I’d be afraid to come out of the locker!

You know how nowadays, when we are buried in commercial marketing gimmicks, that there seems to be a day for just about everything, sensible, or otherwise? Well, yes, this is about one of the ‘otherwise’ group.

It seems that today, for want of better reasoning that after the day of US independence, that the next day, we celebrate the independence for women, of wearing one piece swimsuits! Yes, seemingly its National Bikini Day somewhere, I assume in the US?

At my age, and in truth, boringly, throughout my life, I’ve always gone for swimsuits. Maybe its because I dont have a figure that you want to show off in public, maybe its just because I prefer swimsuits? At my age, a swimsuit, with a small skirt design is even better!

I know Bikini’s were supposedly named after Bikini Atoll, in the Pacific, which I rather gather was in the news at the time they first came out, though not for a reason that would make you want to swim there, as it was one of the Nuclear warhead test sites! So if there, you probably should wear more than a bikini, lol!

However, I guess that now, for many, they are the article to wear on the beach, or in, or around a swimming pool, I suppose. Just dont expect me, especially at 60 to do so, even on a scorchingly hot day like today! Well, if someone wants to mind control me to do it, I guess, but I would question their sanity if they did!

OK, video time. Firstly, I’m going to give you one of those 90’s records, that was in truth, pretty dreadful. But hey, its one of those catchy, dreadful versions of the song, and I fell for it, for better, or for worse. Those of musical culture might want to avoid?

And for a more vintage version, with a younger wearer of said bikini, the Brian Hyland version