Shuffle off to Buffalo

Yes, a holiday piece lol.

Funny point, i’ve been to Buffalo once before, but never during daytime, and that was 25 years ago. Confused? its a long story.

It was 1988, my first ever trip to the US, with my partner of the time. We were over there, seeing her aunt in New England, and doing a tourist holiday combined. Anyway, one weekend, we decided we were going to head up to Niagara, just so we could say we’d been there. The silly thing, we didnt realise it was a US Bank Holiday weekend, looking at the dates this year, it must have been Labor Day weekend, I cant see any other it could have been.

Well, anyway, approaching Rochester (yes, there’s an irony), we decided it was about time to stop for the day. Thats when we discovered it was a Bank holiday weekend, all the hotels were full! Well, all the budget ones we tried were at least. We did do a brief trip down to see the lake, before heading on, thinking we’d soon find somewhere for the night. We didnt!

Eventually, after a couple of uncomfortable hours trying to sleep in the car, we ended up in Buffalo about 2 in the morning. A couple of coffees, and a quick walk round town later, we headed off to Niagara, arriving there about 6 in the morning. It was deserted, and no one manning the car park entrance. So we saw Niagara for free, and I got to see Bruce Smith (Bills star of the time) working out in the park! Finally, we had breakfast, confirmed there were no late returns for the Bills game, and started to head back, by passing Buffalo this time around. Finally, late lunchtime, we stopped, exhausted at a hotel on I-90, somewhere near Rochester, and crashed until the next morning. Well, she did, I watched the Bills match on TV, and then crashed until the morning lol!

So yes, 4 weeks from now, I’m planning a day trip to Buffalo, and I do mean daytime! It will have changed dramatically since then for sure, and beyond the tramway/railway running through the city, I dont remember a thing anyway. But yes, it will be a sweet memory, shuffling back to Buffalo after all this time, even if only for a day.

This is one of the changes to the original plans to this trip, I was originally going to stay in Buffalo, and visit Rochester instead. This was because someone I know through the forums was living near there, but he then moved back to Alabama, so I moved my base to Rochester instead.

Hey, the video! Well its only 80 years old lol, but that probably makes it about right for me? So, as I will be doing (though not married), they are shuffling off to Buffalo!