Having a heatwave

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the temperature did hit 80 here today, for the first time this summer! Hasnt often gone past 70 this year, alone 80, but I’ll enjoy it while I can…which probably wont be long, but hopefully thats famous last words lol! It was hot out, not helped by the fact I had to walk nearly 2 miles in it (no buses due to a road accident on route that passes beauty therapy place), and did I notice it, believe me.

I could get quite used to going out in a t-shirt and trousers, but given the vagaries of British weather, I suspect it wont last for long. Hopefully the net result will be tanned arms, not sunburnt ones though.

Crazy stuff, I got to watch cricket on TV tonight, and they werent mentioning the possibility of rain, probably a first this summer lol. Hopefully, all things permitting, I can get out and enjoy a bit more of this sun tomorrow, before I start 8 days in a row at work! I know, I know…Some minor sporting event down in London, or so I’m told! 😉

Ah, the musical interlude I hear you ask? Yes, you’re getting one, one of my favourite ‘females’. No, sadly I have yet to track down any recording of Brooksie singing, so you will have to put up with the ‘next best thing’ that is Miss Piggy. The song, as so often, the clue is in the title here