No Brainwashing, No Massage either, sadly

No, sadly I didnt get brainwashed within the Aqua Massage machine yesterday. I know, its only someone like me who would think of that as a letdown lol! Sadly, I didnt get the massage either, the ‘conversion pods’ were all missing when I got to Manchester yesterday, what a let down. I assume its because business wasnt good enough, seems to be quite a popular trend at the moment lets face it, especially over here, and after all, it was a bit of a niche market, so… And yes, I’d checked, their website, and the Arndale one still showed it there, but anyway…

So sadly, my knees are still as stiff as they were, and my brain sadly is still intact, and fully functional, and not cleansed in the slightest. I know, the latter wouldnt have happened anyway, but they robbed me of my 10 minutes of fantasies too lol! Sadly I dont know anywhere else around here that has one of these, so its back to standard massage treatments again, I guess?

And no, I’ve had no other brainwashing offers either, funnily enough! What is this world coming to, lol? Even better, could someone set me up for a session on this little baby, please! Oh, and no rescuing me when she fires up the electricity either!

Why Gwen wanted to resist, I have no idea! Me, I’d love to give that a trial session, believe me!

Oh, I found this too, though I suspect only Brit’s may get the joke here sadly.

I hope M&S dont sue lol, or even just get the video taken down!

Anyone got a brainwashing session available this weekend, by any chance? 😉

Booking in for a brainwashing session

No, not really, wouldnt it be fun if I was! Nothing so exciting I’m afraid, just that as long as its possible to get across to Manchester tomorrow (could be icy), I’m going to treat myself to a session in the Aqua Massage machine again, though of course this will be purely for beneficial purposes, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it makes you feel like you’re getting into a brainwashing/robotisation machine, even more so when they put the headphones over your ears, that soft music is playing, you fall asleep and…obey all commands that your ‘Masters’ give you. Alright, maybe not the last thing, but hey, I wouldnt mind if it did!

But agreed, when the inner lining presses tightly against your body, and those powerful jets (supposedly water) blast against the back of your head, and your neck, well… 😉 Lets face it, you arent going to hear the subliminal messages telling you that you’re now an obedient robot anyway, thats all part of the plan!

Oh, alright, in reality, that doesnt happen, well not unless they had me completely fooled the first time, that is! What it did do though, is make my back, and knees feel amazingly good, and I dont think that was done by mind control, but dont quote me on that. Alright, there was no mind control involved, but hey, a girl can dream… 😉 What I’m trying to decide is whether a double length session would provide double the benefits or not? And whether that would give them enough time to actually brainwash me? Oh alright, maybe not, but… Because given how often I can actually get over to Manchester, double length benefits would be handy. Besides which, I get twice as long to fantasise that I’m being brainwashed and robotised too, well assuming I dont just fall asleep of course, you get so relaxed!

So if anyone can tell me that 20 minutes would give better long term benefits than 10, let me know by the morning!

Oh, the video, a proper brainwashing session. Sadly this clip doesnt actually include the good bit, assuming it even happened? I’m told the film wasnt all that good, so…no, I havent seen it lol.

Oh, PS, if anyone in the Manchester/West Yorkshire area actually wants to brainwash/robotise me (real, hypno, or good RP), I’m available all week. 😉

A New Form Of Massage

As a number of my long term readers know, I suffer somewhat with painful joints, mainly the knees, and have a back that can play up when its in the mood to do so as well. Also, given that I’m slightly past 50 by now, my body is beginning to age anyway, not for the better, either. Yes, another advantage of being turned into a robot, a nice new, fresh body, and no concern about aching joints, or much else, I guess? 😉

So yes, regular massage sessions are part of my regime, and yes guys, I mean a proper massage lol! 😛 Though there are times, rather like now, if I’m being honest, when some joints (right knee at present) seem determined to annoy me considerably, even though my next session isnt for another week or so. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’ve had bad knees now for over 40 years, the result of a collision with a show jumping fence as a child. Its always been a pain, but as you get older, it does get worse. Yes, I also know that short of getting a new robot body (ha ha), I’m probably going to have to get artificial knee joints before too much longer, but trying to delay it as long as I can, dont want them wearing out before I do too!

Now to the more interesting bit. A few months ago, I did a quick day trip over to Manchester. In the Arndale Centre over there, I heard this loud whooshing noise, and when I turned the corner, I saw a pair of these machines, marked as Aqua Massagers. Hey, I love anything techy, so I took a closer look. Looked quite interesting, and not a silly price either, so in my way, I thought about it for 5 minutes or so, tempted to give it a go, but walked away. Why, I had a massage already booked for the next day with Linda, thats why! Didnt stop me nearly turning around and doing it anyway, but… I was trying to work out where you got changed lol, I assumed you got wet! Blonde moment, I know. Since then I’ve found out that you stay in your clothes, as its all lined, and all you get is the benefit of the water, and no soaking! Now I find out you get given a pair of headphones that help you to relax with soft music…alright, you can see the mind control writer stuff creeping in here, cant you lol?

I assume they cant brainwash you that much in 10 minutes, but who knows? 😉 Would I mind if they did, probably not! Lets just say that I’ll be back over in Manchester in just under 4 weeks, and I plan to give it a try then. Anyway, for those who havent seen one of these, here is a promo video from You Tube

If anyone has tried it, let me know what its like. And if someone says they need 20 minutes to brainwash you with the headphones, I’ll book a double session lol!