Fields Of Dreams

Yes, I know, it hardly seems yesterday that San Francisco beat Detroit in the World Series, but its nearly baseball season time again! 12 days from now, we start with an all Texas, American League deby match, though given the actual distance between Houston and Dallas, I’m not if it truly counts as a local derby or not? Given the size of the US, my vote is yes. Funnily enough, its the first time this has happened, as due to the realignment over the winter, Houston is now in the American league west, instead of the National league central.

The biggest difference this will make all season long, is in inter league play. Up to now, the NL was 16 teams strong, the AL had 14 teams, and beyond a few wild weeks spread through the season, they never met, until the World Series. Most rules are the same, its just the AL dont ask their pitchers to bat (rarely a pretty sight), and use a designated hitter instead. The NL however insists on the pitcher batting, which rarely amounts to much! I cant find any other differences to be honest, so that may well be it?

But this year, with 15 teams in each league, these inter conference games will go on throughout the year. The ruling is, in AL stadiums, you play by their rules, and the same in the NL, playing by their rules. It will probably be chaos at times lol!

This year again, I wont see an MLB game live, this year I know that before I go. I will see plenty (hopefully) on ESPN America over here, and maybe 1 or 2 in the US, but that will be it. But, weather permitting, I will see a baseball game live, though one level down, in Rochester next month. The one thing I’ve really noticed, the prices! Seriously, I’ve generally paid $20-25 for one of the lower grade seats (all said though, still with a decent view) in an MLB stadium, the premium seats at Rochester are just $12! I know, its not the big names, but even so…I just hope they arent rained, or even snowed off, but that seems my only concern. Hey, at those prices, I could go twice! Oh, that is all the homes games I could go to, they are away the rest of the time I’m there.

The video, well I could do ‘Take me out to the ballpark’, but I’ve done it before. So lets pick a song that at least has ‘fields of’ in the title, and sung by a wonderful singer, not truly recognised until after her death sadly, and even then, more over here than in her native US. So for those of you who have never heard of the late Eva Cassidy, listen and learn.