162 games, and you still cant get a decision!

Yes, I’m talking baseball here. And yes, tonight is the end of the regular season. Unsurprisingly the Mariners were eliminated from the playoffs a while back, Kansas (for the Brooksie side of me) fell by the wayside recently, and the Red Sox managed the turnaround of all time, not only making the playoffs, but the No 1 seed in the American League!

But no, none of this concerns any of them. The introduction of a second wild card team in each league, was meant to increase the excitement. Didnt work with the NL this year, but in the American League.

Its not impossible tonight, we could have a 3 way tie for the 2 wild card places, after 162 games! Of course, if Cleveland win, and one of Tampa Bay, or Texas lose, all straightforward. Well, if both of the latter lose (or if all 3 win), we have a shoot out between them, but…

Personally, I dont mind them knocking 6 bells out of each other, as the eventual winners of all this are the opponents for the Red Sox, and hopefully that will improve their chances, if they’ve been battling through multiple games before meeting them.

But seriously, 162 games, and we still get a tie, possibly a 3 way one…!

The video, apt, I feel. This is actually a US rip off of a UK TV series called ‘Man About The House’ from way back when.

Puts on her Red Sox cheerleaders outfit, and shakes her pom-poms lol! If someone gets me one, I’ll post a picture, hows that?

All good things come to an end

Including seemingly, my holiday. Yes, I dont fly out until tomorrow afternoon, but its certainly on the last lap, thats for sure. Its been a lovely break, but now its back to work, and the insanity that creates on Monday. Ah well…

Funnily enough, despite saying goodbye to each other this morning, both Kate and I are still in the vicinity of Richmond. Me, here, her, near the airport, as not for the first time, US Airways have failed to provide a decent service, and Kate got stranded this morning.

But beyond that, I’ve had a lovely time here, just relaxing and chilling out from work. Oh, and also buying an expensive flapper style dress, just because! 😛

I’ll be honest, with US Airways, I wont relax until I’ve taken off from Philly, on the way back to Manchester. Until then, fingers will be crossed!

Finally, I’d just like to thank Kate for inviting me over, and look forward to seeing her again next year

The video, well as the end is near, what could be more apt?

Feedback and follow up

I suppose one of the disappointments I’ve had with the ebooks, is a total lack of reviews anywhere. Dont get me wrong, I wasnt expecting dozens, but one or two would have been nice, especially on the 2 not posted anywhere else, just to see what I’m doing right, or wrong with them. But despite a reasonable number of sales, not a clue what any buyer has thought of them. No returns, as far as I can see, so must be doing something right at least, but all the same…

I know, its tricky to review erotic stuff online, though lets face it, you dont have to use your actual name when doing the review, but anyway…If anyone out there is prepared to read, and more critically, review one of my stories, a voucher could be arranged, you know? 😉

Mind, to be fair, the number of reviews/comments that most of my stories generated through the archive, could pretty much be counted on the fingers of your hands! At least one or two that never got finished, if I had got a single clue as to what people liked about them, or whatever, they may have got more done, but thats all history now.

But yes, some of what I have got could make your toes curl. Hazard of writing Mind Control porn, I guess? Also, got lots of nice ones, but its the others that stick in your head. And then you get the ones where you wonder if the line between fiction, and reality is getting a bit blurred, or even more than that.

I’m not going to say much now, as I want to see how this develops. I feel its just fiction, but the whole thing has the feel of something more than that, and its intriguing me. When I first started corresponding with someone about a story, it started off as just an email, asking me about a certain event in the story, and whether I’d really like something similar to happen to me in real life. Given its one of those things that would appeal to me in real life, I said yes, shock horror.

Now at first, when I got further replies, I thought it was either a very intricate wind up, or a very good role play by email. But then the correspondence went on, and I began to wonder if it was even as straightforward as the latter. Lets just say that having chatted online, I’m beginning to think he’s either an excellent role player, or its real! Verging on the latter to be honest, if not very much so. Thing is, I really hope it is, sounds fascinating if thats the case!

As I say, I’ve been told that events may develop from here, in a very good way as far as I’m concerned, so I’m not going to upset ‘anyone’ by posting them at this point, this potentially appeals to me far too much for me to upset anyone that way. If however nothing happens in the next couple of months, I might yet get back to this story, and say more.

But if it does happen, mmm…but no, nothing this good in life ever happens to me lol!

Its unofficially Al Yankovic day for me, so lets pluck a song that fits in loosely with the whole surreptitious scene, and mind control

Take a chance on me

And if one current contact sees this title, he can take it any way he likes, though I sort of suspect he knows in which sense I mean the words lol!

Also, should by the faintest miracle anyone in Virginia wants Merry Brooks to sign their copy of my stories, I’ll oblige, darlings! x No, I dont think I’ll be knocked over in the rush somehow lol.

What, someone thought I meant romantically, as in the song? Oh please, I’m no picture to look at, highly independent and feisty. Who in their craziest dreams would want me as a partner, either gender! No one with any sense, thats for sure.

Yes, I’m here in Richmond, got here fine. Kate gets here this afternoon, about 4, and then the fun will begin, for the rest of the week. Today’s highpoints, a walk to AT&T, to see if my little US cell phone can be revived, or I need a new one, and meeting up with Kate, most definitely. Oh, the email to my previously mentioned friend this morning was fun too, but not saying more on that!

Yes, the rest of the week should be more exciting than that! Hopefully see a bit of a Bills victory, but thats a wait and see job, dependent on both events, and the team of course.

Oh, and lastly in terms of taking a chance on me, 4 people will (hopefully) later today be getting a phone number to ring me on, if they wish. One may well do so, 2 others will have the chance if they want to as much as they say. The fourth, no, I dont hold out much hope of her ringing, but you never know, do you?

The video, yes, its the obvious one, I only wish I looked as gorgeous as Agnetha does then

A bit of free time

Yes, the video tonight is pushing it a bit, but if you think about it, there is a connection.

Free time, thats right, already into an 11 day spell away from work, tomorrow will be day 3 in fact. Though tomorrow is the first day of actual holiday, the previous 2 having been my days off for the week.

Funny thing is, that tomorrow, I’m doing 2 things I swore to myself I would try to avoid doing again. One is flying with US Airways, the other is flying into Philadelphia! Thats right, I’m on the 11.00 flight to Philly tomorrow, landing at 13.50 their time! Ah well…

It comes down to this, I’m tall, almost 6 ft, and their seat space has never been as generous as some, including American Airlines, so I changed pretty much to them. But flying via Chicago, to get to Richmond, downright crazy lol! The other option was via Newark, but advised to avoid that place, so I closed my eyes, and booked up, and…I’ll let you know in the next few days! Philly, well the one time I transited through there before, was a bit of a nightmare. I got the plane, yes, but it was hard work, something I’ve never had to the same degree in Chicago!

Tomorrow, I have 1 hour, and 40 minutes or so between flights. Granted, it seems that generally the transatlantic flight lands very early, but whats the betting that the one day I want that to happen, aargh! It might all have improved, it was a few years ago, lets hope so! In all honesty, as long as I can top up with a decent cup of coffee between planes (sorry, plane coffee is rarely good), I should be fine!

So thats all folks, next posting from the other side of the pond, somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Exactly where, depends on when I get the time to post. Looking forward to this, and meeting up with Kate again, and the break, so…

See you in Virginia

The video, well, I mentioned this place a little while back, one of Elton’s less known songs

An old story returns

Its funny, isn’t it? You would assume that by now that a story written 11 years ago had lived out its time? Wrong, so it seems!

Yes, back in 2002, I wrote a story called ‘The Carolina Experiment’, shortly after my last visit to Richmond, Virginia. Funnily enough, just as I’m about to head back there for the first time since then, I start a flow of emails with someone about the story. Unsurprisingly I only know him by his ‘online’ email name, nothing more, but thats irrelevant. What is relevant is the subject matter, which in this case wasnt actually a true robotisation, but more about brain implants, and the effect they can have on the human mind. Of course, given it was a mind control story, its not hard to work that out! The interesting concept was the one that settings could be at different levels of control, from 10, where the person would barely realise they were being controlled, and theoretically be able to refuse, if something really abhorrent was suggested, through to 100, where you would be the thoroughly obedient, and pretty mindless robot. No prizes for working out which end of the scale appealed to me back then, and probably would still do so today!

Anyway, we’ve developed a pretty interesting discussion on all such matters, and its even headed into other related areas, including I suspect, ECT, also known as Electro Convulsion Therapy, or Shock Therapy by some. An interesting issue for me, as it was suggested for me at one point in my life, though never applied. Funny, isnt it, I probably would have loved it being done to me, but anyway…

Anyway, always nice to know the old stories dont die, they just fall asleep for a while lol! But if anyone wants to fit me with an implant, or zap me with a nice high voltage helmet and/or bodysuit, then ask, I’m not likely to say no!

Oh, and on a loosely related matter, I’m off on holiday Saturday, and getting my hair done Friday. Sadly, on no trip to the hairdresser has the following ever happened to me, but I can dream.

Its up!

No, not my skirt a la Marilyn Monroe, the book, darlings! Just follow the link in the previous posting. It is also up at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, if you prefer those outlets.

I’m not expecting the profits to pay for my next trip to the US, but a few sales would be nice, and might inspire me to write something new while I’m away. Assuming you want something new of course, lol?

A hint to the tale, well, this video is a good one, even if this is more of a planned trip than the one in my book

Seriously, if this was real, I would so be booking up for that venture! Of course, if someone wants to treat me… Mind, some might want to make it a one way trip lol!

Beyond that, just a quick note to say that its going to be a week or so until the next posting, due to work, dont think I’ve deserted you or anything. Should be 1 more from the UK (at least), and then it will be ‘Letters from America’ again for a while.

Really looking forward to seeing Kate again, and the fun that will ensue.

Lets crank up the publicity machine

Yes, its that time again, when the quiet, shy, Merry Brooks shows off her writing skills to the wider public, by releasing one of her stories on the world. Given that my previous time travel story set in thw 20’s has been my major seller, lets try a variation on that theme. Plus, given its already written, its not a time issue to get it sorted and posted.

So, 2 days from now, the new story, ‘When You Fail The Test Of Time’ will go on general sale. As a pre treat, here is a glimpse of the cover


A brilliant design by a friend named Kris, mentioned a few blogs back on here.

What can I say? Someone needs to be less cynical about the abilities of a friend to design a time travel machine, especially as it works. Unfortunately he doesnt set it correctly before he sends her off, and our heroine finds herself thrust back into life in the 1920’s. Thankfully, she’s practical, and was carrying some money on her, so she gets on with life. Of course, thats a lot more basic than nowadays. To find out what happens, and who she meets, you need to go to https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/merrybrooks later this week, and buy it. Hey, its only $2.99, and whats that between friends? It will also go up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo later in the week too, just not sure exactly when they will release it. But if they are your options, just look for the author name, and it should appear.

Yes, its only a sideline for me, but its a fun one, and its always nice to see the sales numbers tick over from time to time.

So the video tonight, quite apt, if not a musical piece. It is a bit corny, but its time travel from now, back to the 1920’s, so how could I ignore?

Horse racing, but not as most know it.

Yes, for most people, when they go to the races, they think of decent facilities, bookmakers (in this country at least), and generally racing on turf. Alright, even over here nowadays we have racing on artificial surfaces, generally described as all weather racing (though believe me, it isnt in winter!), but in Ireland, once a year, they have something different, they race on the beach at Laytown!

Yes, you could say its the track with the best watering system in the world, a natural one, controlled by the tides!

Nowadays, they only have short races (up to about a mile) on a straight track, laid out on the beach, after the morning high tide. It didnt used to be the case, there used to be longer races, ran on a circular track, that took events much closer to the sea. Snag was, the sand wasnt always as solid out there, and a number of years back, for safety reasons, they changed it to the current form.

Indeed, on one occasion, many years ago, a horse got loose at the start of one of these longer events, and he went off for a swim in the sea, having discarded his jockey! Yes, I would love to go sometime, but given its generally early September, and I tend to go to the US in mid September, well, its a bit of a challenge! But hopefully one day, while I still can, I will get there.

Whats that, you want to see what its like? How could I ever let you down?

A race from today in fact.