End of The Road?

Now, before anyone thinks I mean the end of the blog, having reached 30,000 posts, panic not! But it might have gained a few extra readers with that title lol!

No, the thing that I’m hopefully at the end of the road of, is job hunting, for the very foreseeable future. Yes, tomorrow morning, I head off to Bradford, to start the job I wanted to get, and I’m really looking forward to it. Fine, there have been a couple of Capita false alarms, that I’d rather forget about, but. One, was their fault, they werent prepared to let us do a decent job, and as it was only for a matter of weeks anyway, I bailed out.

This time around, they were hampered by the fact that the day after I started there, I found out I’d got this job, and I knew which one I wanted to do. Better money, better commute, more interesting job, just for starters. And in truth, having tried it, I now know for sure that being controlled by technology is more for me, than trying to give out advice about it. So, all in all, for the best.

I know, its not the 30 hour a week job, in Huddersfield, I was looking for, 15 months ago, but I suspect that was always going to remain a dream, but never mind. Who knows, maybe the new ebook will sell thousands of copies, and I can take up writing as a full time occupation, and…yes, I’ll stop laughing at that idea sometime next week!

Think the odds on someone turning me into a full time, collared slave are probably less than those! And yes, thats not expected either! Which would I prefer? No comment, strictly!

Its been an interesting journey along the way, but I’m glad its over. My favorite time would have to be the 4 weeks in Hollywood, obviously, the worst would be that job from hell, last December. In between, if I could have got a visa/green card quickly, or had already owned one, I could now be doing a tour as an actress in the US! Now that would have been a job I would have loved, but anyway…

So yes, like the job hunt, its time for this edition of the blog to reach the end of the road. But dont worry, it will be back next weekend!

The video, nothing could be more apt. One of those songs that never got the kudos it deserved.