A robot’s music

I guess its fair to say that if you think of pop music, and robots, then Kraftwerk tend to come to mind. Not just because of the record ‘We are the robots’, though that would probably play a major part in it! But I think its fair to say the whole group image is built around the robot look, and to some degree, sound, as they have used a vocoder on more than a few vocals!

To some degree, I have to be very grateful to them, without doubt they are the inspiration for OMD, Ultravox, and many other synth based groups I loved listening to when I was younger. Reputedly they are a ‘bit strange’ to say the least. All sorts of tales exist of contact with themĀ being extremely tricky, and as for doing interviews or anything…they like to keep their secrets, so it seems, possibly one of them being whether they are still human or not lol!

Enough changes of musicians in the group suggest they are, but… šŸ˜‰

I’ve picked a song that isnt strictly about robots, though the image they give over of themselves in the video suggests that just maybe…but suspect this video might appeal to more, given all theĀ women in it too. And no, I’m not amongst them lol!


Across The Atlantic

Its hard to believe that just 100 years ago, the only way to cross the Atlantic was by sea. Indeed, even as recently as the 50’s, when my parents flew home from Bermuda (my father was in the Navy there at the time) the flight took nearly 20 hours, and they had to ‘fly backwards’ to Gander to refuel en route, as planes couldnt carry the fuel load for the ‘long haul’ back then. And really, its only been the 80’s onwards that ‘ordinary people’ could afford to jet across the Atlantic for holidays anyway. My, havent things changed!

There is another matter, general communication across the Atlantic too. Even when I was a child, alright, thats a while back, but…you had to book a phone call across the Atlantic, often days in advance. Calls would cost Ā£1 a minute (and thats 60’s prices, so what that equates to today?), and you would be allocated a length of time to hold your call as well. Nowadays it costs pennies a minute, direct dial whenever you like, for as long as you like!

As for chatting on computers to people anywhere in the world…lol!

The title of the video relates to an even older method of communication, though the song itself carries little mention of that, but anyway…an Irish connection, the transatlantic cable’s last point in what was then part of Great Britain was Valentia Island, in the far west of Kerry. Now part of Ireland lol! I believe the other side came up in Newfoundland, but dont quote me on that, but I’ve seen the plaque mentioningĀ  it on Valentia Island, which is how I know! Imagine how long a message took to be sent, and received back then!

Some will already know my love of OMD, already shared one song here before in this blog, and indeed used that song in my other blog as well. I think the video will appeal, even if the song doesnt lol! If my stewardesses Saturday are half as cute, I’ll be happy. I suspect the cheerleader outfits and things might be popular too!


Total flying time out, just over 8 hours, coming back, just about 7! There are stopovers to add in, but even so…things have changed!