The Weather Girl

Yes, its the latest in the series of little character pieces I do from time to time, well as much as I can gather from Forum stuff anyway. Some might not know the weather girl side of Jo as much as the MC writer, bondage lover, and mass forum poster, and yes, I’ve been told she has nearly as many postings on the weather forums as she does on the MC ones, I just dont know how she does it?

The amount of work Jo puts in at the Garden is amazing, but then there are all these other places she haunts as well. Throw in the writing, the reviews, and the time she is tied up on the computer (pardon the obvious play on words), and I have to say she amazes me. And apart from one or two minor tiffs over the years (mainly over my lousy grammar in stories), we have got on really well for a very long time. Most fun of all is that I have a pic of her on my laptop, not revealing facially, but…lets just say I have a slight idea of her figure lol! 😉

I know roughly where she lives, but no, she’s safe, its an area of northern NY state that its narrowed down to, and no more than that. Mind, I’ve got the feeling that she wouldnt mind me coming and tying her up, but anyway… Jo is great fun, taking teases and wind ups really well it has to be said, though I’m far from the main culprit at doing that. She’s also very dependable, and a really nice person to ‘know’ too.

Oh, one thing I dont have in common with Jo, her competitiveness in fun contests, something I really lack, but anyway…The main entertainment has to be the NASCAR pick threads, though the NFL ones can be ‘entertaining’ too at times. One related thing we do have in common, 2 Bills fans! 🙂

Like everyone on the Forums, I do respect her privacy as she wants it. That doesnt mean that I wouldnt love to see 2 visitors next year from Northern NY state on my trip to New England, and I’m sure Kate feels the same way. So yes Jo, you can take that as a hint! 😉 While hinting on  such matters, yes Heather, I could be talking about you lol! As Kirsty McColl said in ‘Walking Down Madison’, ‘its not that far’ for either party to travel, possibly easier for us at present, but…?

The song, well I did think about the Weather Girls, but given Jo’s preferences, ‘Its raining men’ didnt seem quite so apt. And I certainly was not going to post a certain Rush song, lol! So whats less subtle than a song called…