It must be Christmas time

So fine, the report from Thursday night, but sadly not got any full length photos of the dress yet, even if I know a few were taken, I havent tracked any of them down as yet. If need be, Tuesday or Wednesday, I will pose some pictures here at home, and get one for viewing that way.

The meal, well I didnt think it was as good as last year, but it was still better than the less than memorable (and not hot) meals at the Queens, at least. It was fine, I just think we were expecting better after last year, but anyway…

The dress worked fine, looked really good in all honesty. The wig worked too, until I got too clever, and tried to put the headband on over it. Nope, didn’t work, and all it succeeded in doing was dislodging the wig, and then I couldnt get it right again. So finally I gave up, went blonde, and used the headband, which worked at least.

Yes, it was a nice evening on the whole. I had plenty of wine, but didnt think it was too much, combined with the food, but I managed to feel slightly dehydrated the next morning, despite drinking some water afterwards, but ah well, I survived!

Next big outing, social wise, as far as I know, Christmas Day, and thats a home based one! Wear the dress, probably!

The video, one of my favourite Yuletide songs, though not the original Pretenders version, just to keep you on your toes. Pretty good version, imo, in all honesty.