Anyone want to be my cheerleader?

Lets see how good your memories are? You remember a couple of blogs back, discussing the concept of if the job situation played out, I could take a 4 week break, and take up residence in Hollywood? Yes, thats right, just back beyond the one where I requested female equality from the powers to be there, thats the one!

To be honest, the last couple of days, I’ve been taking review of that situation, and realising that maybe I need a time out from the insanity of job hunting anyway. Yes, its getting to me, and as someone who has suffered with depression in the past, I guess I need to be careful on that front. No, not ghastly pharmaceutical drugs, I got by last time around with St Johns Wort, and I’m pretty sure I can do so again. I do actually have one tablet, but as its over 5 years old, I’m not planning on taking it. Maybe get some new ones, but not one that old, thanks.

So fine, I’ve made a decision, based on the fact that I will need to get both flights, and apartment sorted out well in advance, that if I havent got anything in progress by the weekend of 15/16 August, I’m taking that break, before my sanity goes pop! Given the split on Job Centre visits, the 21st will have decent enough details, given its a fortnightly thing, and the one after that, I will be beginning the process of signing off for my holiday anyway, so with luck, they wont check too hard. Yes, 5 weeks tomorrow, the build up to my holiday in New England begins!

Well, OK, you’ve worked it out, havent you? No sooner do I decide I am going to take that break in Hollywood, than I get offered an interview. Tomorrow morning, in fact, having only applied for it this morning. Dont worry, this one is fine, its one of the utility companies over here, so its good. Of course, I still have to pass the interview (including the ‘loved’ competency questions), so we will see. Other thing that has struck me, though I’m not sure if its exactly the same role, is that on their website, there is mention of a 6 week training period, and as I say, 5 weeks today…freedom! Agency know this, but anyway…? Otherwise, it wouldnt affect that assessment on the 20th, they dont want me until November anyway. There is supposedly one other thing in line, but like another agency I could name, the interview dates seem to keep getting put back, but not happening, but anyway…As far as I can see, thats a company thats always employing, so I suspect delaying my start might not concern either party there?

Yes, I will keep fighting the good fight until next weekend at least, but after that, a decision will be made, and I’m pretty certain it will be the sanity keeping one! Who knows, might get offered a job in Hollywood lol, cant be much less fruitful than the search over here!

The video, and this is where my personal cheerleader creeps in. I’d not found this video to this song before, nor an extended version, so…

The cheerleader thing

Its funny, its one of those remaining Americanism’s that has never really taken off in the same way over here, not quite sure why? Rugby league has picked up on the idea to a small degree, but that really is about it. In cricket, it has caught on in some parts of the world (thinking mainly India, and their hideous Premier League) but not over here.

And also, lets face it, in terms of mind control stories, the cheerleader girls do seem a popular target to be the victims of mind control. Most in the stories are portrayed as narcissistic in nature, I have no idea how true that is in real life? I suspect if truth is known, some are, some arent! But story wise, they do seem to be the ultimate lust target for the nerds of the world, thats for sure.

Given my lack of rhythm, and co-ordination, I’d never have made a cheerleader. Besides which, they are meant to look cute, so… But I guess a lot of girls grow up dreaming of being one, cute or not?

Ah, the video, anyone would think this posting was just an excuse to squeeze thisĀ in, and they may even be right, lol! But truly, in pop music terms, the ultimate pop video just has to be…

A classic piece of 3 and a half minute pop! One hit wonder, what a shame.