

Given that the only soccer team I’ve ever followed was Bradford City, who suffered a tragic fire at their stadium in 1985, I know how awful it must be for the families of those who lose people in these tragedies. When I say, follow, it pretty tenuous, as I havent barely looked at any soccer in over a decade, apart from a couple of remarkable events. One of which was Bradford making a cup final, in recent times, but anyway…

What I do remember, was that in 1989, at an FA Cup Semi Final in Sheffield (they play these things at a neutral venue), 96 Liverpool supporters sadly lost their lives, as they got crushed to death, as the police allowed excess numbers of people into the stand. I can say that safely now, because yesterday, finally, after 27 years, an inquiry decided that South Yorkshire Police were to blame for these events, and not anyone else, as they opened the gates, and thousands of people literally flooded into one small area of stands.

To know that its taken this long for justice to be done, is sad. But given that most of the reason for that has been a police cover up, only makes it more shameful. Anyway, today, the current Chief Constable of the force has been suspended from duty, probably forever, as he was due to retire at the end of this year. You may be asking why he’s going like this, when he wasnt here in 1989, I hear you say? Well, because for the last 4 years, he’s been putting up a campaign to discredit the football supporters on that day, and blame them, and not his police force, even though all signs signaled that wasnt the case. The only shame, he continues to get paid for now, an injustice, for sure.

The only blessing for those poor families, is that it is finally over, and sorted. But isnt it awful that because of the Police, trying to avoid admitting the truth about events, its taken this long? But finally…

As to the video, some might say its not an apt choice, given the nature of the lyrics. But the idea of Police, singing about losing people, just seemed loaded with irony.

RIP, those 96 unfortunate people


Jersey day 6 – Please don’t post your views anywhere near me!

In terms of exciting news about my day here on Jersey, there isnt much. Did a circular tour of the island by coach (pretty much the only way for non drivers to see north, and north east coastlines), which was nice, and at least gave me the chance to say goodbye (for now, for certain, maybe forever?) to most of the island. Tomorrow, St Helier will get the same treatment, though I will go back past the edge of town, on the way to the airport on Saturday.

No, I honestly have no idea when, or if I will be back. If it comes to a 32 year break, I will be 88 (if still alive?), so I doubt I will be back then. Clearly, when I finish work, and the cost of insurance for medical reasons to the US gets prohibitive, well who knows? But for the foreseeable future at least, for most of Jersey, today was it.

But no, as you might have guessed, that delightful trip is not what the title of the blog refers to.

Given that this blog seems to have a large North American dominance (as opposed to mine, which seems UK, and Ireland strong), I will explain it. Today, in this country, we were holding elections for the next European parliament. Amongst the far right parties, there is one that currently gets extra notoriety, UKIP, or the UK independence party for full. Their logic is in their title, they want the UK out of Europe! Fine, I can understand some feeling the same way about things, even if I disagree myself. Unfortunately, this party, and its candidates are of the worst, right wing, racist, homophobic types on the whole. I’m sure not every one is, but, it might be a close run thing! So me, and most of my friends hate them with a vengeance.

Tonight, when I got home, and logged into Facebook, what did I find? One of my so called friends (no one I know, one of those mutual friend picks, I assume?) shouting proudly about having voted for UKIP, which I might just about live with, but also adding some ‘wonderful’ homophobic remarks after that! Unsurprisingly, he’s no longer a Facebook friend!

Well fine, my Facebook account gives no hint to me being bisexual, lesbian, or anything akin (I’m asexual, but if I had to define, it would be one of those I’d use, I guess?), but regardless, I want no friend who is homophobic, real life, Facebook, or otherwise!

So please, do me a favour, if you are homophobic in any way, dont send me a Facebook friend request, on the Merry Brooks account. If you’re already there, and are homophobic, please, please unfriend me, I dont want you.

OK, rant over, lets just say this video sums up my feelings about this guy

Spirits in the material world?

Ah, lets get on to a subject of popular debate, and one loosely linked to my holiday in September, as you will see shortly. Is there really such a thing as ghosts, or is it just imagination…or alcohol?

No, I’m not going to go off on the whole haunted house thing, I’m totally non committal on the whole affair anyway, but I’ve heard a few tales.

As far as I know, I’ve never seen a ghost, but how can you be sure? You pass so many people on the street, or in busy buildings, how are you to know if they are truly flesh and blood…or just a spirit passing by? Fine, the likelihood is 99.9% certain they are real, but…can you be totally sure?

As I say, I’m torn, though I’ve never seen a ghost (to my knowledge), I have certainly felt a presence in a room, when nobody else has been there, so…? Your call!

So how does this relate to me, and my Kansas holiday, you might ask? Obvious answer, Jean Harlow!

I am never sure how much credence to put into these stories, but given there have been supposedly a number of sightings of her ghost, in her Westwood home, in California, well…? Does her spirit still walk this world, in that home, where one of her husbands met a mysterious death? No, it isnt believed that Jean killed him herself, general views are either suicide, or his former wife, but…her ghost? From comments I’ve read, her ghost is quite a character, assuming its her, and assuming they are true sightings.

But sadly, unless her ghost decides to pay a visit home to Kansas City, in mid September, I will never know! Obviously I would be thrilled if she did, but even if the stories are true, I assume she’s tied to that house in California? But if she can travel, the option to visit, or to stay in my body, her call!

But until I meet a ghost, for real, I’m keeping my options open. Oh, the dates, if you’re reading this, Jean. I’ll be in Kansas City (and the locality) from 13th, until the 20th of September, and I’d love to meet you. Maybe I could discover just how much of a lookalike I am! But seriously, no, I dont expect it to happen, but a girl can dream.

I will also have the thrill of a visit to Cherryvale, the birthplace of Louise Brooks to look forward to as well, cant wait. And no, I’ve heard no stories at all of her ghost roaming the world.

The video, rather apt, despite the song being against the government of the time, and nothing to do with ghosts!