A very English writer

There are a good number of British/English writers over at the EMCSA, many of whom are very good, but this article refers very much to one of those writers, someone who writes delightful stories, which could definitely be described as very British in style, someone I only know as Max Cummings, which I’m pretty sure isnt his real name lol!

The one thing I do suspect is that Max has naturist tendencies, thats for sure. I also suspect that like me, Max is not in the first flush of youth.

He’s been writing at the EMCSA now for 5 years, and I’ve just noticed one irony, that his first, and currently his latest stories have both been related to trains, and train stations. I dont know if he’s as regular a traveller on them as me, but clearly he knows our train service to a good degree. But Max has also set stories around bookshops, offices, long distance walks, holidays at the seaside and other great settings.

What Max does do, is write very good storylines. One story, ‘Such Stuff’ set originally in, and around a bookshop quickly transforms into a modern day, Alice type adventure, with much hilarity involved. And after an interval it returned, only to end in a delightful, and slightly wicked ending.

It is possible that our paths may have crossed at Leeds station without knowing it, messages between us have clearly shown us to both be at Leeds station at roughly the same time, thats for sure.

I must admit, there are a very small number of writers whose name I look for in update lists, and Max is definitely amongst them. A really good writer, and one I much enjoy reading.

The video, a very loose connection to say the least. But the whole ‘very English’ thing does relate to the whole country house thing, and you could say that where Lizzie was ‘stranded’ in Such Stuff was certainly one. So I thought this video rather suitable, and lets face it, enough lightly clad, pretty girls to satisfy readers as well.