A home suitable for a robot

Some people swear by MSN and Hotmail, others swear at them, but sometimes they have their uses, whatever your views. Me, I have it as my homepage, and most of my email is Hotmail, but thats as much being not one for changing what works (of sorts at least).

Anyway, enough about them, this blog is due to an item that I found there, and nothing more. To avoid anyone the trauma of visiting MSN, the actual website link is http://www.simondale.net/house/index.htm or if having problems, try it without the index.htm bit.

Yes, I know, this is a house for a hobbit, just about as far away as you can get from a house for a robot of the future, but it had me thinking as to what a house for a robot should be like, and wouldnt it be fun to see an architect design one, and the fitting out of it? Of course design would depend on whether its a genuine robot, or just a human living as one of course.

The former wouldnt need a kitchen, or indeed a proper bed, just room to stand in their charging pod overnight, and that would be it. It would almost certainly need good wi-fi connections, some sort of communication outlet, and thats probably it. But yes, you’re right, this isnt about the true robot, this is about someone, ooh, like me maybe, living in a robot style.

I’m looking at either a studio type apartment, or at most a 1 bedroom apartment as being ideal for the role. Simple to minimalist decoration style would be the right feel, after all robots are practical creatures, and alright, so am I pretty much anyway. Somewhere to sit down, complete with table or two, standard communication devices (TV, phone, computer of some kind) and heating to keep her warm in winter. Oh, and maybe a few electrical points lol!

I guess any modern kitchen look fits the role, its hard to change much about that, beyond a metallic decor maybe? Bathroom really would shout shower cubicle over bath as more suitable, but us more mature robots do like to be able to lay down and relax a few tired muscles. So unless the body is actually being upgraded lol…? Bedroom look would be the fun one, especially designing a bed that really looked like a charging unit I think. Alright, I couldnt actually plug myself in at night, but making it look like I was…Of course there is nothing to stop said robot being able to slip her head into a helmet, or chamber at night of course? 😉

The outside look of an apartment has to be sleek, modern, and I guess silver, or metallic at least would be good. Not sure what planning permission people would say about silver, but anyway… But thats trickier that the internal design, so lets think more about that side of it, in terms of creation. I think it would be great fun to live like a robot, certainly as an experiment, if nothing else. I suspect living somewhere so designed could quickly get me into a robot mindset anyway. Equally though, I suspect its one of those things that will always only be a dream, and never come to fruition.  Guess I would have to wear a silver bodysuit at all times then when indoors lol! Who, me, like that thought, no idea why you think that? 😉