The delights of the mail service!

Yes, today was one of those days when I realized what a blessing email is! Because if you use the standard mail service…ah well!

As regular readers will know, I’ve applied for rent benefit, due to the fact I’m not working, have got no money, and everything else! All my correspondence with the local council, including the application, have been done online, either through the required forms, or by email. Anyway, when I checked the progress of things last week, by email, I was told that they were waiting to hear back from the rent officer on the matter, given I’m a private lodger.

So fine, this morning I had a job interview. I left here just before 11.00, to go to this, leaving Eric in the house, on his own, as Dave was already out in town. What happened, was that about 5 minutes after I left, the rent officer turned up here, to do an inspection of what my living facilities, and arrangements looked like. It seemed he had sent out a letter, informing me about this, but thats where the fun begins, as it hadnt arrived here.

Anyway, shortly after that, the mail was delivered, including a letter for me. Put in my room, awaiting my return! Yes, you’ve guessed it, said letter from rent officer! Given it was dated last Thursday, I’m wondering if it was put in the post, too late for Thursday collections. Given then that we had a lengthy Bank Holiday weekend, I’m suspecting that it went nowhere, before Tuesday! Which of course, makes arrival on Thursday quite reasonable, but if this poor man thought it went out last Thursday…

Anyway, I rang the number on the letter, to be told there had been several cases of this already today, so I strongly suspect the time of sending out did play a part. She did say he might ring up and rearrange a visit, or as according to the letter, he can make a decision based on the paperwork I’ve given him. At least he’s seen the house, knows it exists, knows I exist, so hopefully I will soon get the good news, and I can get a bit of money to help with things. At this present moment, I’m 3 weeks behind on rent (£420), which I hate being, because its causing problems for others, but until they pay up…No, I’m not doing one of those ghastly loans at a million per cent interest rates, nor am I expected to. But if anyone can help, interest free, until this gets sorted…would be nice!

But yes, if like most people nowadays, he’d used email to let me know, I could have arranged it for a better time today! But he didn’t, so…

Fine, the video. A tribute to the man who finally delivered that letter today

Whats another year?

Yes, today marks a pretty depressing anniversary for me, its one year ago today that I took redundancy from my last job. Since then, apart from 2 weeks work, that I deeply regret taking, its been a long, hard battle to find another job. Oh fine, there have been a few spots (most of April, and pretty much from early September, to end of October) where I wasnt really searching over here, because I was either in the US, or knew I was going to be in the US, in the very near future, so no one was going to take me on, on that basis, but anyway…

Fine, I might have done some fairly lighthearted job searching while I was in the US, but practically, for me, I need sponsorship to be able to live, and work in the US, and on the whole, most firms are going to take the easier option, lets face it! Besides which, in April at least, I never imagined how hard it was going to be to get another job over here! Fine, I knew that my age might be an issue, and I know of at least one job where it was, and there might have been others who were more discreet about the matter, but its not been the only thing. Yes, the old girl has found the modern trend with recruiters to ask competency based questions, to be a bit of a challenge. Fine, I might be getting slightly better at them, but I still hate them, intently, all the same. I certainly never thought that one year on, I’d still be searching, I must admit!

But equally, do I regret my decision now, to take the redundancy money, and run? No, I dont! There have been some wonderful highlights in the year, that I could never have done, if I’d stayed in that job, so in that sense, I’m glad I’ve done it. I saw some wonderful sights, met some wonderful people, that never would have happened, but for that choice. Oh, and I got to stay in one wonderfully cute apartment in Hollywood, for 4 glorious weeks, something I will never forget, to my dying day, or until I manage to get back there, by some means, or another. And yes, I’ll still say it, after 5.5 weeks in LA, I still havent seen everything there! So if it had only been 1 week…shudder!

As to my job searches, I still tend to avoid anything involving selling, unless its of the gentlest kind. I’ve even up to now, avoiding these social media selling type things, as I’m sure I’m not mentally designed for such things, but… Fine, I’ve got to the point where if someone wanted to ignore my limitations, and offer me a job, I’d give it a go, though I have no idea how long I could stick it. I’d probably still search for something less personally stressful, I suspect.

But other than that, I’m open to all job offers, as long as its legal, just about anywhere! Yes, fine, I dont fancy Saudi Arabia, for the obvious reason, but I guess, if the money was right? No, probably not, but…Also, if anyone wants a beaten up, battered old female, to look after, and either care for, or fall in love with, try me! Fine, I come with issues, but if you like a challenge lol…Equally, and preferably, mind control me to fall in love with, or serve as your obedient slave, according to choice! I know, I’d love that being mind controlled stuff way too much, but anyway…

Right, video time. Big clue in the title, though I have no idea if this song was ever a hit across the Pond, maybe someone can tell me? Yes, whats another year? I hope thats not true, I dont think my body, or sanity could last another year of job hunting!

Back into the betting industry?

No, dont worry, I’m not going crazy, I’m not going back into betting office work, for the awful money they offer to do that job nowadays. I know the manager (and deputy) get better than minimum wages, but seriously, they arent the place I knew, and I’d have to get a lot more desperate than I am, even now, before I would do that. No, its not a betting call center, either.

You know what they say about seeing job openings, in the strangest places? Well, I guess social media, principally Facebook, is no longer considered as that by many, but to some degree, it still is by me! Anyway, last night, I had an item on my feed, telling me that a contest for tickets for a show, that the local casino was running, had announced the winners. I guessed I wasnt amongst them, as I suspect the winners had already been notified. In fact, they must have done, because it actually closed about a fortnight ago!

Still, all the same, I clicked through, to see the result, and suddenly stopped worrying about that. Why? Because they were looking for staff, thats why! Food and Beverage staff members, (waiters/waitresses, I assume?), and of more interest to me, receptionists! So yes, I’ve applied.

Somehow I suspect they are looking for someone prettier, and far younger than me for those roles, but stranger things have happened. I did ask whether it was worth someone of my more mature years applying, and I was told yes, though I do wonder if some of that was related to fears of an age discrimination case, or something?

First step, a casino in Huddersfield, next stop Vegas? Oh, I wish! Dont worry, I’ll gamble as often as I did while at William Hill, not at all. Far too sensible with my money nowadays, and all that. I know, wont get the job, but while I have hope…?

The video. Well, its the right era for me, and its what you need in a casino. Besides which, its brilliant!

Heading into the future, for all we know

So fine, I might be exaggerating slightly, but strictly, I head into the future tonight, when the clocks jump forward an hour, for British Summer time. I know, all my American readers (and there are seemingly a few), went through this leap a fortnight ago, but this is the weekend that Europe catches up with you. At least I can stop trying to adjust my natural thinking as to how far behind me, various parts of the US are. Fine, in the end, we will also put the clocks back, before you do, but thats 7 months off, at present. So for now…

Ironically, last autumn, I missed out on getting my hour back, given I was in the US when Europe put the clocks back, but was in Europe, before the US followed suit! So yes, I feel a bit robbed, in that sense! No wonder I still feel tired lol.

Of course, putting the clocks forward one hour, is hardly heading into the future, in a literal sense at least. Strictly, it is time travel, but on a more serious basis…Yes, its not going to get me any cute little space craft to travel in, or develop the technology to turn me into a robot, by going forward one hour, so… Oh, talking of cute space craft, I’d love one of these

CJ and Todd

So, if anyone has one laying around…? No, thought not! 😛 Or has the ability to make me look like this?


Ah well…

Yes, fine, if the opportunity arises to not put the clocks back until November, or I can manage to miss out on my hour again, I wouldnt say no. But as things stand at present, I cant see it happening, but a girl can dream, at least?

Funnily enough, this afternoon, I was writing a little time travel story, with travel from the 1930’s, right through to the 2060’s! Somehow I suspect my vision of life, 50 years from now, will be hopelessly wrong. Thankfully, I wont be around by then, to find out!

OK, the video. What does the future actually hold, beyond a one hour jump forward tonight. For all we know, it could be anything

We like our bodies, in different sizes.

Its fair to say, that quite often in mind control stories, its not just the mind that gets changed. Quite often, especially with women, the body tends to undergo a fair bit of change too.

The obvious result of this transformation, is usually what would be termed, the classic bimbo look. Yes, big boobs, sometimes ridiculously big boobs grow from chests, at about the same speed as the poor girl’s IQ goes downhill! Combine that with blonde hair, shrinking waists, and expanding hips, and you get the image. Equally, from time to time, a guy will expand his penis to ridiculous lengths, and proportions, without thinking through the practicality of actually getting it into a girl, with any vagueness of comfort for either!

But one thing that you dont often see, is just what I would term, a pleasant filling out of the figure. Thats right, not ridiculously big, and buxom, but equally, not the matchstick figure that some men (and women) seem to drool over. So, I must mention that this week, yes, I saw a short story, where this was the case. Alright, maybe it was more fun because the girl was very slim beforehand, but anyway…

Yes, what you could almost term the ‘girl next door’ look. Full, rounded face, a comfy chest, and a bit of a tummy too, just love it. Oh fine, there is a downside to all this, the poor girl’s mind is pretty much wiped clean, as she becomes a humble maid, to some mind controlling group, but no outrageous outfit for her. I wouldnt say it was see through gowns, but its the sort of nice, gown type look, that would just look so sweet. But hey, mindless, obedient maid is a role I wouldnt mind in the slightest, especially at present.

Alright, the thing is, she, and the others around her, are young, and I’m not. But besides that, sadly, its all fiction anyway, but…Yes, absolutely, if it was for real, and I was suitable, then yes, I’d happily apply. At least, seeing they like their girls with a rounded figure, I could be pretty sure I was fed well!

Oh, sorry, cant provide a link, as at present, its only available on the 2 MC Forums, for which you have to be members to get in!

The video, I suspect this young lady becomes a bit more than a size 10, in UK terms at least, less sure about the US version, but maybe? I suspect we’re thinking more a size 14, myself. All the same, enjoy the video…

Do Robots get to retire?

Firstly, I need to thank the wonderful, highly entertaining, Matt Patterson for posting about this on Facebook, or I would never have known about this. If things had all gone to plan in October, I would have met this guy, in October, in Burbank, but the lack of internet on my US phone, meant it never happened. But we were so close. I hope one day I do get to meet him, but anyway…

This weekend, in Los Angeles, there is one of those convention things, called Wonder Con. One of the big events is termed the retirement of Robby the Robot. When I first saw this, I was slightly confused, as why on earth would a robot need to retire? And fine, if he needs replacing, with an upgrade, well they can do it to me!

No, apparently, its something else. In the ‘good old days’, it was accepted that women would retire from work at the age of 60, while men retired at 65. Then everyone started living longer, and both sexes then retired at 65. In fact, by the time I retire (assuming I ever find work again), I wont retire until I’m 68! But seemingly, for robots…

Yes, thats what it is, this year is the 60th Anniversary of the film, Forbidden Planet, starring a certain robot! So therefore, technically, its time for Robby to retire! I cant quite see him using his senior’s Metro pass around LA somehow, lol! And lets remember, someone so loved that robot design, they brought it back to life in Lost In Space!

Yes, alright, its not my dream robot design for myself, not forever, at least. Yes, its such a great look, that I’d love to get in said suit, and function within it for a few hours, but anyway…I still prefer the Metropolis look for my eternal robot life, all the same.

But fine, maybe let Robby retire, take things easy, but please, please, dont switch him off!

Right, the video. What Robby has seemingly been doing for 60 years, sang by a Robbie, as close as I could get.

Back to live baseball again!

I’ll be honest, I cant remember the last time I saw live baseball, from here in the UK. It would be somewhere in the mid, to end of September range, but exactly when, no idea! On the other hand, when did I last see live baseball, thats easy! Game 1, World Series, will never forget that, especially as the Royals won both that, and the World Series. But yes, thats right, I didnt see it in the UK. I got to see it in my sweet little rented apartment in Hollywood! Hey, because of my location, the game started late in the afternoon, the beauty of being on the West Coast, of course. I was able to watch it all, and still get to bed at a decent hour, given I had to be up early to fly back to the UK, the next morning.

And yes, for the first time since that memorable day, I’m watching live baseball. Fine, its pre season, so fairly meaningless, and its not Kansas, or the Dodgers, but its live baseball, late in the afternoon my time. Boston, and St Louis, if you must know, care of ESPN, the UK version over here, at least.

But yes, I’m 4 hours ahead of East Coast time, instead of 3 hours behind. Yes, I know, its normally 5, but we dont go forward over here till next weekend, unlike you American folks!

I hope I can get to some genuinely live baseball again this year, though at present, I have no idea how thats going to happen. Lottery win, maybe, but seriously? And, where that might be? Yes, a return to Dodgers stadium would be heaven, but practically…hmm? Yes, Dodgers are my National League team, fine? 😉

Otherwise, I’ll have to settle for a few matinee games, on TV, care of ESPN UK, over here. But I hope I can do more, I really do. Anyone want a ‘kept woman’ in Hollywood, lol? No, thought not!

So, to the video. I want to go back to live baseball, ideally in a stadium, and I’d love to go back to Hollywood, and live, ideally for more than 4 glorious weeks, but anyway…So fine, this song seems pretty apt!