Too much knowledge?

Every so often I read a story on the Archive, where I think the author has way too much knowledge for their story to just be a random piece of fiction. Today I read one of them, this one

Yes, fine, this pushes every hot button I’ve got, but, does the author know a little too well how all this works? 😉 I mean, knowing that a syringe, inserted into the rectum leaves no mark, and as for the drugs knowledge… Oh, and the tech stuff used on “lucky” Peggy, in this, oh goodness gracious, thats quite something! And yes, any time Tracey wants to come after me, she can feel free to do so! Indeed, I wish she would!

But why do I get the feeling that our author knows a little bit more about how this would work than most might feel comfortable with? Yes, I’d love it done to me, and she wouldnt even have to do an elaborate kidnapping, I’d go willingly!

And this is only her first story, oh wow! Any way, if I need a good fantasy to relieve a few tensions, just saying…Tracey, come and get me, please!

The video. Well I thought of this one, given what a drugs expert Tracey is. Can be said though, her drugs definitely work! And the brainwashing stuff, and the internal stuff, and…swoon!