Just For One Day?

As long term readers know, from time to time, I take a story I’ve really enjoyed from the latest update from the EMCSA and publicize it on here. Though in some elements this blog has been a bit tamed down from the early days, I still like to go back to the Mind Control stuff roots once in a while, and tonight is one of those.

Only thing is, this bit of publicity is a bit different to the norm. Its not so brilliant a story that its worth lots of hype, its just that, according to the author, this is his last one. To say I know little of Dictionary Rainbow beyond the odd contact on forums, or after reviewing one of his stories would be telling the truth. I know enough to know that he had a child a few years back, and I suspect that is probably one of the main reasons why he is quite literally getting out of the scene. So, if you click the link after the end of May, you probably wont get anything, just warning you!

I know, its long, but I found it worth the read. For those who havent got the time, without giving the outcome away, its about 2 twin sisters who now have nothing in common (including body shape), and a mysterious stranger who tries out something magical to bring them back together again. I will say it works, and leave it at that, because it doesnt work in a gooey, saccharin way, just warning any potential readers!

As someone with no sisters, indeed no family at all, I think I’m safe, lol! At the same time, allowing for the age difference between now, and her, but it would be fun, as a twenty, or thirty something, to be able to swap places, quite literally with my past life self, just for one day. Well, ideally a bit longer (about a week?), so I could get the feel of life working in the movies in the late 20’s, and during the 30’s before coming back to the real world. Thankfully in this story, you get the host bodies talents, so I would get her dancing skills, which might be a blessing! I wonder what Clara would make of a modern office lol? Oh my, that would be fun, and the amusement at actually asking Jean Harlow for her autograph, in real life… 😉

So anyway, Dictionary Rainbow (whatever your real name is), all my best wishes for the future, and thanks for all the memories. Oh, and thanks for one last story, and for letting us know you’re going, so we dont worry about you.

OK, video time. I think I might have given it away. But yes, this is a bit special. Not just Bowie, not just Queen as backing band either (its from the Freddie Mercury memorial concert), but the last (in this life at least) major live performance of Bowie, and Mick Ronson together. Ronson died a year later, at 46, from cancer, far too young.

I wish I knew a place where I could go

…and get a new body!

Yes, unfortunately this week, old age, and arthritis seem to be catching up with me fast, which has led to today being only my 19th day off sick in 42 years, but as far as the new job is concerned, ah well…

To cut things short, my back is bad, and I mean bad! To say that now it is a massive improvement on last night, and this morning, but even so, when it goes into spasm, well, I might know how several hundred volts at the base of my spine might feel! I’m sure its not as bad as childbirth, but having avoided that delight, I cant guarantee that. Fine, its not that bad (from all I’m told at least), but 58 year old’s arent designed to give birth to babies either!

It started to get bad on Sunday evening, but hey, I’ve suffered with my back intermittently for more than a few years, nothing I cant survive. So fine, despite knowing about it, I set off for work Monday morning. Fine the bus seats dont help, and the chillier weather definitely doesnt, so yes, it got worse during the day, but nothing that couldnt be sorted by paracetamol.

Well, until 3.30 this morning, at least. I woke up in intense pain, and tried to turn over to check the clock. Snag, my back, and therefore my body wasnt moving! After about 20 minutes or so, I managed it with a great deal of effort, and the rest of the night was spent between bouts of sleep, and bouts of pain.

Anyway, about 7.45 this morning, I tried to get up, and with a bit of effort, made it. Snag was, after 2 steps, my back gave out, and I slid (hopefully gracefully) onto the floor. I was rescued about 10 minutes later, and called work, and let them know I wouldnt be in. Now, several hours, and a few painkillers later, its down to spasms that hurt like hell, but the rest of the time, not too bad. Work tomorrow, yes, unless I relapse overnight, and I hope I dont.

Now, if anyone knows a place where I can swap this beaten up, battered 58 year old body, with the butch look, for a cute, good looking 20 something body, I’d be glad if they would let me know about it. Organic, cybernetic, or in between, I really dont care! Fine, I’d love the adorable body to be a fembot one, but just at the moment, anything in decent health, and fitness would be nice. But no, I still dont want to have babies, even then! 😛

The video, well, as so often, there is a clue or two in here. Incredibly she was 71 when singing this, I’d be thrilled to be half that fit at that age! Amazing lady!

The need for a split personality

Well, that might not solve the plight I found myself in today, more like the need for a split body, in all honesty. But fine, if someone is offering me a half human, half robot personality, I wont say no! To be honest, I need someone with a replication machine, to save my woes!

Yesterday, via a phone interview, I earned myself a face to face one, in Bradford, next Thursday, for a job in a call centre. I know, nothing exciting, but its a job, and decent pay, so…main snag, doesnt start until May, secondary snag, its a bit of a walk from where my bus would drop me, but anyway…

This morning, I was offered an interview, for a job in Leeds. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m sure, next Thursday! This could be got around, if the second interview was in Leeds, just avoid the time of mine in Bradford, right? Right! But this is Capita, and its far too simple to hold job interviews for a job in Leeds, in Leeds. Where? Derby, about 75 miles away! Why? As much as I can gather, this job is a split location role, and the interviews are being done in Derby. So no, cant do it, unless, as I say, a scientist with a replication machine reads this!

So yes, I’ve stuck with the Bradford one, despite it actually having the later starting date. Why? Simple, the pay is about £3-5 thousand a year more, at that one, and secondly, Capita are not renowned for holding on to staff, so if the worst should happen, I’ll probably get a second go at it, sometime soon! Fine, if the wages were similar, then the Capita one appeals more, as its travel related, as opposed to financial services, but anyway…

But yes, if a handy mad scientist is reading this (unlikely, given I’ve got no offers from Wednesday’s posting), with a replication chamber that either works, or needs testing, then let me know. Yes, fine, I’d love a Rotwang/ Metropolis type replication job, but I’ll settle for anything, in all honesty. Could then try to revive the other job application lol.

Right, the video. I’m only amazed I’ve never used this before, maybe this is what I need to get a scientist with ‘interesting’ ideas to talk to me lol!

New life?

Someone I know from the mind control forums told me the news this morning, that doctors are claiming a head transplant will take place within the next 2 years. Me, I cant see it, as I cant see how they can possibly keep the brain functioning while carrying out the transplantation, but anyway… Also, the donor body, how are they keeping that alive, while presumably they remove the original head, especially given that presumably the person donating the body has either died in an accident, or of natural causes?

I know, in time it will happen, but I personally think it will take far longer than 2 years before this is truly feasible.

Me, I need a bit more than that at my age, I need a brain download into a much younger body lol. Or, even more so, have it downloaded into a robot body that looks just like Jean Harlow, now that would be fun!

To be honest, I would have thought that a brain download would be easier to achieve than a full head transplant, but I cant see that happening, in all honesty, inside the next 10 years, and probably nearer 20! By which time, I will be either too old to care, or dead! But still, if you asked me which would happen first, the neural download, or the full head transplant, I would still say the download, despite what doctors claim.

Would I like to be the first neural download, into a cute, young looking, and pretty robot body, you bet I would! But for now…

To the video. I guess this is what it would be, by either of those methods, but I cant see either option happening within 10 years, but I could be proved wrong.

Lets just say, I dont think you’ll see Jean Harlow walking down Hollywood Boulevard next month, or in the near future. A Harlow lookalike (of the middle aged variety), just maybe? 😉

So, whose shoes do you want to wear, just for one day?

Lets just see if I can even tempt out just one or two of my readers to actually comment on this. Probably not, but if you’ve ever wanted to comment, or just have a little audience participation on my blog, then this is it. And I know I there are a good number out there, I look at the stat’s a couple of times a day! 😛

So yes, the burning question, if you could wear someone else’s shoes, for just one day, who would it be? Yes, strictly that does mean wearing their body too, but that doesnt fit in with the song! Besides which, Jean’s feet were quite a bit smaller than mine, so it wouldnt work otherwise lol!

Yes, I cant deny, it would be interesting, just for one day at least, for me to actually be Jean Harlow, though being fussy, I would prefer it if it was the first half of the 1930’s somewhere, but any time, from when she matured, until she fell mortally ill, would probably be a very interesting one.

I know, I know, who controls the body, you, or the original person? Your call, you can either be part of the scene, or just along for the ride. Me, I’d love either, though yes, actually having her body, doing as I wanted it to, for a day, would be fun. Though in that case, preferably not a day of filming! I might have acted at school, but not since then.

So, readers, just for one day, whose shoes do you want to step into? Feel free in era, someone modern is fine, though as with me, any generation is fine. As the song says, wouldn’t it be good? Feel free to sat why, if you want to, equally, if you just want to leave a name, as a comment, equally fine. But please, let me discover one or two of you, if only briefly, just say something!

The video, well, I think I’ve given enough clues. This is a live version from 2008, and definitely is live. Enjoy, and comment