Cricket at Stormont, and other summer issues.

Yes, tomorrow I set off for Belfast, and hopefully a couple of days of watching Ireland play cricket. Yes, its been downgraded to hopefully, given the fact that the brief British summer seems to have ended just in time for my trip. Yes, its still warm enough, but unfortunately, its also supposed to be getting wet as well, aargh!

Maybe its not the weather, maybe its the concept of playing cricket at Stormont, just on the edge of Belfast, that brings on the rain. Seriously, yes, I did catch the sun a bit one day while watching cricket there, but even on that day, we had a short, but sharp rain shower during the morning! Most other days there, its been more of a challenge to see the sun, than miss the rain!

The weather has actually been quite nice of late, and today, not for the first time, I went to work without any jacket whatsoever. And this was leaving home before 7.30, and it was already 60 out there! When I first saw the 10 day forecasts for the next few days for Belfast, they didnt look too bad at all. But then terms like showers, and rain started to enter the reports, and now…well hopefully I get a decent amount of cricket to watch, all the same.

I know one thing, it will be nice to have a few days off work before the craziness that will be Royal Ascot strikes at work next week.

So, in tribute to the weather, and things, a song from Travis. And no, thats not a skirt he’s wearing, its a kilt, they were a Scottish band lol!