I hate Simon!

No, I dont really, before he banishes all my stories from his website in a fit of pique. But alright, in a sense, he’s not my flavour of the month at present either. No, its nothing personal, its just the 3 week gap between updates that we’ve just had, and therefore the read load this week is, well, horrendous! A quick count up left me with 37 stories to read, though thankfully I’ve since found out one has disqualified itself by being a single posting of over 73,000 words! Even so, 36 isnt a lot better lol.

Will I get through them all, or will I just abandon some this week? No idea, I’ll see how it goes, and how the mood takes me. Plus, how large next weekends posting is, may play a part too. Given I’ll be out part of tomorrow afternoon as well, that will limit my time even more. Why, you might ask? Sorry, my body is getting ancient, and my back needs regular massages to keep me mobile nowadays. No, not that sort of massage, I’m a woman with no interest in sex whatsoever lol! 😛

I know, Simon has to have a break sometimes, and hey, he very much deserves them. But yes, I hate the backload when he gets back! Oh, just to mention, some hack writer has also posted the last chapter of her story this week at the EMCSA, nothing like a bit of self advertising.

Oh, dry humour in the video selection here. Given the story site is all about mind control, what could be more apt than just doing as Simon says! Yes, this video is ancient, from the sixties, and at least one member of the group is taking it less seriously than others!