It might not be me talking (but it probably will be)

Well, today I tried something new, for me at least, a spray tanning session. End result, it looks good, definitely looks like I’ve got a tan, but at the same time, its a natural tan colour. Really, really impressed, and yes, I’m certain it will be repeated for Kansas City, and most definitely for Hollywood. Ironically, I am generally very fair (a la Harlow again), and this wont protect against the sun, but it looks like I’ve got some colour on my skin, and others like it, as well as me.

And yes, the spray was definitely flesh colour, not metallic silver, though the latter might have been interesting, but this is for the best. The lightest shade Linda had, which suits me perfectly.

The spray stuff is cool, and you stand in a tent, in my case, just in panties, though I could have also worn a bra, but what the hell…after about 15-20 minutes, I looked tanned, without any health risks whatsoever! It will only last a few days, but thats the aim, to give me some colour before I get the chance to tan sensibly when away.

Really, really glad I gave it a try.

Fine, part 2.

As some may, or may not know, I only wear make up when someone else does it for me. I have a slight tremor in my hands, and doing it on myself just doesnt work. Imagine doing your eyebrows, and trying to get a straight line, for example?

But, nowadays, there is something called semi permanent make up, which takes away the problem for people like me of doing your own every day. And ironically, I do know someone who does a very good job of it, the snag is, she’s 200 miles from me, and I dont drive. And public transport…hmmm…!

But fine, when you get a special offer rate, even adding on the train fare, it looks like a bargain, especially when I dont have to add a hotel bill on top. So, in the New Year, yes, I ‘might’ well be getting this done. No prizes for working out the look, would you expect anyone else?

Jean Harlow2

For once with Jean, sensible eyebrows, and generally a nice look to her face too. I know, I look like her, and this must make that even more so, but turning me into her, that might be too much of a dream come true!

But if she does, this song title would be rather apt!

Looking like that, I might just find my ‘William Powell’ yet!