Hey baby, I’m your telephone girl…maybe?

Forgive the cynicism, after a couple of false alarms, that I’m not jumping for joy now, but I think I’ve got a job. Thats right, I will fail to be convinced on the matter until I get the official email in the morning, but in all likelihood…

OK, thats the good news. The bad news, it might only be for a month or so, up until Christmas. But, if I perform, and impress, it might well be longer! Which, being blunt, is the only reason I’ve agreed to it, because financially, otherwise, it makes no sense. As in, even starting Saturday (weekend learning the ropes), prior to Christmas, working there, I will earn less than I would doing the medical research trial, in 2.5 weeks, by a long stretch.

But given that at the moment, I cant be sure about being on the trial at all (results not all yet back, plus would need to be selected at weekend), I’ve decided, with regret to say yes, to the role. Not that I’ve anything against the role, its just inbound calls, dealing with basic queries, and passing on messages (would be further trained, if I stayed on), nothing complex, for decent money.

But lets face it, especially by now, I was really looking forward to being on that research trial, and seeing what happened, that I regret now, that its almost certainly not going to happen. I guess, if they said to me Friday that I was on, I could change my mind, but its not likely to be till the beginning of next week, so…decision made! I guess if it only turns out to be a month, I could do one next year, but that would mean starting from scratch, all over again, so…ah well! But no, I’m not going to officially stand down just yet, because I’ll only believe I’ve got this job on Saturday morning, when I start training, and besides, I’m interested to see how my results come back, in all honesty, what type of state I’m in, health wise!

I know, being practical, and logical, but hey, thats what robots work on, logic! And in the end, the thought I could end up with neither, just settled it for me.

Fine, the video bears no resemblance to what my type of work will be. Its a 70’s song, full of sexual innuendo, but hey, its fun…I think?