Getting colder day by day

Hopefully that might throw most off the scent of the video, though some might recognise it all the same, without clicking on the link, or cheating by looking at the categories lol! ­čśŤ

Of course its been getting colder now for a while, but today, stood waiting for the bus to bring me back into Huddersfield, I really noticed it. No, not a big trip out, just some beauty work being done, try to make me at least semi decent for the works dinner next week. Facial is booked for Saturday morning (dry skin, due to cold weather), and the hair is booked for colour and cut next Tuesday as well, all done today. No call on whether I bob the hair to any degree as yet, suspect I’ll still be deciding on that shortly before heading to the hairdressers on Tuesday lol! I know that a good Flapper should have a bob, but surely not everyone of them did? I cant make myself look too boyish anyway, I can manage that without assistance as the photos posted here in the past prove!

The irony is, I notice it getting colder when the temperature dips below 40 daytime. Nome in Alaska (yes, one of my weather channel landmarks, cant think why) is already lucky to reach 14 daytime at present! In the past, I used to use this as an excuse to start making decisions on my next holiday, and booking it, as something to get me through the winter months, but of late, the holidays have been planned out well in advance, indeed the next 3 (2 April/1 September) are all sorted out, and just need booking. So why not book next April, you ask? Because there is a possibility of a tweaking to the itinerary, and I need to wait till the New Year before doing anything on that. It will be Wichita, it might just be a little more as well, thats all. ­čśë

Its hard to believe, in 4 weeks time, Christmas Day┬áwill be over! And I’m working Boxing Day too! Such is life…I suspect we will soon get all the requests for prices for a White Christmas at work, especially if the snow forecast for some places┬áshould actually fall over the weekend, hope it stays away from here!

The video. For me, this is one of those Christmas songs that seems to sail under the radar, so lets give it a boost

Are friends electric?

Yes, as a few at the Garden at least will have noticed, I’ve got involved in writing something again. No, not a full story, even if I have got the best part of an idea in my head for one. I thought I might get chance to work on it this week, but in all honesty, despite being on holiday, I seemed to find plenty of other things to keep me tied up (no, not that sort of tied up unfortunately, lol), and it hasnt made any progress, and its not likely to now. Given the inspiration and setting is Kansas, maybe next April, and a trip there might cure that. Of course, if that trip followed the story, I would be staying there, as a mind controlled farmers wife, so wouldnt get written anyway, but no, I dont see that happening lol!

I dont know what you’d call it actually, some might describe it as a roleplay, some might call it a joint story effort. Me, I only know its fun to do, that I’ve got a good partner to do it with, and providing time issues for both of us dont get in the way, it might last a while. Shock horror, it seems like I will be playing a ‘robot’ for some of the time, albeit one very much still in human form, though hypnotised to think otherwise at times. I dont think I will end up fully robotised in the story, but nothing would totally surprise me lol! Being hypnotised to think I’m permanently┬áone though might be a whole different matter!

To be honest, I have no real concept of what life would be like as a robot. I have played at being one for a couple of hours at a time, but thats it, no hypnosis , just my imagination, not even a silver suit. Yes, equally I’ve been hypnotised, but not to become a robot. Who knows, one of these days I might just get to put the two together, and experience life as a robot? I would definitely want it to be of the ‘passenger in my own body’ type, no point in being a robot if you have control over your movements! The mindless robot might be an incredible experience, but as has been pointed out, if you were truly mindless, how would you know what you did? Also it leaves your mind a bit more open, which would be fun with the right person, but otherwise…? And no, I dont expect to find a truly reputable hypnotist into mindless┬árobot play lol! Or even the tamer type, I suspect?

But hopefully one day I will. ­čśë

Clearly the idea of having the mind controlled by something other than hypnotism appeals even more to me, but is even less likely to happen in all honesty. As to being fully┬átransformed, or even having my mind downloaded, not possible as far as I know sadly, temporarily or otherwise. And yes, I’d still love to at least RP a full robot transformation with someone, but doesnt seem like that is going to happen now.

But yes, this project with mcguy should be fun all the same.

The video, well the title is a giveaway here, I guess? ­čśë

First they give thanks, then they go shopping…

Yes, in an ideal world, I wanted to post this yesterday, but various things caught up with me, so… Lets settle for belated Thansgiving greetings to all my American readers, and leave it at that. The poor turkeys over there get a raw deal, not only Christmas, they have to survive Thanksgiving first lol!

But thats not just it. Though this isnt an official holiday over there, for many, its akin to one, yes, its called Black Friday. Especially black for all shop staff, from what I’ve seen. It seems to be the day that everybody starts buying stuff for Christmas, lets just leave it at that. The amount of emails I’ve had today from over there, offering reduced price specials for Black Friday is nobody’s business! No, I havent bought anything there, delivery costs are too much for that, even if I’m sure there were some great bargains there. But I’ve seen you tube film, looks like its gone crazy over there!

To be fair, I’ve done some shopping this week myself, mainly because its been my main chance to do any Christmas shopping, so I’ve taken it. OK, I’ve got a few things for myself too, including the famous dress of course. For those who want to see it, and wont see it at the dinner, the link is

Thanks to some shops in Dewsbury, I now have a clutch bag, and a few pieces of jewellery to match. Thanks to a store in Huddersfield, I now have a coat too. I must be crazy, given its all pretty much a one night thing, but its done now lol! The only thing I havent got in gold, shoes! And yes, I did find a pair of pumps in the right colour yesterday, but given I have wide feet, I couldnt squeeze into them. I’d prefer a wedge heel, or a very tiny heel anyway, but unless I see something relatively cheap, the shoes will be black lol! So if anyone has, or knows someone with such a pair locally, in size 8, I wouldnt mind…

And now is when I find out if anyone in this house still reads my blog! Someone has always teased me that I tend to go out in trousers, not a skirt, and definitely not a dress! The reaction when they heard I was wearing a dress for the dinner was quite good lol. So anyway, tomorrow is someone’s birthday here, and we are going out for a meal, and then to the theatre in Leeds. Funny thing is, not only do I not own a little black dress, I didnt own a black skirt either. Well I do, but its one of those short ones, which I wouldnt wear because of either the state of my knees, or because of the weather. No, I dont know why I got it, but I did get some daft stuff in the early days, I must admit. So, while in Huddersfield, I looked in a few charity shops for a suitable black skirt, and managed to find a couple that appealed, and were long. One was lined, one wasnt, so no contest given the time of year. And yes, I’m wearing the heels tomorrow, so…and they at least go with black, and silver, so should be fun! Yes, I have a great silver top to wear! I think its meant to be a short dress, but for me, its a top lol! ­čśŤ

So unless this gets read here, someone might be in for a surprise tomorrow afternoon.

So, in tribute to Black Friday, and what I’ve been doing this week, I present

I have the dress!

No, not the perfect flapper style dress I saw in TK Maxx in Manchester, that was just a bit too pricey for a one off event, at ┬ú99, but it was wonderful, in black and silver. And alright, in theory it might well have been a size too small anyway. But maybe not, judging by my eventual purchase, but there was still the price issue, so… The same store also had a lovely 20’s style dress in teal, but the price tag had disappeared, so no questions asked. It was my size at least, but all the same…

What I had seen in River Island, was a gold dress that could well have been from the same era. No, all 3 were modern dresses, thats for sure, but the style fitted in. Do they have it in my size (UK 14), no, they dont. They have it in 12, they have it in 16, but not in a 14. Then I spot it, a size 12, half price, because a few strands of the waistband were twisted. Now suddenly, at ┬ú22.50, that becomes more tempting. But me, in a 12, you have to be joking! But all the same, I take it off to a fitting room and try it on, and though it might be a little bit of a tight fit, I can get in it, in comfort, yay! Thats when I notice the bottom section is very transparent, and I can see my knickers! And if they can be seen, so would my knees, and surgically, they’re not a pretty sight! Problem solved, a pair of gold leggings from elsewhere, and lo and behold, a flapper will go to the works Christmas dinner, whether it counts as fancy dress or just standard posh! Well as ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ would say, I now have the painted nails on my toes to match, but bobbing my hair might be another challenge. I’m sure I dont have the hair for a Brooksie fringe sadly, but the rest of the look, hmm… A cloche hat has been suggested, but I can hardly wear that while eating dinner, can I? Might look out for one, all the same ­čśë

Or if anyone has one I can borrow for a night?

Oh, and guilty, for purely personal reasons, I found a half price dress in Primark yesterday, which I couldnt resist. Why, its in silver, darlings, and quite heavy too. Robot type look, oh perish the thought lol! Also found a clutch handbag to match, got that too. No, I wont be wearing the dress on its own, it doesnt come down as far as my knees! But with a pair of already owned (and under used) silver leggings… Sadly no sleeves, so not the perfect robot look, but for ┬ú10… Tried it on this morning, and it does cling. Like any good robot suit I guess, you can get into it easily, but getting out again…lol!

And lastly, the Aqua Massager, an amazing experience, and it really does seem to work. Sadly the headphones provided┬áonly seem to play music, not brainwashing subliminals, but you cant have everything! ­čśë

The video, in tribute to the colour of dress I bought

Christmas shopping

Oh please, is it really that time of year again already? Alright, I know, I’ve mentioned the Works Dinner, so it must be, but where has the year gone? Not that I have many to buy for, but that doesnt make it any easier with some, believe me! So I’ll be off to Manchester in the morning, to see what I can buy. Oh, alright, I might have a look around some shops for myself too, but anyway…

Yes, it seems official, I will be wearing a dress to the Christmas Dinner, that should soon clear the place lol. I have actually found a couple of suitable dresses in my wardrobe, one of which I didnt even know I had (pink, shock horror) of a suitable length that are below knee length, so at least my surgically awful knees will be hidden, come what may. They are dresses, not big flowing fluffy gown types, but they will do unless I see something this week at a silly price, which isnt impossible in charity shops over here, but unlikely all the same to find something like that in those places, I suspect. The only other way I will buy something now is if I see something 20’s style at a price I cant resist. Then I might have to try and change my hairstyle lol!

Yes, I’ve got a week off, well, apart from one works meeting on Friday I cant get out of, but all the same, its a good break, and I need it. And no, I have no major plans as to what I’m doing beyond tomorrow, and a massage on Tuesday. So, if any UK mad scientists are looking for a guinea pig lol…No, I wont await any emails!

The video, well, it has a Manchester connection, lets leave it at that. And the video is certainly strange enough to appeal to MC folks, I guess?

Dressing up time

It seems that the venue isnt the only thing to change with the Work Christmas Dinner, dress style is as well. Every other year since I joined, the rule has been formal, a suit for either gender, or a dress for ladies. Well, I guess if someone had really wanted to stir the pot, a man could have worn a dress, but anyway… Me, given my age, and the state of my legs (not a pretty sight because of various injuries over the years), I’ve always worn a┬átrouser suit, albeit with a much nicer blouse than I’d ever wear to work, but…

This year, things have changed, along with the venue. Fancy Dress is an option this year! Thankfully those in our department thinking about the idea┬ádo seem to realise this needs to be classy, and not the sexy nurse/maid type, or equivalent for men! No, I’ve no idea how many in the whole building plan to go down the Fancy Dress route, I’ll only find out on the night, I guess. To be honest, I think its a great idea, but I wasnt planning on any difference to my look, until…

Sunday at work, someone turned to me, and┬ásaid “I expect you to wear a dress this year, in that case.” Clearly she has never seen my knees, or my legs (she hasnt, believe me!), or she would never suggest it. I have heard hints elsewhere too, probably because I am about the only one who hasnt worn a dress in the past, so…And no, before you ask, I’m certainly not going as Cinderella or the type, I couldnt afford the dress lol!

One thought I have had, but have no idea┬áif it counts as such, is the obvious one. Would dressing as a Flapper count as Fancy┬áDress under the circumstances? And did any Flapper wear a dress longer than knee length? Because even if I do so, it has to be ankle, or maxi length┬áfor me, or heading that way at least. I could ask a hairdresser to try and get my hair into a shoulder length bob look, I guess, though the fringe might be a bit fragile lol! No, I’m not going short, I’m butch enough looking without that!

Will it happen, me in a dress, dont hold your breath! Its bad enough that I’m even thinking about it! But I guess, if I must, the twenties look would at least be fun, though it would need a miracle to make me look like Brooksie┬áall the same! But would that even count as Fancy Dress? And no, I dont think the robot look is what they have in mind for the dinner, lol! ­čśŤ

To be honest, given I dont normally bother much with make up, the trouser suit is easiest, I can stick with the norm. I start wearing a dress (of any kind) and people will expect make up too. And as I’m working┬áthat day, I cant bribe a friend to do it for me. So…

I’m off next week, on holiday, so will go on shopping trips (one definite, another probably), and now I dont know whether to look for 20’s style dresses, or deliberately avoid them!┬áDo Flappers count as Fancy Dress under these circumstances though? Feel free to offer views.

In the meanwhile, a video to view, from the 1920’s

Happy birthday, Brooksie

Yes, technically its 2 hours early in my time zone, 8 hours early for Kansas, where she was born, but opportunities must be taken, and I certainly wont get time to post this up tomorrow, due to work and things.

On November 14th 1906, in Cherryvale, Kansas, a baby girl entered the world for the first time. Her name, Mary Louise Brooks, though over the years she’s come to be known famously┬áby her middle name. As she left this world in 1985, she wont actually be 106 tomorrow, but anyway…

And yes, people on a couple of forums know that I use one of her pictures as my avatar, and my forum name is a play on her name too, strictly my forums formal name would more likely be Meredith, so no prizes for working that one out…

Just so pleased to remember the date, let everyone know the news, and so…

No, you arent getting the OMD video, hunt for that, if you so desire. What I’m offering (with thanks to Heather for directing me to it in the first place) is the chance to hear Louise Brooks speak, when she was just 25. Oh, the thought of being in an all girl catfight with Brooksie, perish the thought! ­čśë

We mustnt forget

Some would quite rightly say, one of my more serious posts on here. Tomorrow is the 11th day, of the 11th month, and 94 years ago, it held even more significance than now. Yes, the end of WW1. We cannot possibly imagine what they went through in that war, I doubt we could even imagine it as awful as I suspect the reality was. No, I’m not going to get critical of leaders on either side, just admire those brave men who followed their orders. All survivors are now gone to a better place, to join their friends from those awful battlefields once again. Indeed, earlier this year we lost the last survivor of the Battle of Britain, a whole war later.┬á So please, wherever you are, at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, take a few moments to remember them.

On a slightly more lighthearted item, it was when I was doing my NFL picks this week, that I noticed one fixture, which probably means more to two people than most, Buffalo @ New England. A better placing in the schedule, and it would have been a game I might have been going to. But as the weather recently has proved, we did the right thing by not waiting for now to take that holiday lol!

One last addition to this, tomorrow is a very special persons birthday, and I just like to mention it here. No name, they will know who I mean, and for the rest, its just a nice milestone in their life. Someone who has done a lot for me, and surely will again, given the chance. Thank you.



Well one of Obama or Romney will be tonight, thats for sure! Yes, its US Presidential elections time again. Technically, there are 2 other candidates, but even if they attract a few votes, they certainly arent going to get any Electoral College seats, thats for sure, unless we have a truly major turn up, given the last time that happened was 1968, and that was George Wallace in the Deep South, based on racial issues, my, have things changed since then! Well, probably not entirely, but… no, just two colours on the electoral map, I think its fair to say.

I’ll stick my neck out, and say Kansas will vote Republican, even if I probably wouldnt. Why, the only time in the last 52 years that they didnt was 1964, and I’ve never seen a map as blue as that one lol! Presumably that was related to JFK, and the assassination, but I am only guessing? Also, from what I read, Goldwater wouldnt rank as the most popular Republican candidate of all time lol! Cant have been, if good old Kansas voted Democrat!

Despite being “The other side of the pond”, its been the main news item over here today, and I gather our news channels will be covering the results through the night. No, I wont be, I need my sleep, I’ll find out the result in the morning, and settle for that. Thats assuming its not so close (and it could be) that we have to wait a bit longer for the final result. As long as its not like 2000…

There are also other important elections over there today, for the Senate, and Congress and the like, but 2 people take all the TV time over here, Obama and Romney. Who wins, who knows?

The video, well, its a light hearted look back 40 years, to when a certain Mr Cooper wasnt elected, because he didnt actually stand. But he did make this video

And to prove that 40 years on, the old man can still do it


Wicked Game

Yes, despite the title, this is a review for a film I saw on Thursday! Not that I think Lulu was actually wicked, just terribly naive to be honest.

I’ll be honest, I went to see Pandoras Box principally for one reason,the female lead, Louise Brooks. And no, she didnt disappoint, I wasnt quite sure what to expect of her acting skills, but she was actually very good. And maybe if she’d played by the Hollywood rules, she might have made a lot more films. Of course a major part of her charms was the fact that she didnt play by the rules, just the opposite in fact. Mind, she must have been a challenge to deal with, for so many, though seemingly Pabst had no problems working with her, thats for sure!

To the film, its not hard to see why it was controversial in its day, its story is pretty dark, even by modern standards, so its not hard to imagine the reaction in the late 20’s to it not being favourable. Of course, the film also has an aura for the first supposed lesbian scene on film, but if thats the case, its pretty tame by modern standards. Yes, its not hard to see the Countess desires Lulu when they are dancing together, or later in the film, but really, thats as lesbian as it gets! Mind, who can blame anyone for desiring Ms Brooks! ­čśë

If you are a Brooks fan, or Brooks curious, then the quality of it makes it well worth seeing. Equally, if you like your films dark and brooding…

The video is a combination of stills from Pandoras Box, and the song hinted at in the title to this thread. I personally prefer the Chris Isaak version, but this was the selected artist, so I have to live with it.