High flying lady?

Before I get started here, I have to thank Eric Woodhouse for inspiring me to write this, due to a long running ‘joke’ between the 2 of us. Sadly, unfortunately, he hasnt gone as far as actually buying me a nice alien suit (which if I had, I’d definitely wear) to really allow his statement to become real. Oh, and yes, I would truly love it, if someone did! So if anyone has some money to spare, to make an old ladies day…?

Yes, I know, before anyone says anything, the thing I’m renowned for wanting ‘to be’ is a robot, lets face it, the clue is in the title of the blog series. But as he, and my dear friend Stacie both know, I fancy being an alien almost as much. Yes, I’d really love a flying saucer, or space craft, but they’re probably a bit trickier to find than a really nice alien suit, lol! 😛

The other thing is, Eric has a habit of watching something called the History Channel over here. I assume its also on in the US, but whether like TCM, they have entirely different programming, no idea. Yes, US TCM would be my scene, UK version, definitely not!

Anyway, said History Channel seems to cover all sorts of ‘crazy’ subject matter, and one of their favorites at present is, you’ve guessed it, aliens! Oh, and of course that involves that wonderful area known as Area 51, and UFO’s, of course.

Let me say I’m not going to make a call about Area 51, Aliens, abductions, UFO’s, and the sort. Me, I’d love them to be real, and if they are, I’d love for them to come and prove it to me! In truth, I suspect Area 51 is far less sensation than portrayed, and as a fellow writer commented, its not Area 51 we need to concern ourselves about, its probably the surrounding areas that are a little more top secret. After all, if aliens are real, and on Earth, a decoy zone. like Area 51 would just be perfect, lets face it. Everybody’s watching that, whereas nearby, the really interesting stuff is really happening!

So yes, should any studios, or other production areas need an actress to dress up in a really enclosing alien suit, please, please let me at least audition for the role, full costume naturally! 😉 Even better if its err, hard to get out of, after putting on, lol!

Anyway, to amuse my readers, I found this picture on Twitter this morning, and thought how perfect it would be to be the model for that shot!

alien self


Apologies for the writing with it, but it is rather good, and I lack the technical skills to remove it anyway! Jokingly posted it as me, without makeup, which of course it isnt, but whether I really look a lot better, hmm? But yes, watching the baseball (as I am now), dressed like that would just be so much fun. Pluto Pirates against the Neptune Mets, maybe? Lol!

Equally, if some aliens want to save me spending so long on a standard air flight to Seattle in May, by flying me in a space craft, or flying saucer, oh please! Refuel in Area 51, hmm? 😉 Of course, if they want it to take about 15 hours, by doing a diversion via the moon, say, wink, wink?

So yes, I only wish I could find, and afford a really good alien suit like that, just to wear to get Eric going beautifully. Oh, and Stacie (and probably others) would love to see the pictures too!

OK, video time. I’ve done most of the space songs before, but then I thought of this. Not his biggest hit, by a long stretch (Music is a gorgeous song), but this seems to work?

I need to think like a robot

No, this might not be what you think, its a piece against modern interviewing techniques. Though if anyone wants to turn me into a robot before my next interview, or at least make me think like one, it might be an advantage!

In the good old days, job interviews (yes, about 40 years ago, if you must know) were more like a friendly chat, than the grilling they are nowadays. They asked questions about you, and your life. You asked questions about the workplace, hours of work etc, and if you struck gold, or looked cute enough, you got the job! Or in the case of my first place, my mothers second husband knew the bosses, found me an opening, and all it took was a little eyelash fluttering lol!

But now! The bane of my job interviews nowadays, both written (yes, I had one today), and verbally, are those “describe a situation” things, where my brain goes awol, and it takes me minutes to come up with a half decent answer, and I’m getting marked down! Aargh!

Yes, its beginning to get to me, and I feel I’m heading down the route of getting hypnotised again, if only to make me feel confident about these matters, instead of dreading the questions being asked. Yes, fine, turning me into a competent “robot”, that doesnt even contemplate these matters might be fun, and enjoyable for me, but getting it done before each interview (I guess I could have it done so I could trigger that state?) couldnt be done, and besides, would an unemotional, cold machine fare any better in the other sense? They seem to like cheeriness, and emotions as well, rolls eyes!

Irony is, in just under 3 weeks, I’ve got my beginners hypnotherapy course, a style of work I’d love to do, which doesnt really fit in with a permanent, 5 day a week, full time job! But I need the money, to pay for the course, so…can I find something temporary, for the summer, please!

I have felt the temptation to send ‘Jean-bot’ into an interview, but lets face it, however bubbly, and witty she is, she still wouldnt have the answers to those stupid questions.

So yes, I have this feeling that if I want to crack this, I need to be brainwashed, sorry, hypnotised (kidding, kidding) to cope with this issue. The temptation to do it is getting stronger.

Fine, the video. For once, nothing to do with the blog. This classic from 1976 should have been a bigger hit than it was, but I loved it. This live version from 2001 is quite something!