A man I’d love to meet

Oh seriously, if you’re talking the past, then I can see why Jean fell for William Powell, and why she was quite happy to regularly work with Clark Gable, shall we say? 😉

But no, tonight, I’m again focussing on a man who is totally fictional, who could seduce me anytime, and turn me to putty, or his mindless slave, or whatever. Sadly, even if he did exist, I’d be too old for him, not pretty enough, but anyway… Oh, his name, Karsten Talv

Doesnt mean a thing to you, then try reading this, and not falling for his charms

OK, the men might not fall for him, but hey, this is all about me, and my fantasies, right? There are other stories about him, by this author, but this is just the latest one that I’ve been swooning over him about.

Yes, his technological skills delight me considerably, but even without them, this smooth charmer has that delightful edge that I just love. I know, fine, if it was real life, and really happening to me, I might feel differently, but I doubt it.

Oh, and another factor that Mr Talv has, that appeals to me no end, he comes from Estonia. Well, strictly, his main residence is there, but the feel from the stories suggests he is a native of that country, which will always have a special place in my heart.

I know, he’s strictly a naughty guy, but for some reason, for so many ladies, arent they the ones you fall in love with? So fine, sadly, meeting him is rather out of the question, he only exists in fiction, but if I could, he could do anything to me he wanted, mind control talents, or otherwise.

Oh, and while I’m mentioning this author, I have to drop this one into the equation

The lady who got the big break, Jean Harlow. The poor girl who didnt, Clara Johnson, myself in a previous life. Yes, this was written for a challenge I set up, and its great. Not true, but if it was… 😉

Seriously, Interstitial is a good writer, you should read some of his stuff.

The video, just for Mr Talv, is the one song sung in Estonian that I know. Yes, thats right, that song about Louise Brooks!